McCRANK Pioneer Family
from Ireland to Plantagenet / Curran, Ontario, Canada
and on to the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 25, 2002:


My name is Ray Daly and I live in Farrellton, Que Wakefield Twp. The Carroll family
lived nearby so you can see we were friends for a good many years. Patrick (son of Daniel and 
Harriet Lennon) lived on Lot #3 till he died.
I have the McCrank family tree(related to my wife). Also Carroll and Lannigan family at 
I just had a computer virus and I got wiped out (back up's and all). All I have is notes.
I wouldn't mind sharing but I am like "Joy" I type with two fingers, mostly with
one. I could try and fill in some vacant spots for you. Maybe you live close by.
I have a McCrank married to Johanna Kennedy does that ring a bell?
Ray Daly
Also posted on October 25, 2002: I am very glad to hear from you Ray. Thomas Daniel Carroll 1850-1932 who married Elizabeth Cunningham 1859-1940 are my husbands Grandparents. Thomas is the brother of Mary Carroll 1843-1888 who married James McCrank 1841-1891, also the brother of James Carroll 1848-1917 who married Elizabeth McCrank. I am interested in any information on the McCranks. Do you have anything on James Carroll who married Bridgit Lannigan? Was your friend the Patrick Carroll (Daniel Carroll and Harriet Lanan / Lennon) who was married to Rita Hendrick? The parents of Thomas Carroll, Mary Carroll and James Carroll are Daniel Carroll 1805-1861 and Ellen Swain 1820-1899 . Just before you get to St. Camillus Cemetery there is a long winding road to the left. The first farmhouse on the right is the site where the home of Daniel Carroll and Ellen Swain once stood (lot 1 conc 9 Township of Wakefield) The view from here overlooking the Cemetery is awesome. Daniel and Ellen Carroll are buried in this Cemetery. The Carroll home was next to the train station called Poupors (Poupore) Siding. In later years the name was changed to Lordsvale Station. Today it doesn't exist. Down passed Daniel and Ellen Carroll's property, passed the crossroads on the right was once the home of their nephew Daniel Carroll and Harriet Lanen. As of 1987 the original house is still standing and is owned and lived in by a Kelly family. It is too bad you had a computer virus and lost everything. If I can help with information let me know. Maybe Taylor will know of Johanna Kennedy who married a McCrank. Joy
And from Taylor, also posted on October 25, 2002: Hello Ray Daly, another Irish name of familiarity. Seeing that you're in Wakefield, you must know the Dubois family. Back to the email. I have a James Andrew McCrank married to Mary Alice Kennedy January 27, 1907. Would this information be in your notes? Joy is more closely related to the Carroll's of Wakefield than I, as I am distantly related if you can call it that. My step great great grandmother Elizabeth (Ellen) Carroll was a widow when she married my great great grandfather William Kennedy. One daughter from her previous marriage, Elizabeth Cunningham married Thomas Carroll of Wakefield who was a blacksmith there. They were given guardianship of Teresa Kennedy, second child of William and Ellen in the event of Ellen's death. That is how I tie into the Carroll family. My computer does not have a virus but I am running on a crippled system right now, hard drive problems. I certainly can relate to your frustration of lost information. Take care Taylor Kennedy
October 25, 2002: Thank you so much for the information Ray. It is very exciting for me to hear all about the Carroll family. Are you the same Ray Daly mentioned in the book Hoist Away? One of the people involved in running the Butter Factory in Farrellton? You are not being a pest. Please feel free to email me whenever you wish. Do you have any information on the Swain family? Joseph and Elizabeth Swain are the parents of Ellen (Swain) Carroll who married Daniel Carroll. Looking forward to hearing about the McCranks. Joy -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 20, 2002 11:32 PM To: Joy Subject: Back again I have dug up an article on Carroll's of Farrellton. It was written in a booklet for our Parish anniversary. It tells how he came from Cavan county in 1820's or 1830's and settled in Gloucester Township about 1842 they settled in Farrellton on lot 1 range 9. Their story is very much the same as yours . They left farm and moved close to station. Never mentioned Dan who married Harriet Lannon. Their children mentioned were Mary married to James McCrank John married Honora Knox. He was a shoemaker Patrick married twice 1st to Mary Scott and then to Ann Kelly James married twice 1st to Elizabeth McCrank and then to Catherine Wilkie he was a farmer Thomas married to Elizabeth Cunningham he was a blacksmith Elizabeth married to Michael Patrick O'Brien Hannah Single Rose married John Knox The Carrols were very prosperous family This article wasn't signed but could have been from of the O'Brien family (just guessing as they are around ) Dan and Harriet lived on Lot 1 in 9 also at station and then across river. I didn't mean to mislead you and I will go along as Dan being his Nephew. My wife's grandmother Sarah Daly (no relatives) had a sister Elizabeth who married a Jos Carroll and lived in Farrellton and later moved to Bouchette, Que Their son Thomas married a Dora Lannigan and they had 12 children Getrrude (my wife) is related to the Jim Carroll family through Annie Lanigan / Lannigan not Jimmy Carroll. We don't know who this Joe Carroll was. someday I will go to Parish records and find his parents. I don't want to be a pest but I felt I should straighten this out. I won't rely on my memory any more. Next time we will talk about McCranks Ray Daly
