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December 10, 2001

Hello Al,
Would you please do a birth look-up for me, I would like to know the parents of 
Malachy McAuliffe, born 4/19/1845. I'm desperately trying to find information on my 
g.g.grandfather John McAuliffe and Margaret Fitzgerald. There is also a William listed 
below Malachy are his parents the same?  My great grandfather was Jeremiah McAuliffe and 
he had brothers Malachy and William.  Thank you so much.
Dorothy McAuliffe Payne

Dorothy: Here are some birth records from St. Michael's RC Church in Huntley Township: McAuliffe, Malachy Son of: McAuliffe, John and Fitzgerald, Margaret was born 4/19/1845 GodParents: Rahilly, Timothy & Ryan, Mary McAuliffe, William Son of: McAuliffe, John * and Fitzgerald, Margaret was born or baptized on 4/8/1849 GodParents: Toughal, Michael & Toughal, Bridget * of Ramsay (Pakenham?) McAulliffe, Mary Cath. daughter of McAulliffe, John and Donovan, Hanora was born 9/10/1868 GodParents: McAulliffe, Malachi & McAulliffe, Margaret McAuliffe, Mary McAuliffe, daughter of John and Fitzgerald, Margaret was born 4/22/1846 GodParents: Sheehan, Thomas & Buckley, Elanor McAuliffe, Michael, son of McAuliffe, John and Fitzgerald, Margaret was born 8/23/1847 GodParents: Cain, Bryan & Buckley, Julia ========== December 20, 2001: and here's a marriage: McAuliffe, John, son of McAuliffe, John and Rahilly, Mary on 2/23/1865 married Killeen, Hannah * daughter of McAuliffe, Malachey & Dwyer, Catherine *nee Donovan / Widow of Michael Killeen ======== Hello Al, Wow, great site !! I'm not sure if the Malachy McAuliffe birth I've asked you to look up is the brother of my G.Grandfather Jeremiah McAuliffe or not, but the Patrick Maley I've just found certainly is related. Jeremiah McAuliffe married Catherine Ann Maley in Lanark, Pakenham, on Sept. 9th, 1896. Catherine's grandparents were Patrick Maley and Catherine Patten / Patton. There is a marriage record (green background) on your site saying they married August 30, 1829. Could you please tell me where this record is from, and how or if I could possibly obtain a copy or source. Do you know where the ceremony took place or was recorded? Catherine's parents were James Maley, (son of Patrick Maley and Catherine Patten) and Honora Mantil / Mantle. I would truly appreciate any help you can give me with this. Again, many thanks your site is absolutely wonderful. Dorothy Payne ======================= Dorothy: (You and I may be related!) Here's some info on this family Mealey, Michael son of Mealey, Patrick and Patton / Patten, Catherine was born 9/28/1842 Godparents: Cusack / Cusick, Honora & Sullivan, Mary Mealy, James son of Mealy, Patrick and Patton, Catharine was born 6/15/1839 Godparents: Bresnahan, Thomas and Donohue, Catherine 1. My ancestor, Timothy Burns married a Margaret MALEY, daughter of James Maley and Mary Whalen. Are these Maleys your folks? 2. According to Carol Bennett's Book , Peter Robinson Settlers, 1823 and 1825, Patrick Maley married Catherine NELLIGAN, a widow of Thomas NELLIGAN. 3. The 1829 marriage of Patrick Maley and Catherine Patten is recorded at Notre Dame, the first RC church in Bytown (now Ottawa). Patrick and Catherine may have travelled to Ottawa for the wedding, or the marriage may have taken place where they lived (performed by a travelling priest from Notre Dame). ... Al
