The early McELROY family
A pioneer family in the Ottawa, Canada area

November 11, 2002:

Hello Al,

You have a wonderful web-site.  The music brought tears to my eyes.  I am searching for 
an Irish immigrant family, the McElroys that settled in Gloucester & Goulbourn in Ontario 
and Templeton in Quebec.  
Best Wishes

Carol Van Harn

Carol: One of the original settlers at Richmond, then in Goulbourn Township, and now part of the City of Ottawa was a Sgt. McElroy. He pursued "mercantile interests". Most of the McElroys in Goulbourn Township are descended from this family. A Patrick McElroy was on the Council of the Village of Richmond in 1850. There is a McElroy Street in Kanata (Glencairn), built in the 1960's, and now part of the city of Ottawa. There are some pioneer McElroys buried in the Hazeldean Pioneer Cemeteries. This neighbourhood was a part of Goulbourn Township then. The Goulbourn Township Museum may have a family history and more information. ... Al 1881 Census of Carleton County, Surname McElroy: Source: LDS Census CD for the year 1881. Census Place: Wellington Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 105 SubDist A Div 1 Page 13 Family 63 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Joseph MCELROY M W 86 Irish Ireland Religion: Methodist Lavina MCELROY F 40 Irish Ireland Occ: Milliner Religion: Methodist Fanny H. MCELROY F 36 Irish Ireland Occ: Milliner Religion: Methodist ___________________________________ Census Place: Goulbourn, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist D Div 1 Page 50 Family 206 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Robert MCELROY M M 61 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Church of England Jane MCELROY F M 60 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England Elizabeth MCELROY F 26 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England James MCELROY M 23 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Church of England John MCELROY M 20 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England James BEAMOND (Beaman?) M W 84 Irish Ireland (aged father-in-law) ____________________________________ Census Place: Richmond, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist E Page 8 Family 37 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Henry MCELROY M M 52 Irish Ontario Occ: Merchant Religion: C. Methodist Margaret MCELROY F M 52 Scottish Quebec Religion: C. Methodist Robert MCELROY M 24 Irish Ontario Occ: Store Clerk Religion: C. Methodist John MCELROY M 19 Irish Ontario Occ: Student Religion: C. Methodist Arthur MCELROY M 11 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Methodist Annie MCELROY F 6 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Methodist Samuel DAVISON M 18 Irish Ontario Occ: Store Clerk Religion: C. Presbyterian Jane TAYLOR F 30 Irish Ontario Occ: Servant Religion: C. Methodist _______________________________________________ Census Place: Ottawa Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375866 NAC C-13230 Dist 105 SubDist E Div 3 Page 22 Family 108 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Thomas MCILROY M M 42 Irish Ireland Occ: Engineer Religion: Protestant Helen MCILROY F M 40 Scottish Scotland Religion: Roman Catholic Mary MCILROY F 12 Irish O Religion: Roman Catholic Census Place: Ottawa Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375866 NAC C-13230 Dist 105 SubDist E Div 3 Page 28 Family 144 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace James MCELROY M W 46 Irish Ireland Occ: Labourer Religion: Protestant Thomas MCELROY M 13 Irish Ireland Occ: Factory Boy Religion: Protestant William MCELROY M 12 Irish O Religion: Protestant James MCELROY M 9 Irish Ontario Religion: Protestant Jane BEHAN F W 49 Irish Ontario Occ: Dressmaker Religion: Protestant ____________________________________________________ Census Place: Richmond, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist E Page 1 Family 3 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace David MCELROY M M 35 Scottish Ontario Occ: Store Clerk Religion: Weslyan Methodist Joan MCELROY F M 30 Scottish Quebec Religion: Weslyan Methodist Clauda MCELROY F 7 Irish Ontario Religion: Weslyan Methodist Verner MCELROY M 4 Irish Ontario Religion: Weslyan Methodist Norman MCELROY M 1 Irish Ontario Religion: Weslyan Methodist Born: Jun; 10/12 James MCELROY M 30 Irish Ontario