Ireland to the Pembroke and Petawawa area

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

July 30, 2011: (added the photo below) "When the Men Were Men and Their Dogs Slept Outside" ... Vernon Price
McCool Lumber Camp, Schyan River, Quebec, Canada
August 24, 2006: I just wanted to drop a line to say that Francis McCool (born 1820 - died Dec. 18, 1888) was my Great Great Grandfather. My Great Grandfather was Alexander, who would be the brother to Margaret McCool. There is a website that was done by a decendant of James McCool as there were four children who came over from Ireland. James, Charles, Francis and Mary. This McCool has set up a great website (not there now ... Al) and has pictures of the home that Francis was born in. His parents names were Michael McCool and Maria Flanigan / Flanagan. Francis's wife's name was Mary Stackpool. (possibly Stackpole ?) The Stackpole family came to Bytown from County Cork, Ireland, in the 1820's to work at building the Rideau Canal) She was also born in Ireland in 1826 and died in Pembroke on January 4, 1893. They were married in 1856 and had 6 children. I have been to Pembroke in the last month and was able to find the graves and headstones of Francis and Mary. Children: Alexander Feb 13 to (still trying to find him) Margeret John Francis Jr. Patrick James In Petawawa, I found the lot of land that Francis owned and not too far from it there was a lot under Patrick Mcgregor. I also noticed a lot that was under a Patick O'Brian / O'Brien and one right next to it that was under James MacGregor....probably just a spelling error. (McGregor) If there is anything I can contribute please just let me know. Thanks Shelley McCool
November 20, 2019:
This graphic is from the back cover of the book "Logging on the Schyan" Book Cover for book by Vernon Price
___________________________ I saw the same Lumber camp but I wasn't sure how it fit in. James McCool (brother to Francis) was very much into all that - He bought ? a fort - Fort William and opened a hotel and everything. He also owned a barge that ran the river between Pembroke and Quebec. Its been great fun considering that a month ago I didn't even know that my grandfather came from Pembroke. We decided to go down for holidays and at the last minute my Dad says his dad was born there....well. I went to the Genealogy society and had a great time. I found all of this out, even was able to get a copy of my Great Great Grandfather's obituary from the newspaper! I have been trying to learn about my great grandmothers side but boy that is hard to find as they have spelled Lamondra so many different ways. It is alot of fun to look at the census but hard to know what to put in. I have already heard from Frances O'Regan and Heather so it's nice to know that you are all still around with the same e-mails. Thanks ... Shelley
July 14, 2011: Walter Robert McGee date and place of birth: July 31st, 1885 - Ottawa, Ont., Canada next of kin: Frances McGee (wife) - c/o C.A. McCool, Pembroke, Ont., Can. * (Walter Robert McGee is the son of Thomas D'Arcy McGee's half brother, John J. McGee). I was sent this picture postcard and thought you all would be interested in it. Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Charles A. McCool picture Grandson McGee, Frank Charles (M.P.) 1926.03.03 1999.04.04 Grandson McGee, Frank Charles D.O.B. 1926.03.03 D.O.D. 1999.04.04 My Grandfather John Patrick McCool was born in Pembroke Ontario, (Renfrew County). I want to confirm there is a connection with the McGee family. Do any of you have information to the McCool and McGee family ties? Regards Theresa McCool

July 21, 2011: Hi Allan: I think I have the McCool bug, I can't stop looking for more info. My grandfather is John Patrick McCool his father is Frank or Francis (not sure) McCool and his wife Mae or May DeCurrie or Decurry he had a lumber camp in Pembroke. (There were Currie and Curry families. Another possibility is the French surname Descaire / Decarie. I came across this website about the McCool lumber camps in Ontario.'+Camp+on+the+Schyan&source=bl&ots=VGT6nuJ6M7&sig=a9Hc5YS-JNo1G-vecYQngkzZsWI&hl=en&ei=BccmTq7mD4zpgQf82rVc&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false I will go buy the book to get more info, it has pictures!!! ... Theresa July 26, 2011: Note: The above link will take you to excerpts from the book Logging on the Schyan, by Vernon Price. This is one of the best books concerning the lumber operations in the Fort Coulonge / Dumoine River and Pembroke areas. I bought my copy (new) today from Lakeview Pavilion Books in Barry's Bay. The Schyan River flows into the Ottawa River just east of the mighty DuMoine River. Lots of gentle lumberjack stories from a time and place where men were both men and gentlemen. ... Al
January 3, 2016: Thanks to Carmen Rochon who posted the following obituary for Thomas McCool to the facebook group "Fort Coulonge, La Passe, and Westmeath History Forum" today:
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