Posted also on October 25, 2002: (Getting caught up today!) -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 21, 2002 10:55 PM To: Joy Subject: McCrank's Hello Joy: I found "The McCrank Family. There is 37 pages in it.I don't believe I will ever type it on Computer again. I'm sort of discouraged since I lost my work. I will type in a start on McCrank's and you can see what you are missing or if you miss a lot. If you send me your address, I would mail them by postal service and find it no "big deal" Yes, I am the Guy Vincent McSheffrey mentions on "Hoist Away" James Joseph Mccrank was born in 1806 in Scotland. He died 1870 in Canada (Birth; there is conflict on place of birth. His son Neil's Neil death certificate says his father was born in Canada but his daughter Annie Queenan's death certificate says he was born in Scotland. neither may be right as other accounts mention his place of birth as Ireland) James married Mary Margaret Matchet daughter of John Matchet and Crosby in 1836. Margaret was born in 1815 in Ireland, She died Dec.24 1897. She was buried in Wakefield.Que They had the following children: John McCrank b Aug 4, 1837 died 1884 James McCrank b Jan.17, 1839 died Nov 15, 1891 Patrick McCrank b Jan 11. 1843 died Feb 1, 1880 Corneilus (Neil) McCrank b Oct. 9, 1844 died Jan5 1918 Annie McCrank b Apr. 6, 1849 died Dec 30, 1906 Elizabeth McCrank b b Jan 6 1848 died 1872 Frances Catherine McCrank b Sept 25, 1851 died Apr 14, 1932 Mary McCrank b Sep5t 25, 1853. died 1939 Maragret McCrank b 1855 died 1936 William McCrank b 1857 died 1953 Daniel McCrank b Feb 8, 1859 died 1926 Joseph McCrank B 1865 in Farrellton died 1957 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- James McCrank B Jan.17, 1839 in Curran Parish Plantagenet, Ont was christened Jan 20 1839 in Curran Parish died Nov 15 1891 in Masham and buried in Farrellton Que James married Mary Carroll in 1862 in Farrellton Mary b 1843 died 1888 in Rupert buried in Farrellton They had the following children John McCrank b July 11 1863 died 1938 Mary Helen McCrank b Mar 21 1867 died Apr 3, 1953 Margaret Ann McCrank b Apr. 16 1871, Maragret married John Anderson James Andrew McCrank b May 15 1872, died May 27, 1943 Daniel McCrank b May 24, 1877, Rupert, Qc died 1958. He married Mary McNeil in 1910 Mary Jane McCrank b Oct 1879 Elizabeth Bridet McCrank b Aug 13 1881, Rupert,Que died Nov 1, 1911 She married Edward Malone June 2 , 1908 James married 2nd time to Honora McLaughlin about 1890 They had 1 child Patrick b Oct 13, 1891 died Aug 16, 1961. He married Veronica Mulcahy b in Cantley Que and buried in Cantley Sorry, I have to leave. Does these name ring a bell with you? Ray Daly
Hello Ray, you certainly helped fill in spaces and dates for me. Thank you so much. How is yor wife, Gertrude, related to Annie Lanigan? What about Rose Ann Carroll who married John Knox and John Carroll who married Honora Knox? Do you have anything on them? I don't have any information on the McGoey family either. There is a Lake in Farrellton called Carroll Lake. Is this Lake named after Daniel Carroll and Ellen Swain? I have so many questions, but enough for now. Don't want to push my luck. I have Nash and Barry on my side of the family, I will see if I can find something on your GGrandmother Helen Byrnes who married James Barry. Bye for now. Joy -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 22, 2002 1:26 AM To: Joy Subject: McCrank's I am sorry, I had to leave as we only have one telephone line and sometimes I have to vacate. I wanted to tell you that Mary Carroll oldest son John moved to California, USA, Yuba County to a place called Brownsville 1863 and acquired a ranch of 320 acres classed as farmer and stockman. They done extremely well both financially and socially. They lost track of Canadian McCranks and they were reunited a few years ago. James Carroll married Elizabeth McCrank on Feb 14, 1871. She was born Jan 6, 1848 in Plantagenet Ont. died 1871 I have them listed as one child James Carroll was born 1871 and married to Sarah Beauclair. I don't have any family listed for this family. Mary Helen McCrank b. 21 Mar 1867 in Rupert and died Apr. 3 1953 She married Stephen Beauclair July 29, 1891. He was b. 1865 and died 1946 They had the following children: Louis J. Beauclair b 1892 died 1974 Francis " b 1895 died 1895 Stephen Carroll Beauclair b 1898 Raymond F, " b 1901 Marcella M " b 1903 John P " b 1906 Patricia R " b 1908 Edward D. " b 1911 Could I be wrong again and say this family lived in Minnesota, USA. I would add That Rupert is close by and these people all came to our church in Farrellton. Hope this will be some help and I can still help with Mary Carroll's if needed Good Luck and if you ever find a Nash family who was descendant of Helen Byrnes and James Barry. I would be very interest Helen is my Ggrandmother and don't know much about her. Good Luck Ray Daly
