John James McGOEY and Catherine (Sophia) CUDDIHY / CUDDIHEY
Early McGOEY Surnames in Western Quebec, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

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Descendants of John James McGoey
Generation No. 1 1. JOHN JAMES MCGOEY (JOSEPH, PATRICK) was born September 10, 1869, and died 1956. He married CATHERINE (SOPHIA) CUDDIHEY. She was born 1879 in Low, Que, and died 1950 in Martindale Cem. Low Que. More About JOHN JAMES MCGOEY: Burial: Martindale Cem. Low.Que Children of JOHN MCGOEY and CATHERINE CUDDIHEY are: 2. i. BASIL MCGOEY, b. Low, Que. ii. JOSEPH MCGOEY, b. Low, Que; m. SABINA (BINA) CARROLL; b. Farrellton, Que; d. Ottawa. iii. VIOLA MCGOEY, m. MILLER WOODS; b. Farrellton, Que. More About MILLER WOODS: Burial: B.C. Generation No. 2 2. BASIL MCGOEY (JOHN JAMES3, JOSEPH2, PATRICK1) was born in Low, Que. He married (1) POLLY COOGAN. She was born in Wakefield, Que. He married (2) RITA HENDRICK. She was born in Chelsea, Que. More About BASIL MCGOEY: Burial: Martindale Cem. Low.Que
January 6, 2004: I will have to check with my mom, who now lives in Ottawa, to get more exact details ... but. She was born Mary Margaret McGoey in Martindale November 30th, 1925. The youngest of eight children. Her mother died in Ottawa in the late 1970s. (1978?) I believe her name was Sarah. I have heard of the name Cuddihey and would not be surprised if that was her maiden name. My Mom's father, I believe died in the early 1970s. Both parents were in their 90s when they died. They had a farm in Martindale, just below the church, St.Martins. I don't recognize the names in your "Descendants of John James McGoey", but the surname, dates, towns of Martindale and Low certainly we seem that there is a family connection. :-) Happy New Year :-) Bruce Cowen
August 11, 2010:
McGoey House 41 Aylmer Road Built for Joseph McGoey in 1871 Photo Source: National Capital Commission Heritage, page 47 McGoey House, Aylmer, Quebec Canada - Text Picture of the McGoey House, Aylmer, Quebec Canada

September 8, 2010: Hi all, Greetings from Gatineau! Just perusing over the webpage that is still up "Bytown or Bust" - Most wonderful to see some familiar names popping up there. Wondering if you would have any input on my ancestors, my grandfather was Edgar Moore and his wife May (Rivest) and their parents. I'm told to look into McGoey lines as well. All hail from Maniwaki. Any input would be most welcome! Thank you very much, Marc-André Filion ____________________________ Thanks to Eric McGregor for sorting out the two McGoey families below. He has also sorted out the two Moore pioneer families in the Gatineau Valley. To be posted tomorrow ... Al From Eric: The McGoeys represent another fascinating story. And it might be a different story for a different day. But here is what I can tell you rather quickly. I did some joint research a couple of years back with some McGoey descendants. They were Jack McGoey and Bruce Cowen. It appears that two McGoey families settled in the Upper Gatineau area back in the mid-1800's. We simply refer to them as the "Farrellton McGoeys" and the "Martindale McGoeys". We found that at the top of the Farrellton line were Patrick McGoey and Ellen Kennedy. Heading up the Martindale line were Thomas McGoey and Catherine Flannigan. Although we never established with 100% certainty that Patrick and Thomas were brothers, we did sort of make that assumption. After all, both came from Longford County, Ireland. And they were born about 10 years apart making them candidates for brothers. So your lineage would be from the Martindale McGoeys (i.e. Thomas McGoey and Catherine Flannigan). One of their children was Nicholas P. McGoey who married Alice Cahill. Two of Nicholas McGoey and Alice Cahill's children wound up marrying into the family of Patrick Moore and Elizabeth Turney. They were Mary Ann (your Great Grandmother) and Thomas Christopher who married Margaret (Maggie) Moore. I don't know much about this particular Thomas McGoey other than the fact that we know he was a hotel keeper in Maniwaki in the 1890's. He and Margaret did have one son named Nicholas. The Nicholas went on to marry a Mary Ellen Gleason in 1917 in Martindale. Both are interred at St. Martin's Cemetery in Martindale. Follow the link below and click on Gleason, Martin. In the lineage of the Farrellton McGoeys was a son named Thomas (b. ~1804, d. 1881). Interestingly enough, he was the Thomas McGoey who married into the Philemon Wright family and went onto become a lumber baron in his own right. He was actually married to Philemon Wright's grand-daughter Pamela Wright. From what I've found, he was the first of that McGoey side to settle at Farrellton. It seems that this Thomas McGoey built a hotel or stop over around present day Farrellton for his men and teams drawing supplies to his bush operation in the North. He gave these properties to his nephew William Farrell (son of Patrick Farrell in whose honour Farrellton is named, and McGoey’s younger sister Ellenor). I have loads of other information. So please feel free to e-mail me with any additional questions. My home e-mail address is . ... Eric McGregor
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Thomas McGoey, Lumber Baron in the Gatineau Valley Member of the Gatineau Privilege Source: page 86 of the document Les squatters de la rivière Gatineau entre 1812 et 1870
par Mathieu Sabourin
Thomas McGoey, Lumber man in the Gatineau Valley

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