Peter McGINN, 99th Regiment of Foot
January 9, 2004:

Thanks to Alexa Pritchard:

Peter McGinn was 19 when enlisted 18th April, 1814, he attached with Lt. 
Armstrong on the 20th of April, 1814 at Enniskillen. Prior to that he had 
been a servant.  He was 5' 6", with fair complexion, grey eyes, and brown 
hair.  He was born in Fermana, Derryviolin. The military record says Peter 
was 19, a quick calculation would put his birth at 1795. Family records say 
he was born December 21, 1798.  Does this mean that he lied about his age by 
three years to join up?


And to Wes Cross:
Hi Alexa-

I have some experience in the County Fermanagh, where I believe Peter McGinn is 
from (note the spelling difference). The town name is probably now known as "Derrylin" - 
Derryviolin is likely an old version of the name since there is no Derryviolin 
on the maps that I have. It is interesting that he was recruited at Enniskillen 
(the county seat) because that is where the regimental depot for the 100th 
(later 99th) regiment was located at that time. 

Accounts of the regiment at the time of its disbandment indicate that it was made 
up primarily of "Ulstermen", which Peter McGinn certainly was. William Shea, was 
from a southern county, I guess because he was later attached to the 99th 
rather than being added as a recruit. 

 September 20, 2012:
Peter McGinn was a son in law to William Shea.

... Wes Cross
An ancestor Peter McGinn, born in County Tyrone,had been in the 99th Regiment 
of Foot and when the regiment was disbanded in 1818 in Canada he received 
land in Carleton County near Ottawa. Later  he moved to Clinton county  Iowa 
following his sons.
My mother  Helen Cecilia McGinn Thornton, was a great grand daughter  of 
Peter McGinn.

I have a good amount of family information about the McGinns.

Jim Thornton
2282 Timberneck Lane
Newport News, Virginia, 23602 

Jim: Sorry I don't have an e-mail address for you ... Al

Hi, Thank you for your letter re: McGinn family. My connection is through the Costello & O'Meara families (which also brings in Spain, Burnett, Quinlan, Kelly, Hanrahan, O'Grady) The COSTELLOS listed below are descendants of Matthew & Ann O'Meara Costello who emigrated in the early 1820's from County Tipperary to Canada, then on to Iowa in the 1850's. Christopher McGinn b. 1829 2nd wife was Ann Kelly d/of Patrick & Winnifred COSTELLO Kelly Catherine McGinn b. 1845 married Patrick O'Meara. William McGinn b. 1825 married Elizabeth Fitzgerald d/o Frances & Ann BURNETT Fitzgerald Peter McGinn b. 1852 married Ann COSTELLO d/o Matthew COSTELLO & Mary O'MEARA William McGinn b. 1867 married Johanna QUINLAN d/o William & Catherine O'Meara Quinlan Jean in Iowa
August 26, 2004: Looking to connect a James McGinn born about 1805 Enniskillen, County Fermanagh - died 1893 Renfrew County (as per tombstone) married Mary Lee, settled in Ross Twp., Renfrew Co. Any thoughts? Mary McGinn Finnigan

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