County Tipperary, Ireland to Lochaber Township, Quebec, Canada

New December 20, 2004:

Not sure if I've ever written to any of you but I have a Michael McCormick 
born between 1824 - 1829 and his tombstone says Tipperary. The 1901 Census lists 
his year to Canada as 1842. He raises his family in Lochaber, Quebec and some 
of his neighbours are McNamara. I haven't been able to find any info on his 
family (other than some of his children) and was hoping someone else had come 
across them in their search.

(This e-mail refers to the web page for Michael McNamara and Bridget McCormick)

I have a record of a couple of Michael McCormicks and will also send 
them to you.
Lochaber is not that far from Buckingham, Quebec and some of the folks 
from around Buckingham / Masson / Lochaber / Thurso areas are recorded 
in the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Ottawa.
... Al
Thanks Al. Buckingham, Thurso, Masson, Lochaber are all places some of 
my relatives were born or married. The McCormick's had 10 children yet 
we only found baptism records for three and then two marriages and 
eventually Michael's burial. None of the records gave any clue to his 
family... was hoping to find his marriage record as most I've seen list 
parents or at least a relative as a witness. 
The McNamara's that were there... they lived right next door to my gramma's 
grandparents. The 1901 Census said they arrived there in 1870 but I'm not 
sure if that's right because that's the same year it list my gramma's 
grandfather as arriving but I'm pretty sure his was wrong. They were two 
brothers... John and Anthony born in Ireland 1862 and 1857.

I had a look through some church records and found that, for some reason,
there are about a dozen families from Lochaber Township recorded at Notre
Dame in Ottawa. They are concentrated within a year or so around 1850.
Either a large group of families came from Lochaber to Bytown around 1850, 
or a priest went from Ottawa to Lochaber to record information at that time.
Most of the surnames are of French origin.
... Al
The following may not be related to Michael McCormick but I think that
the surnames had connections to the Buckingham area in the 1830's.

14 Feb 1835
Baptism of Jessy, aged 7 wks., child of Hugh Mullen / McMullen and Jessy Cameron (Scot)
Witnesses: John McCormick & Judy Smith

8 Feb 1836
After three proclamations of banns, marriage of Patrick McCormick to Bridget Doyle
Source: Ellen Paul's records of Notre Dame

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