Hello Al: Thanks for e-mail. I do know Michael Daley from Osgoode. In fact I met Michael and Betty at funeral this summer. My wife Gertrude McSheffrey is very well acquainted with Thompson Family. my wife comes from Maniwaki also. Jim Guilfoyle from Farrellton is married to Michael's sister. I gets to be a small world sometimes. Ray Daly
Taylor, looks like the James Andrew McCrank that married Alice Kennedy IS the son of Mary Carroll and James McCrank. The birthdate Ray sent me is the same one I have. Joy -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 23, 2002 10:21 PM To: Joy Subject: Families Hello: I don't have any Info on Rose Ann Carroll or John Carroll who married the Knox's. I have very little on Carrolls. Some way the info I have, isn't just right. There is a Olive Johnson who lives in Senior residence in Wakefield. I am going to visit her and find out from her something about them. She is her 90's and has known Carrolls all her life as she used to live on this farm. I think her mother was born in Mushrat I don't anything about Swain's either (not a familiar name) McGoey family I have something on them. You will want Joe McGoey family who married Sabina.Carroll. I will try and find what I have and send to you. My Ggrandmother Helen Byrnes married a James Brennan and had one daughter Helen Brennan who was my grandmother. They lived in Huntley Township. Helen then Married J. Barry for 2nd time and they lived in Onslow Quebec. They had a daughter Mary or Ann who married a Mr. Nash and we think they lived around South March. I found out lately that Helen was probably born in Mayo co. Ireland. She had a sister Mary who married a Richard Daly and lived in Chelsea Parish too. I don't have any good birthdays. James Andrew McCrank was born in Rupert, Que on May 15 1872. He died May 27, 1943 in New Rockford, North Dakota, USA. James married Alice Kennedy. Alice was born 1874 and died 1972. No mention of parents or place of birth They had the following children; James F. McCrank b Jan 10, 1910, died Sept 7 1976 Mary Vitalis McCrank b Oct 1911 Mary married Benjamin Harris Raymond McCrank died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA He married June ??? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ James F, McCrank b Jan 18, 1910 died Sept 7, 1976 James married Florence Kloeckner. Florence was born 1919 They had following children Lawrence Joseph McCrank b Apr.17, 1945 James McCrank Jr. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lawrence Joseph McCrank b Apr.17, 1945 in Fargo, Cass,ND He married Ruth Diane Madson on Dec. 24, 1967 Ruth b.July 10, 1946 In Fargo, Cass, North Dakota. They had following children Kirstin Lea McCrank Jamie Lynn McCrank +++++++++++++++++++++++ James McCrank jr. Had the following Children Chris McCrank Steven McCrank ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is all I seem to have on this family. hope it helps Ray Daly. I don't mind questions.
From Ken Armstrong: Ray and Joy; Thanks for the Family Tree information on the McCrank, McGoey and Daly families, as it turns out I know of or know about 3/4 of the people on all of the Family trees. My wife is from Low Quebec, and my Uncle had a farm in Martindale (Clifford Dubois). I never realized that the McCranks were married into so many families in the Low, Martindale and Venosta areas. My wife is Marlene Fitzpatrick, and she lived in the house beside the Auberge de la Gatineau (Ray's Place), in fact we still own the house up in Low, her father was George Fitzpatrick and her mother was Cora Wilson (from Denholm, just across the river from Low). So for the past years, since 1960, I have been visiting the Low/Martindale area, working for my Uncle in the summer time, and that is how I met my wife, Marlene. Of course I never realized at the time, that my grandfather Archibald Armstrong, was from Aylwin, Quebec, and his mother was a Draper. The Fitzpatrick's originally came from the Goulbourn, Ontario area, where they settled there in 1818/1819, and moved up to North Wakefield in about 1845, and settled. George Fitzpatrick's grandfather, William Debursey Fitzpatrick's brother Michael Debursey Fitzpatrick, owned an hotel in North Wakefield, called "FITZPATRICKS", just where the train used to stop and the patrons had to take the stagecoach to go further north. When they expanded the railway, his hotel and land were expropriated by the railway. I think that was around the 1870s to 1890s. Michael reverted back to farming when his hotel was taken by the railway. I have an enourmous amount of information on the Fitzpatrick and Wilson families on my Family Tree Program, plus of course the Armstrong and Drapers, and thanks mostly to Taylor Kennedy, I also have been able to gather a lot of information on the Kennedy and Waters / Watters families. I also have gathered a lot of information on many of the offshoot families, such as Cleland, McDonald, Begley, Stanger, Cox, McClelland, Shouldice, Johnston, McCloskey, McConnell, Hodgins, Colbert / Culbert, Anderson, Barton, Brooks, Brown, Chamberlain, Craig, Ussher / Usher, Cram, Cruickshank, Gibson, Maxwell, McCambley, McKittrick, Moncrieff, Smith, Stewart just to name a few, and I am always looking for more information on all of the Families, never ends. Ray, your family trees will certainly be added to my program, Thanks very much. Ken Armstrong