Occ: School Master Religion: Church of England George DAVIS M 30 English Quebec Occ: Minister Religion: Methodist Mary Ann MCGUIRE F 19 Irish Ontario Occ: Servant Religion: Catholic Margaret BECKET F W 38 Irish Ontario Occ: Milliner Religion: Church of England Emma BECKETT F 16 Irish Jamaica, West Indies (father was likely in the British Navy ... Al) Religion: Church of England Harrold BECKETT M 10 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England ________________________________________________________ Census Place: Richmond, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist E Page 1 Family 1+ Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace William MCELROY M M 32 Irish Ontario Occ: Insurance Agent Religion: Church of England Edith Alma MCELROY F M 25 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England George MCELROY M 4 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England Merrick MCELROY M 2 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England Evelyn MCELROY F 2 Irish Ontario Religion: Church of England Ida MORRISON F 20 Scottish Ontario Occ: School Mistress Religion: Presbyterian
May 30, 2003: Hello, I just happened to find this site today as I was searching for any information re: the McElroys who immigrated to Canada from Ireland. My father was a McElroy from Ottawa. His name was James Richard and he was born in 1927 and died in 1977. Unfortunately, I cannot remember too much of the family history from my dad's point of view. He always told me that he was decended from two brothers who came over to fight in the War of 1812-14. He also said that he believed that one brother went to Quebec to live and the other lived in Ontario. I remember visiting several McElroy relatives when I was younger but cannot recall names or even towns. My father had only one brother, Bill, who is just a few years older than I and was not into family history while he was growing up. The oldest McElroy I can trace back would be my paternal grandfather who was born in 1895 in the Ottawa area and died in 1950. Our particular branch of McElroys has tended to die young but my uncle and I are hoping to reverse the trend. I cannot find out any information about my granddad and would appreciate any help I can get. His name was William George. Among the things we found after his wife died was a framed notification about the death of Thomas Henry McElroy during WW1. I did not discover this until after my parents died in 1977. At that time I was a young mum and did not try to trace our roots. Over the past few years I have dabbled a bit at this but have not done anything much in trying to find out more about this side of my family. One question that my brother and sisters have is from where in Ireland did the McElroys live prior to emmigrating. Would you have an idea? My dad always maintained that we were from the South but before he died he got a crest of arms from someone and was told we were from the North. He was raised as a Catholic which I think was why he thought the brothers came from the South. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me trace my grandfather and Thomas McElroy to see where this might lead. I did try the National Archives but did not get much information. In particular I wanted to find out where Thomas died and was buried. I'm sorry that this note is so long. Thanks for any help you may give me. Terry McLellan
June 5, 2003: Thanks to Mr. Ken Armstrong for the following: Terry and to all; Here is the information on, what I think is your Thomas Henry McElroy from the Veterans Affairs Department, Virtual Memorial Website: In memory of Private THOMAS HENRY MCELROY who died on March 26, 1917. MILITARY SERVICE: Service Number: 166587 Age: 35 Force: ARMY Regiment: Canadian Pioneers Unit: 2nd Additional Information: Son of Mr. And Mrs. Jas. McElroy of Kingston, Ontario Commemorated on Page 282 of the First World War Book of Remembrance. BURIAL INFORMATION: Cemetery: ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY Pas de Calais, France Grave Reference: IV. G. 24. Location: Mont St Eloi is a village in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais, 8 kilometres north-west of Arras. The village stands on high ground overlooking the battlefields of Vimy and Souchez and the main Bethune-Arras road, and the ruined towers that rise from it were used as an observation post during the French attacks at Neuville-St Vaast and Givenchy in May 1915. Ecoivres is a hamlet lying at the foot of the hill, to the south-west and about 1.5 kilometres from Mont St Eloi on the Arras-St Pol line. The ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY is on the D49 road. K.L. Armstrong
