McCAFFREY, surname in the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada
also the early WILLBOND family in Ottawa and area

December 12, 2002:

It may not be helpful, but there was a family of McCaffreys who lived in Farrellton 
Quebec, The most notable was Willie McCaffrey who was a faith healer known far and wide 
in his day. He died in about 1955 and is buried in the Catholic cemetary of St. Camillus 
in Farrellton.
There was a family member Eddie McCaffrey who emigrated to the Carolinas, I think South 
Carolina, USA. I remember my father recounting, after meeting him about Eddie's description 
of "Southern Fried Chicken" that it was "hollern hell".
There was a close relationship between the McCaffreys and the Farrell family who ran 
one of the two General stores in Farrellton. 
Larry Carroll
London, Ontario
July 13, 2011: My mother was Veronica (called Monica) McCaffrey. Her father was James McCaffrey of Venosta. James was the only boy of William McCaffrey. James had 10 sisters though. William was born in Ireland and died at Martindale, Quebec, in 1890. James McCaffrey was born in 1880 and died in 1952 in my home on Somerset St. Ottawa. I was only two when he died. I would love to learn more about the McCaffreys. I don't know the names of James' sisters, although I remember my mother talking about Maggie, Jane and a Willamena I think and one of the sisters was blind. There were 10 sisters and I would love to have their names. I know some were married to Bloom, O'Rourke, O'Halloran. My grandfather married Margaret McCambley who died around 1937 I believe. Both my grandparents are buried in the graveyard at St. Martin's church in Martindale. Look forward to hearing from any of you. Robert (Bob) Willbond Ottawa _____________ Thanks to Bruce Cowen for answering Bob's question: Below is an ancestry tree for your mother. In my tree I have the following children for James William McCaffrey / Margaret Bridget McCambley, in order of birth. - Mary Margureite Ethel (James D Hogan) - William Albius - Joseph Thomas - Mabel Elizabeth (Patrick Dolan) - Isabella - Estella Grace (Michael John Dolan) - Ellen Veronica (Morris Dominic Joseph Smith) - Mary Monica (? Willbond) - James Basil - John Neiland / Nielon - Agnes Margaret - Angellina Rose - Michael P - Mary Catherine Eva - Mary Gertrude Teresa ... Bruce Cowen and here's a slick chart from Bruce:
McCaffrey Family Tree
and a nice photograph from Bob: Hi Bruce, Wow! Thank you very much, that's great. I've attached a photo I took at a wedding some years ago of my mother's brothers and sisters. They are all gone now. Ethel, Isabel and Teresa are not in the photo as Ethel, the eldest died in the 60s, Teresa as an infant and Isobel was in a home at the time.
McCaffrey Brothers and Sisters
Would you have the 10 sisters names of my grandfather James William McCaffrey? He was the only son of William James McCaffrey. I will add my family (brothers and sisters) to my mother's chart you sent. My father was born in Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland Feb 27 1916 and died Ottawa Nov. 1 1996. Monica my mother died Dec 23, 1993 in Ottawa and both parents are buried in the Catholic graveyard in Lanark, Ontario. Bob Willbond
Bruce Cowen Has sent in a very detailed family tree of William McCaffrey. Below is the first generation, only: Descendants of William McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Haveron Generation 1 1. William McCaffrey-1[1, 2, 3, 4] was born in 1830 in Ireland[2]. He died on 19 Aug 1890 in Martindale, Quebec[1, 3, 4]. Notes for William McCaffrey: General Notes: *1871 census - married farmer (41) with 2 daughters living in Low, West Ottawa County, Quebec / William McCaffrey *1881 census - married farmer (48) with 6 children living in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / William McCaffry *Drouin collection : William McCaffrey (husband of Elizabeth Haveron) buried 21 Aug 1890 Martindale, died 19 Aug 1890 aged 56 years / witnessess : Philip Corby - Ross McLaughlin *Martindale Pioneer Monument lists a William McCaffrey who died 19 Aug 1890 *St.Martin's Cemetery (2008) book - insert - William McCaffrey (Elizabeth Haveron) died 19 Aug 1890 aged 56 years Elizabeth Ann Haveron daughter of Thomas Haveron and Anne ?