December 11, 2001: Hi Dorothy: OK, everything is working again here. There is a lot of info on the McAuliffes and Maleys in Carol Bennett's book, The Peter Robinson Settlers. There are also references to them in some of the local churches in this area. What is up on this web page is a start and hopefully we (and others) will be able to add to it over time. I'm also interested in Margaret Fitzgerald. One of my GGGrandmothers was a Mary Fitzgerald born c. 1819 and I wonder if they were related. Did you know that your ancestors were among the Peter Robinson Settlers. If not, you're in for a treat. They are very well documented, back to Ireland and there are lots of fascinating stories! Take care, ... Al ===================== Hi Al, Thank you for the time and effort you've devoted to the McAuliffe - Fitzgerald family. Yes, I have a copy of Carol Bennett's book and did know that my ancestors, Maley and Mantil were among the Peter Robinson Settlers. The information you have provided shows other links as well. I'm seeking to prove or disprove a connection with the McAuliffe's in Carol's book to my g.g.grandfather John McAuliffe. My g.g. grandmother Margaret Fitzgerald could very well be related to your Mary Fitzgerald. Hopefully someone will be able to provide missing links. Regards, Dorothy
December 23, 2001 Hi Al, Thanks for the marriage record for John McAuliffe and Hannah Killeen. Here is a birth and marriage record for John Curtin and Mary McAuliffe's daughter, Mary 'Laura' Curtin. She was born Aug. 25, 1888, and baptised Aug. 26, 1888 in St. Mary's Church, Almonte, Ontario. Laura married Thomas Henry Manion, April 21, 1909 in St. Mary's Almonte. Thomas's parents were John Edward Manion and Elizabeth Lee. Dorothy
December 11, 2001: From Don Shannon Al Dorothy Payne and I have been in contact. She gave me the address to your site. Our connection is through the Maleys. She has asked me to look for these for you. Your question- "My ancestor, Timothy Burns married a Margaret MALEY, daughter of James Maley and Mary Whalen / Whelan. Are these Maleys your folks?" I can't find this James Maley, wife Mary Whalen, anywhere. Nor can I find the Timothy Burns married to Margaret Maley in my database. Since my mother is a direct descendent of Patrick Maley, I'm extremely interested in my maternal family history 'Maley, Mealy'. Somehow I'm not quite convinced that Patrick Mealey of the Peter Robinson Settler's is mine, yet. Mainly the ages I guess. Patrick Mealey was 32 in 1823 and Catherine Nelligan was 27, married in (38 & 33) 1829 and starting a family of 4 around (48 & 43) 1839. Not impossible I guess. There are two Patrick Maleys shown on the 1879 Atlas of March Twp. One quite close to St. Michael's Church in Corkery where some Maley baptisms occurred. This was intriguing in the least. I'm not close enough to visit the registry offices and do land title searches. I lost quite a bit of information through computer trouble and lousy filing techniques, but I do have a birthdate of 1803 and a death date 27 Aug 1883 for Patrick which doesn't match the Carol Bennett lead. I don't remember and have lost the source of this information. At any rate, I have some stuff you could add to your site. Do you have anything else pertaining to the Maleys? I have noticed Ellen Paul's name on your site. We have communicated on some Shannon research. Bye for now. Don Shannon
Al Me again could you do a lookup for the birth of: Maley, Mary Jane 9/6/1869 Thank you Don Shannon ======= Don: Here it is: Maley, Mary Jane daughter of Maley, James and Mantle, Honoria was born 9/6/1869 Godparents: Mantle, John and Jane and just below the above entry is: Malley, Catharine Anne daughter of Malley, James and Mantil, Hanoria was born 11/17/1867 Godparents: Mantel, Robert & Mantel, Mary There are many spellings in the records - from MEALY to MALLOY, MOLLOY, to O'MALEY and maybe O'MALLEY. I'll add more to this page when I have more time. The McAuliffes and Maleys were godparents for many families in the area. I think that the very early records are at Notre Dame in Ottawa, then St. Michaels at Corkery. The early records on microfilm from Notre Dame are not easy to work with. I have access to a computerized version which I could check for you and Dorothy in January. ... Al P.S. Any more info you wish to post regarding Patrick Maley is welcome!
