John McCARTIN and Margaret HUGHES
County Armagh, Ireland to South Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
also Black Jack / John Henry O'CALLAGHAN

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	John McCartin	1817 - 1902 (County Armagh to South Gloucester buried at Our Lady of the Visitation)
..		+Margaret Hughes	1824 - 1888
.......	2  	Bridget McCartin	1853 - 1938
...........		+James O'Rourke	1857 - 1924
.......	2  	Mary McCartin	1863 -
May 1, 2011: Al, on the Bytown or Bust page for John McCartin you might wish to add some additional detail. Other than the Bridget and Mary shown the family also had the following children: Patrick, Owen, Frank, James, John and Peter. The daughter shown as Mary is a paternal ggrandmother. Her full name was Mary Helena McCartin. She married John Henry "Black Jack" O'Callaghan on April 26, 1892. [John's parents were Cornelius O'Callaghan and Bridget McEvoy]. Their children were Margaret Laura (my granny), John Joseph, Cornelius Patrick ("Neil") and Mary Carmel. ... Will Dunlop (
May 27, 2011: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al & Laurie, just a line to say, A tombstone in St. John CEMETERY (at Enniskerry, Ontario), reads In Memory of Margaret Hughes beloved wife of John McCartin died Sept 1 1888 AGED 64 years,Native of county Armagh,Ireland John McCartin died Dec 3 1902 age 82 year, native of County Armagh Ireland, James McCartin died Nov,9 1934 age 75 years James O'Rourke, born dec 9 1857 son of Thomas O'Rouke and Catherine Keough ,married Bridget McCartin born Nov 26 ,1853, daughter of John McCartin & Margaret Hughes from County Armagh, three children , married into McEvoy, Dewan and Cole families, Laurie, you may not be old enough to remember a man by name of McCARTIN that lived at Billings Bridge, on bank street south of the tracks , His first name has escaped my memory , he was considered a recluse.???? I Did not know him personally. ... Michael Daley ___________________________________ I just read Michael's recent posting about the reclusive McCartin. He is thinking of Eddie McCartin. He lived in a homemade shack / shanty in the woods on the Billings property for years. With permission. Family lore (from the McCartins and O'Callaghans) has it that he was jilted at the altar. He closed up the house he had purchased on Main Street for his wife-to-be and never set foot inside the building again. At his death the shanty was removed. - Will Dunlop
April 25, 2015: Thanks to Diane Proc for the following photos. This is a photo of the O'Callaghan homestead in Greely. The O'Callaghan farm appears on the 1879 H. Belden map of Osgoode Township, south of Greely and east of West Osgoode. The farm is in Concession IV across the road from that of James Blanchfield and just south of the farms of the McEvoys (John Henry O'Callaghan's mother was Bridget McEvoy) and Mary Helena's brother, Owen McCartin. John Henry "Blackjack" O'Callaghan and his wife Mary Helena McCartin lived here with their children, Margaret Laura , John Joseph "Jack", Cornelius "Neil" Patrick, Mary Carmel (Sr. Mary Geraldine of the Grey Nuns). In the photo is (L-R): Jack O'Callaghan, John Henry O'Callaghan, Carmel, Laura, Neil, Mary Helena June 3,1897-Jan 22,1965 c1866-Nov 8, 1933 Oct 10,1902- 199? June7,1894-Oct 28,1978 1900-? 1863-Nov 29,1949 ... Diane
O'Callaghan Family Pic
O'Callaghan Family Homestead

April 26, 2015: Another O'Callaghan pic: I believe this was taken around the time of my grandparents (Laura and John Dunlop) wedding , June 10,1919 L-R Neil O'Callaghan, Carmel O'Callaghan, Jack O'Callaghan, Annie Cahill , Mary H O'Callaghan, Agatha McAuley, Jack Cahill, Laura O'Callaghan, JJ Dunlop, John H O'Callaghan.
Another O'Callaghan Family Pic
... Diane ___________________________________ And thanks to Michael Daley who has additional information: Good Morning Diane ,& all, I'm enjoying your conversation.s I just have to jump in here, Great picture's . The 1879 Belden map shows the O'Callaghan farm in Concession 4 at that time has no building , that is right next to My Mother, Uncle Patrick Herbert farm ,no Building either, they are living on other lots. there were two O'Callaghan farms as I knew them in the years of my youth,the one , Jack & Margaret ,and daughters Joan ,& Geraldine, Joan[ passed away Sept 12 2012 .] their big square house still stands , owned by a Homestead family. That beautiful picture of the O'Callaghan Home ,still stands on lot 23 ,con .3 [The McCartin farm ] on stagecoach rd. I remember it as a vacant house , a field behind the barn was used on Sunday day Afternoon for ball games, {Summer only } a well known Prescott Road Ball Team used it also. The farm was bought by Gerald McEvoy & his wife Marion Hurley in 1951 , Gerald passed away , the farm was then sold for gravel, a few years ago , The house is still occupied , The Verandas are long gone, The house was built of logs the picture show it is clapboard over the logs , The McEvoys closed in the door leading to front veranda ,Knocked out some walls and removed one set stairs, it is now a white house. The Bay window over the East veranda still remains ,That picture was taken from the road. the barns are still standing. Michael Daley P .S I have a good picture of the 9 Fenning ,Fanning Sisters. Johanna Fenning Born June 25 1855 married the son of My Great Grand parents Thomas Keough & Elizabeth Shanahan, Patrick Kehoe Feb.14 1889 ... Michael Daley
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