[1] was born in 1851 in Quebec[2, 5]. She died on 16 Apr 1916 in Martindale, Québec[1, 4]. Notes for Elizabeth Ann Haveron: General Notes: *1851 census - single (1) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Canada East (Quebec) / Ann Heferen *1871 census - married (20) living on family farm in Low, West Ottawa County, Quebec / Eliza McCaffrey *1881 census - married (40) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Eliza Ann McCaffry *1891 census - widowed weaver (40) with 9 children living in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Elizabeth McCaffrey *1901 census - widowed farmer (49) with 7 children living in Low, Wright, Quebec / Elizebeth McCaffrey *Drouin collection : Elizabeth Haveron ("relict of McCaffrey") buried 18 Apr 1916 Martindale, died 16 Apr 1916 age "sixty years" / witnessess : James McCaffrey - Michael Coyle *St.Martin's Cemetery (2008) book - insert - Elizabeth Haveron (William McCaffrey) died 16 Apr 1916 aged 60 years William McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Haveron married. They had the following children: i. Margaret Bridget McCaffrey[1] was born on 27 Apr 1869 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She married Thomas O'Holleran on 23 Jun 1902 in Martindale, Quebec[1]. Notes for Margaret Bridget McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Margaret Bridget McCaffrey baptized 15 May 1869 Farrelton, born 27 Apr 1869 / parents : William McCaffrey - ? Haveron / sponsors : Thomas ? - Margurete McCaffrey *1871 census - single (2) living on family farm in Low, West Ottawa County, Quebec / Margret B McCaffrey *1881 census - single (12) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Margaret B McCaffry *1891 census - single maid (22) living in Francis McCaffrey hotel in Wakefield, Ottawa County, Quebec / M McCaffrey *1891 census - single servant (20) living in widowed mother's home in Low, Ottawa county, Quebec *1901 census - single (30) living on widowed mother's farm in Low, Wright, Quebec Page 1 of 17 Monday, July 11, 2011 9:46:19 AM Descendants of William McCaffrey Generation 1 (con't) *1901 census - single (30) living on widowed mother's farm in Low, Wright, Quebec *Drouin collection - marriage : Thomas O'Holleran (farmer) & Margaret McCaffrey 23 Jun 1902 Martindale / parents : (late) William McCaffrey - Elizabeth Haveron / witnessess : James O'Holleran - Elizabeth McCaffrey 2. ii. Mary Jane McCaffrey[1] was born on 06 Dec 1870 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She married Stephen O'Rourke on 27 Oct 1896 in Martindale, Quebec[1]. iii. Isabella McCaffrey[1, 3] was born on 19 Oct 1872 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She died on 14 Jan 1883 in Martindale, Quebec[3]. Notes for Isabella McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Isabella McCaffrey baptized 15 Dec 1872 Farrelton, born 19 Oct 1872 / parents : William McCaffrey - Elizabeth Haveron (Low) / sponsors : Martin Gannon - Catherine Haveron *1881 census - single (8) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Isabella McCaffry *Martindale Pioneer Memorial - Isabella McCaffrey died 14 Jan 1883 *1891 census - not listed with family iv. Ann McCaffrey[1, 5] was born on 21 Jun 1874 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. Notes for Ann McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Ann McCaffrey baptized 19 Jul 1874 Farrelton, born 21 Jun 1874 / parents : William McCaffrey - Elizabeth Haffron(?) (Low) / sponsors : Denis Haffron - Catherine McCaffrey *1881 census - single (6) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Anne McCaffry *1891 census - single (16) living on widowed mother's family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec *1901 census - single (25) living on widowed mother's farm in Low, Wright, Quebec / Anna McCaffrey v. Catherine McCaffrey[1, 5] was born in Sep 1876 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She married John Andrew Bloom on 24 Oct 1900 in