June 10, 2003: Thanks to Ken Armstrong for this further information: Hi to All; Here is some additional information from the NAC World War I Soldiers Website on Thomas Henry McElroy: Name: Thomas Henry McElroy Born: Chantry, Ont., Canada Next-of-Kin: Annie McElroy (Mother) Address of Next-of-Kin: Dalta, Ontario (probably Delta with an Irish accent) Birth Date: July 4th, 1887 Trade or Calling: Cheese Worker (Scratch out and inserted): Railroad Fireman. Married: No Apparent Age: 28 years, 3 Months Height: 5 ft. 71/4 inches Girth fully Expanded: 37 inches Range of Expansion: 4 inches Complexion: Medium Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Religion: Roman Catholic Signed 13 Oct 1915 at Ottawa, Witnessed by: Lieut. Mahoney and Approved by Capt. B.B. Campbell 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion. Ken Armstrong
May 29, 2004: Hi Al and All: I was in a secondhand store today and there was a Family Bible which was presented to David McElroy by his dear mother 1873. (on back fly leaf April 11th 1873) The Bible itself is in poor condition. But the family BMD pages and sheets are a treasure for anyone who works on family genealogy could not pass up. (Including me. I am not related to this family) Hope this helps some fellow researcher. Diane Moorhead ............................................. Family Register Parents Names Husband: David McElroy Born: Richmond Co. Carleton Canada 31st July 1845 Wife: Joan Hood Born: Ormstown, Eastern Townships, Province Quebec 8th December 1850 Married: in Richmond by the Revd John Holmes at the residence of H. McElroy on the fourth day of February 1873 David McElroy died at Ottawa - July 1st 1919 age 74 buried: Methodist Cemetery Richmond, Ont. ........................................... Childrens Names Annie Clauda Born in Ottawa City corner Bridge & Queen Streets on Friday 7th Nov. 1873 Baptized 24th Jany '74 by Revd B Pettit, Richmond Thomas Verner Craig Born in Richmond, County Carleton Wednesday 27th September 1876. Baptized on 22nd Oct '76 by Revd F.C. Reynolds W.M. Norman David Born in Richmond on Friday 23rd April 1880, Baptized on June 8th '80 by the Revd. W.R. Dyre - Richmond Male child stillborn & Joan Margaret Born in Richmond on Sunday 21st September 1884. Baptized on Monday 17th November by Revd W. Galbraith, President Montreal Methodist Conference. Herbert Hood born in Richmond Tuesday December 21st 1886. Baptized Friday 7th January 1887 by Revd J.H. Stewart Ada Florence, Born in Carp on Wednesday Aug st 7th 1889 Baptized Wednesday 13th November '89 by Revd I. E. Richardson. Arthur William Born in Carp July 14th 1892 Baptized September 22nd by the Revd D.C. McDowell ................................................ Marriages Annie Clauda Married to Revd Robert Benson McAmmond (Born Oct 1870) in Methodist Church Hintonburgh by Revd Thomas McAmmond on Christmas Day 1902 Thomas Verner Craig to Jessie Forsythe by___________ on ____ Norman David to Emma Stackhouse by Rev Wm McIntosh assisted by Rev Robert B. McAmmond on Wednesday 15th August 1909 at Ottawa. Herbert Hood to Katherine Fenton Bearman/ Beaman by Rev George McRitchie on Friday August 16th 1912 at 75 Second Avenue Ottawa, in the Glebe neighbourhood ...................................... Deaths Joan Margaret at Richmond aged 11 1/2 months died of Meningitis on Thursday 3rd September 1885 after an illness of three weeks and was buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Richmond by Revd M. (?) Phelp beside her twin brother who was stillborn. Ada Florence at Carp aged eighty years nine months and ten days of Cerebral (Meningitis) on Tuesday 17th May 1898 at 8:20 pm after one weeks illness and was buried in Methodist Cemetery Richmond by Revds Messrs Myers & Bryant of Richmond. ................................................ (page glued to the New Testament Cover page) Family Record taken from Family Bible 5 September 1899 Jas McElroy Patrick McElroy and Eliz Craig were joined together in holy matrimony by Revd.