----- Original Message ----- From: Joy Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 12:48 AM Subject: FW: Info. -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 24, 2002 7:04 PM To: Joy Subject: Info. Hello I found two old floppies and I sent some info to you. I had much difficulty in getting them out, maybe it was because they were done with Win 2000 and I am now using Win 98 since I was wiped out. Before I get into Mary McCrank history I want to say that Harriet Guilfoyle was married twice 1st time to Patrick Carroll No relation to Dan and Ellen and they didn't have any family 2nd time of course to Tom Cowan. You will note McElroy family. Ellis never married and died in North country somewhere May married Victor Sullivan and they had no family. Both are dead now. Redmond was a baby when his mother died and Harriet Guilfoyle and Patrick Carroll took him and gave him a wonderful home and he carried the Carroll name He was in army and died very suddenly. He married Alice Rochon from Maniwaki and Alice and her family lived in Maniwaki after Redmond's death They had a family and I lost track of them. Darlene Lannigan would know them Redmond Daly was murdered in lumber camp Annie Daly married Frank Farrell. and you have their family. Farrellton was named after Frank Farrell's grandfather. Wm. Farrell who was married to Eleanor McGoey the lumber Baron sister. I didn't have that much on tape about Sabia and Jos McGoey. I know they had two daughters who were nurses.The McGoey's lived around Iroquois falls Jos had a worthwhile job in Forestry Viola McGoey married Miller Woods from Farrellton and lived in B.C. and had a family. I met some of them but have forgotten their names. (my poor memory) We were talking about McCrank's coming to Que. I often heard about them loading up everything in wagons.tying cattle behind and coming from Plantagenet by horses and wagons. This James McCrank who married Mary Carrol. They were married in Farrellton in 1862. He was around early. Matchet farm was across the road from Dan and Mary Swain Hope all this helped. I would like to know, if this information is getting through clear. I miss my family tree's so much. Ray
-----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 24, 2002 2:56 AM To: Ken Armstrong; Joy Subject: Jos McCrank Jos McCrank is brother to James McCrank who married Mary Carroll. He never married and farmed in MontCerf. He was very nice man and was Uncle Joe to almost everyone. Mary sister of Jos and James married Richard Daly.(cousin) lived on farm at Farrellton. Richard died young and left Mary with small family. She sold farm at Farrellton and moved to MontCerf to live with Joe. and later years both lived in Maniwaki. To confuse you a little more Richard's mother was Charlotte McAuley . she would be an aunt to Jos. McAuley. If you are interested I could send you some dates etc on Mary McCrank's family Her daughter Annie was married to Frank Farrell kept store here for years in Farrellton. Mr Armstrong is right all the older McCranks were born in Plantagent. Ont Curran Parish. I got in these McCranks by doing my wife's family tree. Her grandmother was Sarah Daly who married James McSheffrey. These Daly's lived in Plantagenet too. John Daly married Mary McCrank daughter of Neil McCrank and Isabelle McKinley They were married Feb 211876 in Plantagenet. Ont 14 children born Catherine Daly(Kathleen) married Wm McCrank son of John McCrank and Bridget Brown They were married April 9 1875 in Plantagenet and whole family moved to Low, Que 8 children in that family John and Catherine Daly were sister and brother to Sarah Daly. I have these families documented. When the McCrank came up from Ca. The McCrank made a family tree too and I put all of them together and made McCrank family Will go for tonight, I' ll see McCrank's in my sleep Ray
From: Ray Daly Sent: October 24, 2002 1:31 PM To: Joy Subject: Mary McCrank
Descendants of Mary McCrank
1. MARY2 MCCRANK (NEIL1) was born in Plantagenet, Ontario, and died in Venosta, Quebec. She married JOHN DALY February 21, 1876 in Plantagenet, Ontario, son of JOSEPH DALY and ELIZABETH DEMPSEY. He was born 1845 in Plantagenet, Ontario, and died in Venosta, Quebec. Children of MARY MCCRANK and JOHN DALY are: i. EDWARD (EDDIE)3 DALY. 2. ii. MARY ISABELLA DALY, b. March 14, 1877; d. WFT Est. 1905-1970. iii. JOSEPH DALY, b. November 28, 1878. 3. iv. ALBERT DALY. v. NEIL DALY, b. September 1880. vi. PATRICK DALY, b. 1882. vii. WILLIAM DALY, b. 1884. viii. ELIZABETH DALY, b. July 13, 1885. ix. PETER DALY, b. July 17, 1888. x. TOM ( JOHN THOMAS) DALY, b. 1889. xi. JOHN THOMAS DALY, b. February 3, 1889. xii. JAMES DALY, b. 1891. 4. xiii. SARAH DALY, b. 1891; d. June 5, 1948, Venosta, Que. xiv. ESTER HELENA (LENA) DALY, b. April 29, 1898. Generation No. 2 2. MARY ISABELLA3 DALY (MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born March 14, 1877, and died WFT Est. 1905-1970. She married JACK MCLAUGHLIN Abt. 1900. He was born Bef. 1876, and died WFT Est. 1906-1967. Children of MARY DALY and JACK MCLAUGHLIN are: i. GERALD MCLAUGHLIN. ii. ALBERT MCLAUGHLIN. iii. VICTOR MCLAUGHLIN. iv. RONALD MCLAUGHLIN. v. NEIL MCLAUGHLIN. vi. RAYMOND MCLAUGHLIN. vii. PETER MCLAUGHLIN. 3. ALBERT DALY (MARY MCCRANK, NEIL) was born 1, and died 1. He married ELIZABETH BRENNAN abt. 1910. Child of ALBERT DALY and ELIZABETH BRENNAN is: i. HELENA DALY, m. MICHAEL LACHARITY. 