December 12, 2001 Al Here is what I have for my ancestor Patrick Maley. Patrick's pedigree is still open for debate. I would be grateful to anyone who will correspond and discuss the information below, to correct or to add to this tree. Descendants of Patrick Maley Generation No. 1 1. Patrick1 Maley was born Abt. 1803, and died August 27, 1883. He married Catherine Patten August 30, 1829. She was born Abt. 1796. Children of Patrick Maley and Catherine Patten are: 2 i. Ellen2 Maley. She married Patrick Moore May 13, 1866 in St Michael RC Church, Corkery, Carleton County Ontario Canada. Patrick was the son of Nicholas Moore and Mary O'Connell. Witnesses at the marriage were James Maley, brother of the bride and Elizabeth Robinson. + 3 ii. James Maley, born June 15, 1839; died November 05, 1904. + 4 iii. Michael Sr Maley, born September 28, 1842 in Pakenham Twp Lanark County Ontario Canada; died May 14, 1922 in Chelmsford Ontario Canada. 5 iv. Ann Maley, born Abt. 1849. Generation No. 2 3. James2 Maley (Patrick1) was born June 15, 1839, and died November 05, 1904. He married Honora Mantil January 08, 1867 in St Michael RC Church, Corkery, Carleton County Ontario Canada, daughter of Robert Mantil and Ann Finucane. She was born July 27, 1840, and died September 11, 1914. Children of James Maley and Honora Mantil are: 6 i. Catherine Ann3 Maley, born November 17, 1867 in Ramsay Twp, Lanark County, Ontario Canada; died in Ontario, Canada. She married Jeremiah Francis McAuliffe October 27, 1896 in St. Peter Celestine RC Church, Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario.; born May 24, 1852 in Ramay Twp. Lanark County, Ontario Canada; died November 15, 1915 in Arnprior Ontario Canada. 7 ii. Mary Jane Maley, born September 06, 1869 in Huntley Twp. Carelton County, Ontario Canada; died April 07, 1872. 8 iii. Emma Theresa Maley, born June 18, 1873 in Ontario Canada; died Abt. 1950. She married Robert Powel / Powell. 9 iv. John Maley, born August 06, 1875; died Abt. 1950 in Thunderbay Ontario Canada. He married Mary Ann Savard. 10 v. William Patrick Maley, born Abt. 1877 in Ontario Canada; died Abt. 1933. 11 vi. Edmund Peter Maley, born Abt. 1880 in Ontario Canada; died January 27, 1971 in Bonnechere Manor Renfrew Ontario Canada. 12 vii. Mary Honora Maley, born Abt. 1882 in Ontario Canada; died Abt. 1963. She married Phillip James Green January 20, 1903 in St. Peter Celestine RC Church, Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario.; born December 29, 1871; died Abt. 1947. 4. Michael Sr2 Maley (Patrick1) was born September 28, 1842 in Pakenham Twp Lanark County Ontario Canada, and died May 14, 1922 in Chelmsford Ontario Canada. He married Mary (Catherine) Coady November 07, 1871 in St. Peter Celestine RC Church, Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario., daughter of Richard Coady and Margaret Mantil. She was born July 04, 1847 in Fitzroy Twp Carleton County Ontario Canada, and died July 16, 1913 in Chelmsford Ontario Canada. Children of Michael Maley and Mary Coady are: 13 i. John R.3 Maley, born Abt. 1872. He married Rose Flick June 18, 1893 in St. Peter Celestine RC Church, Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario.; died Abt. November 1911 in Pakenham Twp Lanark County Ontario Canada. 14 ii. James Maley, born January 10, 1874 in Pakenham Ontario Canada; died May 17, 1944 in Slate River near Old Fort William Ontario Canada. He married Emma (Emelia) Gequire; born Abt. 1873; died Abt. 1951. 15 iii. Patrick Richard Maley, born January 1875 in Almonte Ontario Canada; died April 19, 1895 in Almonte Ontario Canada. 16 iv. Mary Agnes Maley, born September 23, 1876 in Almonte Lanark County Ontario Canada. 17 v. Micheal Jr Maley, born September 25, 1879 in Almonte Ontario Canada; died March 15, 1968 in St. Joseph's Hospital Sudbury Ontario Canada. He married Domicke Dominica Swedoski May 13, 1906 in St. Stanislaus Copper Cliff, Ontario Canada; born October 10, 1882 in Renfrew Ontario Canada; died January 26, 1949 in Sudbury Ontario Canada. 18 vi. Teresa Maley, born August 02, 1882 in Pakenham Twp Lanark County Ontario Canada; died June 09, 1962. She married Cuthbert Gill June 10, 1910 in St. Peter Celestine RC Church, Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario.. 19 vii. Dominic Joseph Maley, born May 13, 1885 in Pakenham Twp Lanark County Ontario Canada. Don Shannon
January 24, 2002: Dorothy: Here are the incidences of the McAuliffe folks acting as Godparents at St. Michael's, Corkery. ... Al Child ... Father ... Mother ... Date of Birth ... Godparents Connell, John Connell, John Donovan, Bridget 3/21/1857 McAuliffe, John & McAuliffe, Honoria Curtin, James Lawrence Curtin, Cornelius Grace, Mary Anne 7/8/1896 Curtin, John & McAuliffe, Mary * * Mrs. John Curtin McGovern, Farrell McGovern, John McAuliffe, Julia 4/10/1861 Kelly, Michael & McAuliffe, Sarah McGovern, Florence Patk McGovern, John McAuliff, Julia 1/17/1863 Foley, Michael & McAuliff, Ellen McGovern, Sarah Abigail McGovern, Jno McAuliffe, Julia 11/10/1865 McAuliffe, Timothy & Lenin, Catharine O'Connell, Bridget O'Connell, John Donovan, Bridget 4/28/1865 Healy, James & McAuliffe, Mary * * widow Poole, Catharine Poole, Thomas McCann, Sarah 3/22/1865 Galvin, Patrick & McAuliffe, Sarah Here's a marriage: Gallipeau, Edward (alternate spelling: Galipeau and Danis) son of Gallipeau, Edward and Denis, Margaret storekeeper/Almonte 1/9/1871 married Letang, Mary daughter of Letang, Joseph & Lavelly, Rose Witnesses: Letang, Edward & McAuliffe,Margaret of Almonte / brother of bride / See also the Buckley family.
