Mayor of Bytown and Ottawa
also John ESMONDE

My maternal great grandfather Edward McGillivray (his daughter was my grandfather 
Joseph Esmonde's wife) was the mayor of Bytown and later  became the first mayor of 
Ottawa.   There is a biographical sketch of him in the Canadian Biographical Dictionary 
on Pg. 200.  I know this from a photocopy of Pgs. 200 and 201 I have in my possession.  
I am also told he is included in a picture of the early mayors of Ottawa that hangs in 
the Parliament building.  
Could you tell me if there is additional information  in some of the hallowed 
halls that would be of a civic nature about him?  I know he was also president 
of a small railroad from which he retired about 1873.  The railroad either went 
bankrupt or was swallowed up by one of the larger railroads of its day.  
I would appreciate anything that might be known about him.
William B. Esmonde
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Note: For starters, McGillvray Street in Ottawa South was named after Edward McGillvray.

Mr. Esmonde: Thanks for your e-mail regarding Edward McGillvray. I've started a new page for him at: www.bytown.net/mcgillvr.htm I'll have a look for some material on him later this week and will let you know what I find. In the meantime, I believe that the picture of the early mayors of Bytown and Ottawa are at the Ottawa City Hall. They have an archives also. You can try contacting them through their Web Site at http://city.ottawa.on.ca/index_en.html ... Al Lewis
July 19, 2002: On 7/21/2001 I sent you an e-mail about my grandfather on my father's maternal side in which I said his name was Andrew McGillivray. I was working from memory wich was erroneous. His correct given name was Edward. Andrew was one of his sons. I have included my original e-mail to you to refresh your memory. Edward apparently was quite active in Ottawa's policidal arena around that time. William B. Esmonde -------------------------------------------------------------------------Original Message------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew McGillivray, is my great-grandfather, and was the mayor of Bytown when it became Ottawa and thus was the first mayor of Ottawa. He was the son of a Scottish immigrant farmer Malcolm McGillivray from Inverness. He was also president of a small Canadian railroad which I suppose was merged into a larger one, or perhaps withered and died. According to a deceased cousin of mine, he may have put the first copper roofing on the Parliament building, although it seems more likely that my paternal grandfather would have been the one to do that. His daughter Margaret married my grandfather Joseph Robert Esmonde. The Esmondes owned a hardware business, dealing in tin, copper and ironware. Later, I believe it became more of a successful house furnishings business in the 1890s. The information I have given you is approximate. I may be able to link some of it to specific dates, to make it more acceptable if need be. I have more information on Andrew McGillivray, but not it is not extensive. I understand he is included in a picture of the first mayors of Ottawa, possibly hanging in the Parliament building. Is there any information about him that is available on his record or deeds in Parliament, or the City Hall, if that is what it is called in Canada? Would there be any interest by the City of Ottawa in my information? I bring this matter up because I am doing genealogical research on principally the Esmonde name and secondarily on the McGillivray name.
August 29, 2002: John ESMONDE Looking for information on this man, my ggf and an early settler from Wexford, Ireland. He arrived in Quebec (city I believe) in 1816 and migrated to York which then became Toronto. Left Toronto in the mid-eighteen fifties, and then went to Ottawa where he died in 1883. He had a hardware business in Ottawa. Wm. B. Esmonde William B. Esmonde

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