Thomas McCORMICK and Bridget O'CONNOR
also the surname CALLAHAN / CALLAGHAN
Bristol and Vinton area, Pontiac County, Quebec

November 28, 2002:
Al and Norma your site is great and very helpful great job. I am looking for McCormick 
family members, they were farmers in Vinton but I have traced them to Bristol before 
they went to Vinton. I have a baptismal record for one of the children that says they 
were farmers in Bristol in 1840 and that the Baptism of Thomas McCormac was performed 
by Father Brady from Buckingham. Have you come across any McCormicks in your research, 
they produced crops in Vinton in 1860 so I figure they would have had to clear the land, 
so they probably arrived in Vinton in the 1850s because they are not in the 1842 and 
1851 census for Litchfield twp. I have attached a copy of the baptismal record but here 
is a brief idea of how it reads, Thomas McCormick and Bridget O'Connor(Connican) , 
Connican or Connigan is the old Irish spelling of O'Connor. Son Thomas McCormick age 
11 mos. 
Any assistance appreciated.

Kevin McCormick 
Hi Kevin, 
Sorry not to get back to you sooner.  I am having the same problems that you are concerning my 
great great grandmother who I believe was born in the Outaouais area.  The churches are somewhat 
scarce in the time frame in which we are looking. 

I did receive a new BMD book in the mail yesterday.  It is St-Gregoire-de-Nazianze, Buckingham, 
Papineau Co., Quebec.  I find a record that may interest you. 

Baptism record: 

Thomas McCormac  (age de 11 mois) 
N:    .... 
B:    Feb 13, 1840    (Brady) 
Parents:    Thomas* et Bridget Connican ? 
par:    William Eliot 
mar:    Susan Keon 
* cultivateur a Bristol 

The question mark after Connican is in the book as such.  Are Bristol and Brady names of towns?  
There are 2 Dwyer names listed in this book, though no Ellen, and quite a few Connor names.  
There are no O'Conners though.   Who did your Patrick McCormick marry? 

I am not sure if I told you this before, but I was told that if our ancestors came from the Hull 
area, it may be impossible to find church records, because they were destroyed in a fire in the early 
1900's.  I sure hope that is not where my great great grandmother, Marie Lariviere, was born. 

Good luck and take care, 

Kevin McCormick wrote: 

Dana I don't know if you received my previous email I was having trouble with my email, anyway your 
fast response to my request was amazing thank you. I wonder if you can help one more time the more 
I find out about my family the more questions I have and the more I get confussed. I'm begining to 
think they did not arrive in Pontiac county right away and if they did is there some other Catholic 
church or mission within travelling distance from Vinton, Quebec that they would have attended and 
have there children Baptised in. I'm thinking maybe when they arrived from Ireland they first 
settled somewhere else the oldest son from Thomas McCormick 1st marriage, Patrick lived in a small town 
or village called Ripon in Gatineau County, Quebec he and his wife and children were married and Baptised 
at Lac Ste. Marie parish church, some are also buried in Lac Ste.Marie cemetary in Gatineau county. Do 
you have any suggestions as to where I might look or who I can speak to that might give me an idea as to 
when land grants were given in Vinton or where the Irish gathered after arriving in canada, the 1st record 
I have found in Pontiac county is from St.Anne church on Calumet Island it is from 1847 a year or less 
after the church opened but I'm 90% certain they arrived in Canada in 1826-1829. 

Kevin McCormick
also posted on November 28, 2002: 1881 Canadian Census Census Place: Bryson & Upper Litchfield, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375862 NAC C-13226 Dist 98 SubDist K Page 6 Family 22 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Thomas MCCORMICK M M 40 Irish Q Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine MCCORMICK F M 30 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Michael John MCCORMICK M 10 Irish Q Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Thomas MCCORMICK M 8 Irish Q Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Catherine MCCORMICK F 7 Irish Q Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Joseph Stephen MCCORMICK M 5 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Mary MCCORMICK F 3 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Annie MCCORMICK F 1 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Bridget MCCORMICK F 72 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Stephen MCCORMICK M 32 Irish Q Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Patrick CALLAHAN M 35 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Ellen CALLAHAN F W 66 Irish Ireland (mother-in-law??) Religion: Catholic Anne CALLAHAN F 29 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Ellen CALLAHAN F 27 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic James CALLAHAN M 24 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Rose CALLAHAN F 20 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic
June 9, 2003: Dear Al And Kevin, My name is Len McCormick and I came across your web site while searching for information. My Great Grandparents were Thomas and Bridget. If you would like more information my e-mail address is : Regards Len _________________________________________________ Notre Dame (Bytown) records: 20 Mar 1837 (generation 1) Baptism of John, born the 15th of the marriage of Thomas McCormick and Bridget Connors Witnesses: John Graham & Ann McCarthy 29 Sep 1849 (generation 2) Baptism of Mary Ann, born today of the marriage of Thomas McCormick and Catherine Smith Witnesses: John Murphy & Judith Finch
April 12, 2004: Hi Al, I have had a change of email address and I realized I haven't let you know. My new email address is I have had great response since you posted my message and have been in contact with some family and descendants I would never have been able to find otherwise. Thanks for your continued assistance and this great site.
April 19, 2007: Hello: I’m looking into the Callahan (Callaghan) link since I believe my great-grandmother, Mary Ellen Callaghan, was born around 1854 (same as Ellen above) in Vinton. She had a brother James. It is not known if there were other family members. Recently a “Rose Callaghan” was seen as signature as godmother on a birth certificate, so Rose could have been a sister. My great-grandmother married a person with surname “Power”. Her parents were Kenneth & Ellen Callaghan (could be spelled differently) who came from Ireland. Any information you might have on the Callahans would be of interest. Thanks so much. ... Marjorie
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