William McCONNELL and (1) Mary ADAMS and (2) Sarah DRAPER

Al-For several years I and others have been researching the history of our 
great-grandparents William and Sarah McConnell who came to the Gatineau from 
Ireland about 1850. Sarah was William's second wife and she was the daughter of 
John and Margaret(McKune) Draper. The first wife, who we believe was Mary Carmoney
(see posting dated March 14, 2005) 
died shortly after arrival in Canada. There were three sons, Robert John, William 
and James Milton. The son William "disappeared". I would like to be able to trace 
his movements from the Gatineau (Aylwin). Robert John married Ann Simpson (2nd wife) 
and they went to Rat Portage (Kenora) in the late 1890's. Robert J. also 
"disappeared"-his name not being mentioned in the obituaries of his wife or daughter. 
I have published a 100-page book with a tree containing 1500 names. 
Bertha Norberg
March 14, 2005: Hello Al-Some time ago I sent you an e-mail regarding my great-grandparents, William and Sarah McConnell, Wm. having come from Ireland to the Gatineau with his first wife Mary about 1851. In that letter I said that Mary's name was Carmoney. Since that time we have found that her name was Mary ADAMS and she was from Carmoney, Londonderry Cty. Church records of the baptisms of their three sons confirmed this. Wm.'s second wife was Sarah Draper, who was born in Quebec. We are still searching for some elusive ancestors. Your web site is always interesting and much appreciated. Thank you. Bertha Norberg

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