4. SARAH DALY (MARY MCCRANK, NEIL) was born 1891, and died June 5, 1948 in Venosta, Que. She married WILLIAM JOSEPH O'CONNOR Abt. 1916 in Venosta, Que, son of WILLIAM O'CONNOR and NANCY CUDDIHY. He was born September 13, 1878, and died WFT Est. 1919-19691. Children of SARAH DALY and WILLIAM O'CONNOR are: i. EDWIN O'CONNOR, b. March 28, 1917; d. WFT Est. 1929-19891; m. GERTRUDE MCGUIRE, Private; b. Private1. 5. ii. HILDA O'CONNOR, b. March 17, 1919, Venosta, Que. 6. iii. LINUS O'CONNOR, b. August 31, 1922. 7. iv. RITA O'CONNOR, b. 1924. 8. v. ANGUS O'CONNOR, b. July 31, 1926, Venosta, Que. 9. vi. ARDEN O'CONNOR, b. May 23, 1928, Venosta, Que. 10. vii. BERTHA O'CONNOR, b. December 31, Venosta, Que. 11. viii. BERT O'CONNOR, b. September 1, 1932, Venosta, Que. 12. ix. ELMER O'CONNOR, b. August 14, 1934, Venosta, Que. Generation No. 3 5. HILDA O'CONNOR (SARAH DALY, MARY MCCRANK, NEIL) was born March 17, 1919 in Venosta, Que. She married JOHN SULLIVAN. He was born March 24, 1920 in Venosta, Que, and died October 28, 1994 in Venosta, Que. 6. LINUS4 O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born August 31, 1922. He married HELEN MCLAUGHLIN. 7. RITA O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born 1924. She married ARTHUR LARABIE 8. ANGUS4 O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born July 31, 1926 in Venosta, Que. He married THERESA MCGUIRE. Arden O'Connor: He married HELENA MCLAUGHLIN. 10. BERTHA4 O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born December 31 in Venosta, Que. She married THOMAS SULLIVAN October 27, 1951 in Venosta, Que. He was born September 11, 1925 in Venosta, Que 11. BERT O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born September 1, 1932 in Venosta, Que. He married DIANNE RISWORTH. 12. ELMER O'CONNOR (SARAH3 DALY, MARY2 MCCRANK, NEIL1) was born August 14, 1934 in Venosta, Que. He married NORMA HAYES. Endnotes: Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #1374, Date of Import: Apr 3, 1997
Also posted on October 25, 2002: -----Original Message----- From: Ray Daly Sent: October 24, 2002 1:50 PM To: Joy Subject: William McCrank Descendants of William McCrank Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM2 MCCRANK (JOHN1) was born Bef. 1846 in Plantagenet, Ontario, and died 1. He married CATHERINE DALY April 9, 1875 in Plantagenet, Ontario, daughter of JOSEPH DALY and ELIZABETH DEMPSEY. She was born 1846 in Plantagenet, Ontario Children of WILLIAM MCCRANK and CATHERINE DALY are: 2. i. JOSEPH MCCRANK, b. 1876, Plantagenet, Ontario; d. Martindale Que. ii. MICHAEL MCCRANK, b. 1877, Plantagenet, Ontario; d. Vinton, Que1; m. MARY ANN HEARTY1; b. , Vinton, Que1; d. , Vinton, Que1. 3. iii. BRIGID MCCRANK, b. 1879, Plantangenet, Ontario; d. Martindale Que. iv. NEIL MCCRANK, b. 1881, Plantagenet, Ontario; d. WFT Est. 1934-1975, unknown1; m. MARGARET HEARTY, Abt. 1931, unknown1; b. Aft. 1906, unknown1; d. WFT Est. 1936-1995, unknown1. 4. v. WILLIAM J. MCCRANK, b. 1883, Plantagenet, Ontario; d. Low, Que. vi. MARY ANN MCCRANK, b. 1884. vii. CATHERINE MCCRANK, b. 1886. 5. viii. MARGARET (MAGGIE) MCCRANK, b. 1889. Generation No. 2 2. JOSEPH3 MCCRANK (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1876 in Plantagenet, Ontario1, and died in Martindale Que1. He married MARY ANN KELLY1. She was born 1, and died in Martindale Que1. Children of JOSEPH MCCRANK and MARY KELLY are: i. SIXTUS MCCRANK. ii. CLETUS MCCRANK. iii. ANSLEM MCCRANK. 3. BRIGID MCCRANK (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1879 in Plantangenet, Ontario, and died in Martindale Que. She married JACK SULLIVAN November 16, 1900 in Martindale Que. Children of BRIGID MCCRANK and JACK SULLIVAN are: i. VIOLET SULLIVAN. ii. GERTRUDE SULLIVAN. iii. LOTTIE SULLIVAN. iv. BERNEICE SULLIVAN. v. STELLA SULLIVAN. vi. ELIZABETH SULLIVAN. vii. NORMAN SULLIVAN. 4. WILLIAM J.3 MCCRANK (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1883 in Plantagenet, Ontario, and died in Low, Que. He married AGATHA HOGAN in Martindale, Que. She was born in Martindale Que, and died in Martindale Que. Children of WILLIAM MCCRANK and AGATHA HOGAN are: 6. i. ERNIE MCCRANK, b. February 9, 1911, Farrellton, Quebec; d. March 8, 1995, Bancroft, Ontario. 7. ii. MONA MCCRANK, b. Low, Que. 8. iii. EDNA MCCRANK. 9. iv. EDDIE MCCRANK. 10. v. FLORENCE MCCRANK. vi. EVELYN MCCRANK1. vii. VERONICA MCCRANK1. viii. RODDIE MCCRANK1. 5. MARGARET (MAGGIE)3 MCCRANK (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1889. She married PATRICK O'NEIL. Generation No. 3 6. ERNIE MCCRANK (WILLIAM J.3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born February 9, 1911 in Farrellton, Quebec, and died March 8, 1995 in Bancroft, Ontario. He married (1) MARY AMYOTTE 1936 in Val D'Or, Quebec. She was born Aft. 1911 in Val D'Or, Quebec, and died 1986 in Bancroft, Ontario. He married (2) ANGIE (ERNIE MCCRANK) Private. She was born Private1. 7. MONA MCCRANK (WILLIAM J.3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born in Low, Que. She married FRANCOIS MONETTE. He was born Bef. 1909 in Farrellton, Quebec1, and died in Farrellton, Quebec. 8. EDNA MCCRANK (WILLIAM J.3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) married FRANK DALY. He was born in Low, Que. 9. EDDIE MCCRANK (WILLIAM J.3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1. He married CARMEL CAHILL. 10. FLORENCE MCCRANK (WILLIAM J.3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1. She married MILTON MCCAMBLEY.
