Timothy and Ellen McCarthy
Ireland to Nepean Township, Ontario, Canada

New January 6, 2004:

I've been looking at your web-site for awhile and find it informative 
concerning the valley history. 
I've been doing research on my paternal line, the Mccarthys. 
Here's what I have so far.
1851 Census
Great great grandparents
Timothy McCarthy   ( age 80? )  born Ireland
Ellen     McCarthy   ( age 79? )  born Ireland
Great grandparents
John       McCarthy   (age 35? )  born Ireland
Margaret McCarthy   (age 35? )  born Ireland 
Ellen       McCarthy   ( age 9?  )  born Nepean
Mary A.   McCarthy   ( age 6?  )  born Nepean
Timothy   McCarthy  ( age 4? )   born Nepean
Charles   McCarthy   ( age 3  )   born Nepean
In the 1891 Census my Grandfather Timothy is married to Mary Ann (Ellen) last 
name unknown. At that time they have a young child living with them, the 
description being Mary Dunn, niece, age two born in Ireland. I haven't been 
able to link this child with a family.  
I believe my great grandfather came over on the Hebe in 1823. I'm still working 
on the proof. In the mean time if you or readers have any information on this 
family I'd be happy to hear from your and them.
My e-mail is miki.kilfinan@rogers.com 
Just to let you know that I received your e-mail and had a quick look for McCarthys.
There are lots of McCarthys in the records of St. Philip's at Richmond.
Here's one, which may or may not be one of yours:
4 August 1854 

Marriage of John McCarthy, son of Morgan McCarthy and Margaret Murphy (deceased), 
and Margaret Dunn, daughter of James Dunn and Catharine Dunn (deceased). 

The witnesses were Thomas O’Sullivan and Margaret O’Sullivan.
Source: Ellen Paul's records of St. Philip's RC Church.

These folks may have lived in Nepean at the time. Just thought we should make a 
note of this one because of the connection to the Dunn family.

Do you mind if I set up a new page for the McCarthys and include your 
information on it? It would be nice for us to be able to sort out all 
the McCarthys and Sullivans.

... Al 
Fine, set up a web page. That's one of my problems - too many McCarthys. 
But the ones that I listed belong to me. Perhaps someone out there has an answer 
to some of my stumbling blocks.

E-mail Miki and Al Lewis

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