John McENERNY and Mary McMAHON

Surname: McEnerny, McInerney, Wilkins, Coster, Koster, Wade, McMahon

Hello All,
I am looking for a connection to my John McEnerny/McInerney b. abt 1800 in 
Ireland. He died between 1856 and 1870. I don't know if he died in Carleton 
County, Ontario, or in Ohio, in the USA.
His wife's name was Mary McMahon b. 1815 in Ireland;d. 1898 in Akron, Ohio. 
She is noted as widowed in the 1870 census of Akron, Ohio. She remarried a
fellow by the name of Thomas Wade in 1876 in Akron, Ohio.
There is a son, Michael b. 1847 in Ireland;d. 1905 in Greenup County, Kentucky; 
m. Mary Elizabeth Coster/Koster, 1873 or 1883 place unknown.

Daughter Catherine/Kate, b. October 2, 1856 near Ottawa,Ontario; d. 1921 in Akron, 
Ohio; m. George Wilkins in 1912 in Akron.

According to Catherine in the 1900 census of Akron, Ohio, they immigrated down to
Ohio in 1864. Michael filed his intent to naturalize in 1868 in Marion County and 
then received his final naturaliztion papers in 1872.

I believe there are more children of John McEnerny and Mary McMahon. Perhaps 
born in Ireland and/or in Ottawa.

I would like to know why they left Canada. Perhaps John died and Mary took her 
children down to the states to McEnerny family members that were in Ohio.

I am only just beginning my search for my McEnerny family in Canada.
If someone could shed some light on the history of this family that would be 

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Best Regards,

Anne Marie

Note: The marriage records of Notre Dame Basilica in downtown Ottawa shows the marriage of a McEnerny (definite spelling of surname but can't read the first name) to Elizabeth BOYLE from County Kilkenny Ireland. The marriage took place on August 25, 1829. This may be a brother of John McENERNY, or Elizabeth BOYLE may have been John's first wife. Also, there's a Michael P. McKENNERY, 1899-1974, wife was a TIERNEY, buried at St. Patrick's in Nepean (Fallowfield). The spelling of the name "McENERNY" may have evolved to McHENRY in some cases.
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