Early McCABE Families in the Ottawa, Ontario, area

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 14, 2001:

Patrick McCabe
	1  	Patrick McCabe	
.		+ Bridget Hall	
......	2  	Peter McCabe	1855 - ?
..........		+ Bridget Kennedy	1859 - ?

Note: Bridget Kennedy was daughter of William Kennedy and Margaret Gleason / Gleeson.
Bridget's first husband was Thomas Stackpole.
Witnesses at the marriage of Bridget Kennedy and Peter McCabe were William Higgerty 
and Ada Stackpole.
John McCabe
	1  	John McCabe	
.		+Johanna Stackpole	
......	2  	Michael McCabe	1853 - 1880

Note: Michael McCabe died of Consumption, aged 27 and is buried at Notre Dame
John G. McCabe (born Onslow, Quebec, died in Almonte, Ontario)
	1  	John G. McCabe	1897 - 1960
.		+Loretta A. Christopher	1896 - 1969

Note: John and Loretta are buried at St. Mary's in Almonte, old section, far north-east corner. Loretta may be daughter of William Christopher and Margaret Woods from Vinton in the Pontiac. ============== Eddie McCabe was a prominent sportswriter for the Ottawa Journal (1950's) He married Unknown Belanger. from obit of sister-in-law Rose Belanger ============== Lawrence Burns (Larry, the Trapper)and Bridget Ann McCabe: See e-mail from Val Olander at www.bytown.net/jhburns.htm have more info off-line (Lawrence Burns was my Grandfather's brother) see also posting dated February 15, 2007. ============== Some of the McCabes went to Iowa in the 1850's ============== Michael McCabe married Hannah Brown, they're both buried at Indian Hill Cemetery, Pakenham

Descendants of Patrick McCabe 1 Patrick McCabe . +Elizabeth Davey ...... 2 Bridget Ann McCabe .......... + Lawrence Burns 1875 -
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