June 2, 2002: I have been researching the Maley family as this is my father's side of the family. How excited he would have been to learn what I know to date! I have photocopies of birth and marriage documents for many of the family records to the marriage of James and Honora/Norah/Hannah Maley (nee Mautte or Mantel etc.) There do seem to be various spellings on church records. Some of the dates you have found have differed from the church records. I could not trace John Maleys birth or his older sisters, Mary Jane and Catharine Ann. I had no Idea where they lived before Almonte. I am very interested to know where you found the information on James' birth and also on Patrick Maley as being his father. I will be traveling to the Ottawa valley later this summer and will go to the appropriate towns and churches. Would you like the info I received from Church records for James' and John's family members? Patrick Maley would be my Great Great Grandfather. I am trying to find who and when the first Maley (Malley, O'Malley) came from Cork. ... Pat Note: I believe that Patrick Maley was the first member of this family to come to Canada. He was one of the 1823 Peter Robinson settlers. He came from Castlelyons, County Cork. This information comes from Carol Bennett's book The Peter Robinson Settlers. See also Emigration from South-west Ireland to Ottawa, Canada area in 1823. It's a beginning of some research on conditions in Ireland prior to the waves of Irish emigration to America. The map shows the location of Castlelyons (just south-east of Fermoy). ... Al Hi again Pat: I forgot to mention that Patrick Maley settled on the East half of Lot 21, Concession 11, Ramsay Township. (Note: See posting by Don Shannon dated February 1, below ... Al) When you're in the Ottawa area, you should be able to find this farm (and maybe even some original buildings). According to Carol Bennett's book this family may have moved to Huntley Township later. (not far away). ... Al Also, thanks to Dorothy Payne for the following further information on the McAuliffe family. June 2, 2002: Hello Al, It's been awhile. Bytown or Bust just keeps getting better. I've still not found out if your Mary Fitzgerald and my Margaret Fitzgerald are connected but I have discovered that John McAuliffe and Margaret Fitzgerald came to Ontario in the late 1830's or early 1840's. Here is Margaret's obits notice. Keith Thompson, Co-Host - Lanark County - Ontario Gen Web, found it along with several other items on my McAuliffe family. Notes for MARGARET FITZGERALD: Friday, 19th February, 1897 Almonte Gazette Died - At Almonte, Feb 16, Mrs John McAuliffe, aged 81 years. Very Sudden Death - A startling sudden death was that of Mrs. John McAuliffe, Sr., which took place on Tuesday morning. The deceased, who was living with her son, William on Main Street, left the house about nine o'clock to go over to her daughters, Mrs. John Curtin, on Queen Street and as was her custom, she started to cross through Mr. Evoy's property as a short road, but death claimed her as a victim before she had reached her destination. She was found lying in Mr. Evoy's yard a few minutes after she left her son's and the body was at once taken back to the house, but the spark of life had gone out. The cause of death was heart failure. A few days ago she complained of a