McCurdy pioneer family in Goulbourn Township

The McCurdy family homestead in the picture below was built in 1832 to replace the original structure built in 1819. It was inadvertently demolished in 1985. (Patti McCurdy has a copy of an Ottawa Citizen article dated February 22, 1985).
McCurdy Homestead, built 1832
June 6, 2006: I have a picture from my paternal grandmother, Isabel Black McCurdy called SS 10 Goulbourn from 1927 if you would like to add it to your site you are welcome. I have others if you are interested.
School Class at Stanley's Corners, 1927
According to the Goulbourn Museum ss 10 was located at Stanley's Corners. I do not know who is in the photo but I will investigate. You may post the picture of the McCurdy Homestead of course. I am sending along a newspaper clipping of its untimely end - it was accidentally blown up by a developer when it was awaiting the historical protective stamp and it is actually now the Primary School in Stittsville. This is an article from the Ottawa Citizen 1985. Are there any other pictures you would like? Here is the link to my family tree maker is still in progress. I am over 1000 names now, largely on the McCurdy side. However, I am also researching Black, Caldwell, Kemp, Johnston, and Jelly names. If you have any advice on where to look for proof of my family's passage from Ireland in 1819 I would be very grateful. I looked on this site but with no luck so far. Here is an interesting handwriting analysis on my Great Aunt Muriel Black who was secretary to Prime Minister Bennet. Here is the Evelyn McCurdy book with my additions about my own family at the end. I love your website - it is one of the most complete and historically relevant sites out there - and there is a sea of information to swim in. I am a good swimmer though. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Patti
New June 9, 2006: Hi Al and Patti It seems to me Patti has a new online cousin !! actually a Step Cousin . My Step Grand Mother is a daughter of Robert McGee and Lila Irvine then Robert is son of Alexander McGee and Harriet McCurdy I have her Middle name as Armenila though. I checked out your Site I'm amazed you have a Birth Registration for Robert and also noticed Harriet's Mom's name differed from the one I found Elizabeth Shannon. . A lot of research to go over with the McGee McCurdy lines for sure. I have a Photo of Harriet in my own Web Site and find it so interesting she was turning 99 year's Old in one Photo it was her Birthday . Another Photo I have she was wearing a Military Uniform "I believe it to be an Irish Police Uniform from what I researched online" and still have not found out why yet? Harriet was just as old in this Photo as she was in her Birthday Photo Highly unlikely she was in any form of Military or Police since they where on a Farm in Huntley. My own Web Page Another link to my McGee line in Bytown or Bust I'm scattered through Bytown or Bust to many distant lines all connecting together. Write Soon Cheryl Thomas
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