Martindale, Quebec[1]. Notes for Catherine McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Catherine McCaffrey baptized 5 Sep 1876 Farrelton / parents : Wm McCaffrey - Eliz Hoffron / sponsors : John McCaffrey - ? McCaffrey *1881 census - single (4) living on family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Catherine McCaffry *1891 census - single (14) living on widowed mother's family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec *Drouin collection - marriage : John Andrew Bloom & Catherine McCaffrey 24 Oct 1900 Martindale / parents : (late) William McCaffrey - Elizabeth Ann Haveron / witnessess : John Shean - Isabella Colbey Page 2 of 17 Monday, July 11, 2011 9:46:20 AM Descendants of William McCaffrey Generation 1 (con't) 3. vi. James William McCaffrey[6, 7] was born on 07 Apr 1879 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. He married Margaret Bridget McCambley on 20 Sep 1904 in Martindale, Québec[6]. He died on 16 Feb 1952 in Martindale, Quebec[8]. vii. Harrietta Ellen McCaffrey[1, 4] was born on 22 Dec 1884 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She died on 26 Feb 1919 in Martindale, Quebec[1, 4]. Notes for Harrietta Ellen McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Ellen McCaffrey baptized 25 Jan 1885 Martindale, born 22 Dec 1884 / parents : William McCaffrey (farmer) - Elizabeth Ann Haffron / godparents : John Cahill - Heneretta Jane Haffron (aunt) *1891 census - single (6) living on widowed mother's family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Hennettia McCaffrey *1901 census - single (16) living on widowewd mother's farm in Low, Wright, Quebec *Drouin collection : Harrietta Ellen McCaffrey buried 28 Feb 1919 Martindale, died 26 Feb 1919 aged 33 years / witnessess : Edward McSheffrey - David Haveron *St.Martin's Cemetery (2008) book - insert - Harrietta Ellen McCaffrey died 26 Feb 1919 aged 33 years 4. viii. Eva Rose McCaffrey[1, 9] was born on 03 Oct 1887 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She married Thomas McCambley on 25 Sep 1907 in Martindale, Quebec[1]. She died in Jun 1977 in Martindale, Quebec[9]. ix. Mary Gertrude McCaffrey[1] was born on 22 Jan 1890 in Low Township, Quebec[1]. She died on 15 Apr 1965 in Martindale, Quebec[8]. Notes for Mary Gertrude McCaffrey: General Notes: *Drouin collection : Mary Gertrude McCaffrey baptized 28 Feb 1890 Martindale, born 22 Jan 1890 / parents : William McCaffrey (farmer) - Elizabeth Haveron / godparents : John McCaffrey (farmer) - Henernetta Haveron (aunt) *1891 census - single (1) living on widowed mother's family farm in Low, Ottawa County, Quebec / Mary McCaffry *1901 census - single (11) living on her widowed mother's farm in Low, Wright, Quebec / Mary G McCaffrey *Martindale headstone - Gertrude McCaffrey (Jan 1889 - Apr 1965) ____________________________________ Al - here is a picture of me on a sleigh with uncle Martin O'Rourke during the war. He was raised by aunt Maggie and Tom O'halleron - aunt maggie was my grandfather's sister who had no children of her own. She raised her sister's children etc. It is okay to use my email On the double sleighs are me and uncle Martin O'Rourke. He was hauling cord wood for our Maple Syrup sap boiling fires. Dad sugared off at Woodlawn and up the Gatineau. ... Billy Willbond
Martin O'Rourke and Billy Willbond at Woodlawn, Ontario
More from Billy Willbond: Funny family story - When I was a wee lad we lived in Tommy and Olive Bloom's house in Woodlawn down the road from Uncle Martin and Aunt Rita O'Rourke. My brother Brian was born on the kitchen table in that brick house that had been owned by Uncle Tom O'Halloran Poppa's brother in law who was married to Aunt Maggie McCaffrey one of Poppa's sisters. I loved her dearly when I was a wee kid. She had no children of her own so raised Mary, Gertie and Martin O'Rouke and Tommy Bloom. Mary married Phil Dolan. Gertie married the hired hand from Italy Frank Defalco. And Uncle Martin married Rita Smith. Tommy Bloom married Olive. I can still hear Mom screeching because Brian was a big lad even as a new born. Aunt Margie McCaffrey saw me on the stairs