pain around her heart, but it was not thought then to be anything serious as it soon passed away. The deceased was born in the County of Cork, Ireland on the 24th of December, 1815, and was therefore in her 82nd year. When about 21 years of age she married Mr. McAuliffe and with him came to Canada and took up their abode on the 5th line of Ramsay on the farm now owned by Mr. Wm. Leach. Here she lived for about 33 years, when she removed to Almonte, where she has since resided, her husband having died 14 years before. The family was composed of ten children, seven of whom are still living. They are: Mrs. Jas. Higgins of Eganville; Mrs John Curtin of Almonte; Mrs. A. Brunette, Lachute, Quebec; Malachi in Dakota; Cornelius in Michigan and William and Jerry in Almonte. The late Mrs. McAuliffe was an industrious and kind hearted old lady, and was nearly always to be found engaged in some light employment around the house or in kindly ministrations to others. The funeral took place this (Thursday) morning to St. Mary's church, thence to the cemetery on the ninth line and was largely attended. A Minnie McAuliffe was living with Margaret Fitzgerald on the 1871 and 1881 census, she was born in 1868 and is a mystery to me. I'm wondering if she could be the Minnie McAuliffe that married Peter Henry White in Almonte in 1889. They moved to Prescott, Ontario, then N. Dakota and then on to Idaho. Attached is what I have on the John McAuliffe and Margaret Fitzgerald family. I look forward to hearing from anyone connected to this family. Best Regards, Dorothy McAuliffe Payne Descendants of John McAuliffe (from Dorothy) Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 MCAULIFFE1 was born in Ireland, and died Abt. 1856 in Ontario. He married MARGARET FITZGERALD2 Abt. 1836 in Ireland. She was born Dec 24, 1815 in Cork, Ireland, and died Feb 16, 1897 in Almonte, Ontario. Burial: Feb 18, 1897, St. Mary's Cemetery, Almonte, Ontario. Children of JOHN MCAULIFFE and MARGARET FITZGERALD are: 2. i. JOHN2 MCAULIFFE, b. June 1841. Ontario Baptism: July 21, 1841, Sponsors were Daniel (Calvin?) and Ellen O’Brien ii. HANNAH MCAULIFFE, b. 18425; m. JAMES HIGGINS. iii. MALACHY MCAULIFFE, b. Apr 19, 18456. More About MALACHY MCAULIFFE: Baptism: May 22, 1845, St Michaels, RC Church, Corkery, Carleton County, Ontario. Sponsors were Timothy Rahilly and Mary Ryan. 3. iv. MARY MCAULIFFE, b. Apr 22, 1846, Ontario; d. Feb 05, 1924, Ontario. v. MICHAEL MCAULIFFE, b. Aug 23, 18477. More About MICHAEL MCAULIFFE: Baptism: Sep 09, 1847, Sponsors were Bryan Cain and Julia Buckley. 8 4. vi. WILLIAM ROBERT MCAULIFFE, b. Apr 08, 1849, Lanark, Almonte, Ontario; d. Feb 1918, Almonte Lanark, Ontario. 5. vii. JEREMIAH FRANCIS MCAULIFFE, b. May 24, 1852, Ramsay, Ontario; d. Nov 10, 1915, in Arnprior Ontario. viii. CATHERINE MCAULIFFE, b. 18539. ix. CORNELIOUS MCAULIFFE, b. 1855. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 MCAULIFFE (JOHN1)10 was born Abt. 1841. He married HANNAH DONOVAN Feb 23, 1865. Witnesses to the marriage were Malachy McAuliffe and Catherine Dwyer. She died Apr 07, 1913 in Huntley Twp Carleton County Ontario. Child of JOHN MCAULIFFE and HANNAH DONOVAN is: i. MARY CATHERINE3 MCAULIFFE, b. Sep 10, 1868. 