February 16, 2003: My son found some of your information and forwarded it to me. I may be able to add a couple of pieces. I am James Mathias McCrank, son of James Francis McCrank mentioned in your message of Oct 23, 2002 as James McCrank Jr.. I live in Valencia, California. I married Marlys Linderman. Florence Kloeckner, first wife of James Francis McCrank, died in 2002. ... James McCrank
February 17, 2003: Hello James So your grandparents are James Andrew McCrank and Alice Kennedy?? I certainly would like to learn more. Mary Alice Kennedy was the daughter of John Kennedy and Mary Waters. John was the son of William Kennedy b1806 and Isabella Watt b.1810. Mary Waters was the daughter of Bryan Waters and Mary Maher. Take care Taylor Kennedy
June 20, 2003: Hello All, I would like to give you a little info Margaret McCrank (William 2, John 1) who married Patrick O'Neill (note the spelling). They are my husband's grandparents. My husband is Harvey Cuddihy from Martindale. Patrick O'Neill died when my husband was very young, about 1956 or so. His grandmother, however, died at the ripe old age of 98 years, in April of 1986. This couple had several children: Owen, Patrick, Neil (married to Claire Kennedy), Theresa (married to George ?- both deceased), Kathleen, Mae (married to Patrick Brennan of Brennan's Hill), Ella (married to Lloyd Kealey of Venosta), Margaret (widow of ? Daly), and Mary (married to Patrick Cuddihy). Mary and Patrick are my husband's parents and Mary died in 1994. My husband is one of 6 siblings : Arlene (married Harry Wylie of Michigan), Hazel (married to Gilbert O'Connor of Low), Harvey (married to Mary Bezaire of Windsor, Ontario), Sandra (married to Martin Kealey of Venosta), Keith (married to Shirley Hendrick of Chelsea, Quebec), and Richard (married to Ordella Hogan of Farrellton) If you need all their offspring, let me know. I will ask my husband to provide more information about the family and, probably, provide the ? information on the above. Looking forward to contacting everyone again. Mary Cuddihy _____________________________ also posted on June 20, 2003: Hi Ray My name is Leah Button and I am researching the McCrank family tree as my grandmother was a McCrank born in Scotland. Any information you may have would be very helpful Many thanks E-mail ______________________________ June 30, 2003: > Dear Al and Ken, I'll have to ask my husband but I do know that his grandmother, Margaret McCrank, visited Plantagenet many times and admitted to having family there. Hopefully, he'll be able to enlighten us. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Mary > From: Al Lewis > Date: 2003/06/20 Fri AM 07:26:32 EST > To: Theresa Cuddihy > Subject: Re: McCrank Family Tree > > Hi Mary: > > Thanks for your e-mail regarding the McCrank family tree. > > Sorry it's taken a long time to answer you - and my page on the McCrank family will be updated, hopefully today, with your e-mail and also a couple of new items which have also recently arrived. Did you receive an e-mail from Ken Armstrong yesterday regarding the McCranks? > > If not, here it is: >" Hi all McCrank followers; > > Does anyone know of the link between these three obituaries, and the McCrank family, my present information doesn't cover the later generations and I would like to tie them into the McCrank family tree, obviously the first two were husband and wife from the Plantagenet area, and the third Vivian McCrank, probably from the Low area, none of the obits mentions the parents: > > Death Notices (07/17/02) > McCRANK, Leslie Peacefully in hospital on Monday, July 15, 2002, in his 86th year. Beloved husband of Hazel McCormick. Dear father of Neil and the late Carol Ann. Loving grandfather of Rheanna McCrank and Elaine Felice. Proud great-grandfather of twin girls, Chelsea Marie and Charlene Ann Felice. Dear brother of Adelia (late Charles) Clark. Predeceased by two sisters: Ada and Anna (Mervin) Delaney; his brother John. Survived by his sister-in-law, Marguerite McCrank, and many nieces and nephews. Friends may call at Lamarre and Son Funeral Home, 398 Water Street, Plantagenet, Ont., (613) 679-2802, on Wednesday, July 17, from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Our Lady of Divine Love Church, Pendleton, on Thursday, July 18 at 1 p.m. Interment Parish Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the charity of choice. A very special thanks to the staff at St. Luc's Villa in Curran. For your condolences by fax at 613-679-1356 or by email at > The Ottawa Citizen, Area Code 613 > > Death Notices (06/13/03) > McCRANK, Hazel (nee McCormick) Peacefully at Pinecrest Nursing Home in Plantagenet on Wednesday, June 11, 2003, in her 84th year. Beloved wife of the late Leslie McCrank. Devoted mother of Neil and the late Carol Ann. Loving grandmother of Rhiannon Latimer and Elaine Felice. Proud great-grandmother of twin girls, Chelsea Marie and Charlene Ann Felice. Predeceased by two sisters, two brothers and two sisters-in-law, Rita (Ted) Hill and Dorothy (late Percy) Hickson, Lawrence (late Gertrude), Freddy, Ada McCrank and Anna (later Mervin) Delaney. Survived by her brother Leslie (late Lucille) and two sisters-in-law, Adelia (late Charlie) Clark and Marguerite (late John) McCrank. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Friends may call at Lamarre and Son Funeral Home, 398 Water Street, Plantagenet, Ontario, 613-679-2802 on Friday, June 13th, from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. and on Saturday, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Our Lady of Divine Love Church, Pendleton, Ontario, at 11:00 a.m. Interment parish cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the charity of choice. A special thank you to the staff at Pinecrest Nursing Home. For your condolences by fax at 613-679-1356 or by e-mail at: > The Ottawa Citizen, Area Code 613 > > Death Notices (01/11/03) > DESMARAIS, Emmanuel Suddenly on Thursday, January 9th, 2003 at the age of 76. Beloved husband of Vivian McCrank. Dear father of Michael (Louise Goyette), Sandra (Victor Lemieux). Predeceased by son Brian. Loving Gampy of Aimee (Cory Cheslock), Natalie, Devin, Jason. Also survived by his brothers Xavier, Gorman. Friends may visit the McGarry Memorial Chapel, 139 Valley Road, Wakefield on Sunday, January 12th, 2003 from 2 to 9 p.m. Funeral Mass will be held at St Camillus Roman Catholic Church, 44 Plunkett Road, Farrelton on Monday, January 13th at 11:00 a.m. Interment Martindale Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Gatineau Memorial Hospital-Wakefield. > The Ottawa Citizen, Area Code 613 > > Ken Armstrong
September 22, 2003: Hi Everyone, My name is Peggy Valiquette, and the first thing that caught my attention after McCrank family was a McCrank married to a Johanna Kennedy. I do have one. First, my connection to the family.Not really related. Mary McCrank, a daughter of John and Bridget Brown married an Edward Windsor in Curran in 1858. This Edward had a child by Catherine Darraugh in Plantagenet, before his marriage to Mary. I am a descendent of this child. While searching for Edward and Catherine I ran across a lot of info on Edward and Mary and their 8 children. I noticed that no one has brought up this branch. If anyone is interested please let me know. I printed up what was there but have not had time to go thru it all yet, but do have a lot that matches what has been said. As for Johanna Kennedy. She was born abt. 1834 in Ireland, she married James McCrank ( son of John and Bridget Brown) on June 18, 1861 in Prescott Cty, Ont. James died May 7, 1896 and Johanna died Mar 9, 1894. All in North Plantagenet. Is this the one you were referring to Ray? I have copies of the church registers from Plantagenet and Curran of births, deaths and marriages for most of the entried that I have. McCranks are the only family that I have any info on. Thank you all for the interesting reading. Will check it further during the next while and add to my tree. Thanks Again, Peggy Valiquette, __________________________ also posted on September 22, 2003: I was very interested in reading about the McCrank Pioneer Family - from Ireland to Plantagenet. My wife's grandfather, Archibald McCormick was born in Wakefield, Que. to Robert McCormick and Clarisa Dole / McDole. His youngest sister, Mary Frances McCormick was born in Wendover, Plantagenet Twp. on 10 Nov. 1871. She married a John McCrank and they had one daughter, Mary Isabel McCrank, born in Vancouver, B.C. 22 July 1899. The name would suggest John McCrank was a son of Neil McCrank and Isabelle McKinley. Can anyone verify this? Any information on John McCrank and his family would be appreciated. Mary Isabel McCrank's mother(Protestant) died a few days after she was born.and Mary Isabel was raised by her father's family (R.C.) until school age when she entered a convent. Mary Isabel never married. She operated Mary McCrank's Shamrock Inn at Chehalis, Washington from 1935 until a few years before her death 20 March 1984. Keyword: US ... Al You can read about Mary McCrank and her restaurant at My wife Anne and I met Mary McCrank at The Shamrock Inn in the 1960's and Anne's brother, John McCormick kept in touch with her until her death so we can provide more information if anyone is interrested. Mary McCrank's grandfather, Robert McCormick was born in Ireland in 1816, the youngest of about 8 children, and came to Canada with his family at an early age. I believe Robert had 6 children by his first wife, Mary Jane Skead, and 7 with his second wife, Clarisa Dole (McDole) Robert and some of his family went to eastern Saskatchewan in the 1880's and some went on to logging in the Vancouver area. We know little about the McCormick family prior to coming west so if anyone has information on McCormicks from that area it would also be appreciated. ... Gordon Bruins, Medicine Hat, Alberta. New e-mail address for Gordon is
Here's an impressive tribute to the McCrank family's ancestors. Location: Curran, Ontario, North Plantagenet Township ... Photo by Al Lewis
November 15, 2005:
May 26, 2004: Hello, I too am a McCrank. I don't know very much about the genealogy of my family and I found your site while looking for information. My McCrank family is from Ottawa ONT Via Gatineau I believe we were homesteaders. I don't know much beyond my immediate family, being black sheep and all, but here's what I know. My Grandparents were Decklin McCrank and Winnifred Kenny and his brother(?)'s name was Lambert McCrank. They had 14 children (which is what happens with devout Catholics...) Would like to share info with other researchers. Sincerely Kevin T. McCrank
June 27, 2004: Hello All: John Mc Crank 1797-1860 m. Bridget Brown 1800-1862 I have a little info on their children which I had published. I will be happy to scan the chart to you if you like. Kathy Adamson (see info regarding Kathy's book on our bibliography page ... Al)
Obituary of Theresa O'Connor O'CONNOR, Theresa Mary (nee McGuire) It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Theresa O'Connor, peacefully at home, as she had wished, surrounded by her family, four days after her 80th birthday, on Saturday, December 15th, 2007. Beloved wife for over 57 years of Angus O'Connor; loving mother of Patsy (Paul Cavalier) of Barrhaven, Janie (Stephen Fraser) of Moncton, Shawn (Danielle Bogan) of Barrhaven, Billy (Kathie Davis) of Kanata. Loving grandmother of Ryan (Kelly Sullivan) Cavalier of Kanata, Jonathan Cavalier and Jesse O'Connor of Barrhaven. Great-Grandma of Mac Harrison Cavalier. Predeceased by her parents, Howard and Annie McGuire; brother Francis McGuire and sister Gertrude O'Connor. Survived by her sister Margaret (Leonard Daley) of Arnprior, and cousin Sheila (Carl Andersen) of Montreal. She will be sadly missed by Duffy, along with her many sisters and brothers in-law, nieces, nephews, cousins and their extended families, and neighbours and friends. Family and friends are invited to visit at McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home 1411 Hunt Club Rd. at Albion Rd on Tuesday, December 18th from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. George's Church 415 Piccadilly Avenue on Wednesday, December 19th at 11:00 a.m. Interment Pinecrest Cemetery. In memory of Theresa, donations may be made to Sisters of the Visitation, 114 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6V9. Special "thank you" to Dr. Elizabeth Sawyers, and the Palliative Care Home Team for their care and comfort. Condolences may be sent to (Ottawa Citizen)
January 17, 2010: Looks like the kids moved to Fort Frances, Rainy River District. John and James McCrank's sister Elizabeth married there also. Joy, the children of John McCrank and Anastasia Cunningham. They had nine children, 2 married in Fort Frances and 2 died there young. Don't worry about line # 1. I had problems merging them. Taylor (Taylor has later generations)
Descendants of James McCrank
Generation No. 1 1. JAMES1 MCCRANK He married (1) MARY CARROLL Abt. 1855. He married (2) MARY CARROLL Abt. 1855. More About JAMES MCCRANK and MARY CARROLL: Marriage: Abt. 1855 Child of JAMES MCCRANK and MARY CARROLL is: 2. i. JAMES ANDREW2 MCCRANK, b. May 15, 1872, Farrellton, Quebec; d. May 27, 1943, North Dakota, USA. Children of JAMES MCCRANK and MARY CARROLL are: 3. ii. JOHN2 MCCRANK, b. July 11, 1868, Farrellton, Quebec; d. Fort Frances, Rainy River District. iii. ELIZABETH MCCRANK, b. 1880, Farrellton, Quebec; m. EDWARD MALONE, June 02, 1908, Fort Frances, Rainy River District; b. 1874, Michigan, USA. More About EDWARD MALONE and ELIZABETH MCCRANK: Marriage: June 02, 1908, Fort Frances, Rainy River District Witness: Hugh McDonald and Mary Elizabeth McCrank iv. DANIEL MCCRANK, b. May 24, 1871, Farrellton, Quebec. ... Taylor Kennedy
September 28, 2011: Bruce Cowen has sent along a terrific .pdf file (written by Rick Blanchard) of the McCrank and Hogan families. This work is very thorough and mentions a great number of the Irish families from the Gatineau Valley.
Here is the cover page and a nifty map from the book: Map Source: Pathfinder Maps and Rick Blanchard McCrank and Hogan in the Gatineau Valley, Quebec Map of settlement in the Gatineau Valley

July 26 2012: Hi, I found from the St-Camillus registry that Helen(d/o James and Mary (Carroll) was born on the 10 april 1867. Gaston _________________________________________ Thank you. The information I received from Thatcher Johnson is that Mary ELLEN McCrank was born 21 Mar 1867 in Rupert, Quebec, and died 3 Apr 1953. I do not know where he got his information. On the 1871 census, she is listed as Ellen McCrank age 4 years living on family farm in Pikanock, West Ottawa County, Quebec. I had not looked for further information on her. I will probably do so. Quite a bit of the St-Camillus registry is so faded, it is often hard to read. Sometimes it is just hard to read. My great grand uncle was the parish priest there for a time. His writing is difficult to read. Are you related to Ellen McCrank? I'm connected, but quite distant ... " 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife of uncle ". (I have found most people from the Gatineau are connected to each other somehow.) ... Bruce Cowen
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