~ Annesley / Ainsley , Minister of the Church of England at Hull, in Lower Canada on the Tenth day of March in the year of our Lord, Eighteen hundred and twenty eight. April 7 1829 Henry McElroy, born at Richmond N. Canada 64 " died at Richmond 18 March 1893. April - 1831 A male child still born. April 28, 1832 Ann Isabella McElroy born died 17 January 1861 May 1834, A femal child still born. January 8th, 1835. John McElroy, born died 26 May 1861 June 12, 1837. Mary McElroy, born, died 9 January 1884 February 25, 1840. Robert McElroy, born, died 20 March 1856 April 6,1842, Margaret McElroy, born, died at Ottawa July 31, 1845, David McElroy, born, died at Ottawa July 1st, 1919 June 16, 1848, William McElroy, born October 11, 1851, Jas. McElroy, born, died at Brockville May 2nd 1921 12 March 1862, William Beckett & Margaret McElroy were married by the Revd P. Lindsay this day at Richmond 22 Dec. 1838, Died at Richmond Co. Carleton - Johanna Chambers, wife to Henry McElroy 26 August 1844, Died at Richmond Co. Carleton, Henry McElroy - husband of the above and both being the Father and Mother of Patrick McElroy. 22 January 1856, H. McElroy married to Margaret Lindsay, she died at Richmond 2 February 1897, aged 68 years ___ 1855 Ann Isabella McElroy, married to Revd. P. Lindsay 16 August 1856 Mary McElroy married to W. Wilson 12 March 1862 Margaret McElroy married to W. Beckett 4 February 1873 David McElroy married to Joan Hood 6 May 1875 William McElroy married to Edith Alma Rielly who died - Wm McElroy married to Emily Chevers Patrick McElroy born March 31, 1803, died November 6, 1876 aged 73 years 7 mos. Elizabeth McElroy, died at Richmond, Co. Carleton, Ont. February 1881, aged 72 years 5 November 1895 James McElroy, married to Maggie E. Smith of Huntley Township, Carleton Co.. Ont. in St.George's Church Ottawa, by the Revd. J.M. Snowdon, Rector January 22nd 1903 Harold Beckett died in Richmond, aged 33 years, consumption (TB).
August 7, 2006: I stumbled across the information you have posted on Bytown or Bust about the McElroy family from Richmond. The data Diane posted from the Bible she found is amazing and I wish I could find a similar source for other families of interest. In any event, my connection to the McElroy family is through the Lindsays. Rev. Peter Lindsay, who married Annie Isabella McElroy, was the brother of my great-great grandfather, Robert Lindsay. Margaret Lindsay, the sister of Peter and Robert, married Annie's brother, Henry McElroy. Through researching the Lindsays and correspondence with other researchers, I had accumulated quite a bit of McElroy information as a result. To have this data not only confirmed but added to by the entries in the McElroy Bible is of great interest. The Lindsays came from Scotland to Ormstown, Quebec. Rev. Peter Lindsay, a Presbyterian minister, served in Richmond, Buckingham and Cumberland (among other places). Rev. Peter married Annie McElroy; Rev. Peter's sister Margaret married Annie's brother Henry; and my great-grandfather, Peter Lindsay (nephew of Rev. Peter Lindsay and Margaret Lindsay McElroy), worked for Henry McElroy in Richmond where he met and married Mary Beatty, daughter of Daniel Beatty and Catherine Shirley. Mary's brother, Dr. Daniel Beatty, lived in Richmond. Catherine Shirley's father was William Shirley of Shirley's Bay. I have more Ottawa area connections through the Beatty and Shirley families. I have seen postings on your website from researchers interested in the Christian and Phelan families. I have corresponded with other "cousins" who have researched these connections as well. Should any of you wish to know more about these families, I would be very interested to share with you. Donna Wagner
August 21, 2006: Hi McElroy relations, re: the second census listed for 1881 McElroy's .. James Beamond (Bearman) is actually BEAMAN father of Jane McElroy (nee Beaman) b. 2 Sept 1821 Richmond, d. 5 May 1921, m. Robert McElroy 1 March 1853 St. Johns Anglican Church, Richmond ON b.1820 abt. Marlborough, Township, Ontario, d. 1902. s/o Henry McElroy and Joanna from Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland. Both Robert and Jane (Jinny) are buried at Munster Union Cemetery. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate James Beaman date of death or burial information. Other Beaman - McElroy details can be found on the James Beaman Family Page. Most Sincerely, Debi Beaman
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