3. MARY2 MCAULIFFE (JOHN1) was born Apr 22, 1846 in Ontario, and died Feb 05, 1924 in Ontario. She married JOHN CURTIN Sep 28, 1887 in Almonte, Lanark, son of CORNELIOUS CURTIN and MARGARET CASEY. He was born 1838 in Limerick, Ireland, and died Sep 11, 1919. More About MARY MCAULIFFE: Baptism: May 21, 1846, Sponsors were Thomas Sheehan and Elenor Buckley. 12 Burial: Feb 07, 1924, Ontario Child of MARY MCAULIFFE and JOHN CURTIN is: i. MARY LAURA3 CURTIN, b. Aug 25, 1888; m. THOMAS MANION, Apr 21, 1909, St. Mary's Almonte, Ontario. 4. WILLIAM ROBERT2 MCAULIFFE (JOHN1) was born Apr 08, 1849 in Lanark, Almonte, Ontario13, and died Feb 1918 in Almonte Lanark, Ontario. He married CATHERINE GLEESON Sep 02, 1883 in Pembroke, Ontario. She was born Jun 08, 1863 in Ontario14. More About WILLIAM ROBERT MCAULIFFE: Baptism: St Michaels, RC Church, Huntley, Ontario. Godparents were Michael Toughal and Bridget Tougal.15 Burial: 9th line cemetery Census: 1901 census for Lanark gives Williams age as 50 and his birth date as March 8, 1851.16 Children of WILLIAM MCAULIFFE and CATHERINE GLEESON are: i. JOHN3 MCAULIFFE, b. 188517; d. 1885, Ontario. ii. EDWARD WILLIAM MCAULIFFE18, b. Apr 18, 1889. iii. MALACHY MCAULIFFE18, b. 1891. iv. JAMES HERBERT MCAULIFFE18, b. Jul 13, 1892. v. JOSEPH PATRICK MCAULIFFE18, b. Mar 04, 1896. vi. JOHN CHARLES MCAULIFFE18, b. Oct 29, 1898. vii. MARGARET MCAULIFFE18, b. Sep 29, 1900. 6. viii. MARY CATHERINE MCAULIFFE, b. 1903; d. Apr 03, 1971, Almonte Lanark, Ontario. 7. ix. CHRISTOPHER MCAULIFFE, b. 1905; d. Jan 18, 1981, Sudbury, Ontario. x. DENNIS MCAULIFFE, b. 1907. 5. JEREMIAH FRANCIS2 MCAULIFFE (JOHN1) was born May 24, 1852 in Ramsay, Ontario19, and died Nov 10, 1915 in Arnprior Ontario. He married CATHERINE ANN MALEY20 Oct 27, 1896 in Lanark, Pakenham, Ontario21, daughter of JAMES MALEY and HONORA MANTLE. She was born Nov 17, 1867 in Pakenham, Ontario22, and died 1954 in Ontario. More About JEREMIAH FRANCIS MCAULIFFE: Burial: Arnprior, Ontario Census: Jeremiah was found on the 1871, 1881 and 1901 Lanark County Census. Confirmation: Feb 07, 1864, St Michaels, RC, Corkery, Carleton County, Ontario. No sponsor was given. More About CATHERINE ANN MALEY: Burial: Malloch Road Cemetery, Ontario Christening: Nov 24, 1867, St Michaels, RC Church, Corkery, Carleton County, Ontario. The ceremony took place at Ramsay. Catherine's godparents were Robert Mantil and Mary Mantil.23 Marriage Notes for JEREMIAH MCAULIFFE and CATHERINE MALEY: Registry of Marriages - Pakenham Township, Lanark County, Ontario Groom - Jeremiah McAuliffe, age 45 years, resident of Almonte, born Ramsay; bachelor, laborer, parents - Margaret Fitzgerald and John McAuliffe. Bride - Catherine Ann Maley, age 29 years; resident of Pakenham, born Ramsay; single, parents Honora Mantle and James Maley. Witnesses: John Mahon, Almonte and Teresa Maley, Pakenham. Married at Pakenham on Oct 27, 1896 by the Rev. D.J. Lavin. Bride and groom both Roman Catholic. Children of JEREMIAH MCAULIFFE and CATHERINE MALEY are: i. JAMES FRANCIS3 MCAULIFFE, b. Sep 27, 1897, Ontario; d. 1922, Ontario; m. MARY ROBERTSON, Jul 06, 1920. More about JAMES FRANCIS MCAULIFFE: Baptism: Oct 03, 189724 ii. MARGURETE THERESA MCAULIFFE, b. Apr 21, 1899. More about MARGURETE THERESA MCAULIFFE: Baptism: Apr 23, 189924 8. iii. MARY VERONICA MCAULIFFE, b. Jan 01, 1901; d. Nov 14, 1924. 