watching with interest, and she kicked me out into the wood shed and locked the door so I grabbed an orange crate and ran around to the kitchen window where I watched my brother Brian enter this world. I had seen our house cow Blossom give birth to a calf so was not shocked at the process and no I don't think it did me any physiological harm. Kids today are over protected. Dad suffered from PTSD after being wounded three time during the war. In order to celebrate the first Monday of the week, when he got his Army Severances Pay he purchased a case of 26oz btls of Canadian Club whisky. Olive, Daddy and Tommy each had their own bottle, sang Irish songs and passed out late that night. Mom did not drink and was worried about dad driving his 1929 model A Ford truck whilst impaired so she removed the caps from each remaining bottle and had me pour the booze out in the woodshed. She swore me to secrecy. When dad woke up he was looking for more booze but the bottles were all empty and he asked: Monica did you pour my whiskey out? She said no. She was not lying because I did it. She felt guilty and told me later on in life that she went to confession to Father Tomkins who was the parish priest at Fitzroy Harbour St Michael's Church. He laughed and apologized for laughing at her confession and gave her one hail mary as penance. She said that it was the shortest lightest penance she ever received. My mom had been housekeeper for the PP during the war and Father Tomkins was the brother of my aunt Francis McCaffrey who was married to my Uncle Tommy McCaffrey, Mom's brother. Fr's mother and father lived with us at the rectory and his mom saved me from many switchings when I made Fr Tomkins life a bit of hell but those are other stories. The attached picture is a copy of dad's insurance policy and ownership for the Beverly Hills like family truck we drove up the Gatineau in with crates of chickens, rocking chair and beds.
Insurance Policy, 1929 Ford Truck
A web page by Billy Willbond. I am seventy years old this year so thought I would get a few memories down for my four children and my nine grand children. And a Story from Bob: Mary Brennan (whose maiden name was Hogan) just died a few weeks ago at Martindale, she was in her 90s. Her husband Victor Brennan died a few weeks after we dug Aunt Ethel Hogan's grave in Nov. 1967, he was 56. It was the 50th grave that Victor dug, so he said. When I was down in the hole digging, I hit another grave to the front and one to the left hand side. We knew that the grave on the LHS was that of our first cousin Michael Hogan who was buried in 1964. As some of the foot bones were exposed in the grave at the top, Victor Brennan squealed in his Irish brogue, "Gad, that's Tommy Joe Egan, handy man with a binder he was". We all had a chuckle over that and Michael Gannon, a young man around 30 years old who lived across from the graveyard was quite startled and more than a bit scared upon seeing the other graves as we tried to stay on course but couldn't because the graves in Martindale too often ran into each other, not well mapped out. We couldn't get the rough box in because of that. To make a long story short, both Victor Brennan and Michael Gannon were dead within 3 weeks of digging that grave. One of a heart attack, the other of alcohol poisoning after downing a 40 ounce bottle of whiskey. We often referred to it as the curse of Aunt Ethel's grave and I would often say to Billy, “you're next”! We know why Victor died so young. He invited us up to his home after the dig and fed us salted pork and homemade bread. Absolutely delicious! But not too kind to the arteries, even at age 17, I could feel them (arteries) hardening as I ravished a sandwich. Bruce, what you sent me is priceless. It's the first time I got the opportunity to see the names of my grandfather's sisters, all 10 of them. Also with the names of their husbands, was wonderful. Go raibh maith agat Bob Willbond _______________________________ Good Morning: I am Kaaren Veronica Mary Willbond. My mother's side of the family is on the Bytown or Bust website, under the McKnight's (Patrick McKnight & Mary Ann Lynam) who go back to around 1863 in Ottawa (Rochesterville). They lived on Preston Street. My great grandfather William James Burns (his father was Michael Burns and his mother was Katherine O'Brien) married Frances McKnight (a widow), he was a policeman with the Dominion Police here in Ottawa - he patrolled Lovers Walk at Parliament Hill. (See article). William James Burns was born in a house on St. Patrick Street. I also have relatives that were from Wakefield and Masham - the Goode, Nelson, McNair families. I would like to find more information out about William James Burns - any suggestions? I have a family tree program I have been working on for about seven or eight years now which includes my family and my husband Brian's. I have a picture of William James Burns in his uniform patrolling Lovers Walk and another of him reading the newspaper in his back yard at 93 Holland Avenue while keeping an eye on one of his baby granddaughters who is sleeping in a cradle. They built the house on Holland Avenue around 1899 I think. It is still there but is a restaurant now. There is a story I only recently heard from my two older aunts who have passed on now that in about 1915/16 my great aunt Frances and my grandmother Evelyn were playing down at Tunney's Pasture when it was all just fields and Frances was kidnapped by a gypsy man. William Burns, her father managed to find her and bring her home. The gypsy man's wife was blind and he needed someone to look after her or so the story goes. I also have one of him from 1906 with his stepson sitting in an old car at the Ottawa Exhibition. His stepson is Lyman Dorion who was the youngest boy to go to war at the age of 13 and came home at the age of 15. I have a copy of an Ottawa newspaper article about him. ... Kaaren
August 29, 2011: We have continued the Willbond story on our new page for the Willbond family.
New September 20, 2012: Hi Bruce, Al and Larry, It's been a while since we last communicated. I lost all of my emails recently when my hard drive crashed and found some of the stuff saved elsewhere. I noted that you sent me the names of the family of William McCaffrey, born in Ireland in 1830 and Elizabeth Haveron born in Quebec in 1851. They were my great grandparents who were buried in Martindale . My grandfather was James William McCaffrey born 7 April 1879 in Low, Quebec. You had sent me the names and births of the family of my grandfather and his sisters . My mother, Monica Willbond nee McCaffrey said that her father was the only male child in a family of 10. The list you sent me contained 9. There wasn't an Elizabeth Mcaffrey in that list and I wonder if you have her name as well. I think she may have married a Hewitt. Your help is always appreciated. Maybe there weren't 10 in my grandfather's family but I was lead to believe there were. Thanks ... Bob Willbond ___________________________ I have only recorded 9 children for William McCaffery and Elizabeth Haveron: Margaret Bridget b : 27 Apr 1869 Mary Jane b : 6 Dec 1870 Isabella b : 19 Oct 1872 Ann b : 21 Jun 1874 Catherine b : Sep 1876 James William b : 7 Apr 1879 Harietta Ellen b : 22 Dec 1884 Eva Rose b : 3 Oct 1887 Mary Gertrude b : 22 Jan 1890 The Elizabeth McCafferys I have in my tree are : Elizabeth (1812 - 1878) who married Patrick Brady Elizabeth (b : 1882) I have her as daughter of John McCaffrey - Elizabeth Kelly. BUT on reviewing her birth record, I suspect I should move her over to your line. I will have to check further, but I don't believe she shows up on the 1891 census. * Drouin collection : Elizabeth McCaffrey baptized 26 Feb 1882 Farrelton, born 31 Jan 1882 / parents : William McCaffrey - Elizabeth Ann ? (Low) / sponsors : Charles H?ville - Elizabeth Rooney ... Bruce Cowen ___________________________ I found the family on the 1891 census for Low, Ottawa County, Quebec and Elizabeth was with them. Missing were sister, Isabella who had died 14 Jan 1883 and father, William, who had died 19 Aug 1890. I have updated my tree with the added information on Elizabeth. Thank you. ... Bruce Cowen
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