9. iv. JOHN HENRY MCAULIFFE, b. May 31, 1903, Arnprior, Ontario; d. Oct 1987, Penticton, BC. 10. v. HONORA MATILDA MCAULIFFE, b. May 16, 1907, Almonte Lanark, Ontario; d. Abt. 1994. Generation No. 3 6. MARY CATHERINE3 MCAULIFFE (WILLIAM ROBERT2, JOHN1) was born 1903, and died Apr 03, 1971 in Almonte Lanark, Ontario. She married EDMOND QUINN. More About MARY CATHERINE MCAULIFFE: Burial: St. Mary's Cemetery Vault Children of MARY MCAULIFFE and EDMOND QUINN are: i. CATHERINE4 QUINN, m. GILBERT SYKES. ii. JOHN QUINN. iii. EDMOND QUINN. iv. DANIEL QUINN. 7. CHRISTOPHER3 MCAULIFFE (WILLIAM ROBERT2, JOHN1) was born 1905, and died Jan 18, 1981 in Sudbury, Ontario. He married ROSE SHEEDY. Burial: St. Mary's Parish Cemetery Children of CHRISTOPHER MCAULIFFE and ROSE SHEEDY are: i. MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER4 MCAULIFFE, b. 1930. ii. PATRICK DENNIS MCAULIFFE, b. 1932; m. TANNIS NORMA MYERS, Aug 05, 196125. iii. ANNE JOAN MCAULIFFE, b. 1933; m. CHARLES WARREN SABIN, May 20, 1961. iv. WILLIAM ANTHONY MCAULIFFE, b. 1937. v. JAMES ARTHUR MCAULIFFE, b. 1939. vi. THOMAS JOSEPH MCAULIFFE, b. 1941. 8. MARY VERONICA3 MCAULIFFE (JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born Jan 01, 1901, and died Nov 14, 1924. She married WILLIAM MCARRAN Aug 31, 1921. He was born 1899, and died 1966. More About MARY VERONICA MCAULIFFE: Baptism: Jan 06, 190126 Burial: Malloch Road Cemetery Children of MARY MCAULIFFE and WILLIAM MCARRAN are: i. BILLIE4 MCARRAN, ii. MARY MCARRAN, 9. JOHN HENRY3 MCAULIFFE (JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born May 31, 1903 in Arnprior, Ontario, and died Oct 1987 in Penticton, BC. He married CATHERINE JANE MUNRO INKSTER Sep 09, 1923 in Methodist Parsonage, Golden BC, daughter of WILLIAM INKSTER and MARGARET MUNRO. She was born 1904 in Caithness, Scotland, and died 1983 in Penticton, BC. More About JOHN HENRY MCAULIFFE: Baptism: Jun 07, 190326 Burial: Penticton, BC More About CATHERINE JANE MUNRO INKSTER: Burial: Penticton, BC Children of JOHN MCAULIFFE and CATHERINE INKSTER are: 11. i. JERALD WILLIAM4 MCAULIFFE, b. Jun 19, 1924, Revelstoke, BC; d. May 13, 1971, Trail, BC. ii. DOROTHY CATHERINE MCAULIFFE, b. Sep 10, 1926, Revelstoke, BC; d. Sep 26, 1948, Trail, BC; m. ELWOOD WOLFE, Apr 03, 1947, Sandpoint, Idaho; b. Maxstone, Sask. More About DOROTHY CATHERINE MCAULIFFE: Burial: Sep 28, 1948, Mountain View Cemetery, Block 45, Section 3, Trail, BC Marriage Notes for DOROTHY MCAULIFFE and ELWOOD WOLFE: Dorothy McAuliffe married Elwood Wolfe in Sand Point, Idaho, U.S. Rev. H.E. Penhalurick officiated at a ceremony in Sand Point, Idaho when Dorothy Catherine McAuliffe, daughter of J.H. McAuliffe , 1040 Tamarac Ave. was united in marriage to Elwood Wolfe, son of Mr. and Mr. J. Wolfe, 448 Rossland Ave. Miss Thompson of Sand Point played the nuptial music. 10. HONORA MATILDA3 MCAULIFFE (JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born May 16, 1907 in Almonte Lanark, Ontario, and died Abt. 1994. She married MAYNARD GILBERT HANSON. He was born 1902, and died 1977. More About HONORA MATILDA MCAULIFFE: Baptism: May 19, 190726 Children of HONORA MCAULIFFE and MAYNARD HANSON are: 12. i. FERN4 HANSON, b. 1927. 13. ii. THOMAS HANSON, b. 1942. Generation No. 4 11. JERALD WILLIAM4 MCAULIFFE (JOHN HENRY3, JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born Jun 19, 1924 in Revelstoke, BC, and died May 13, 1971 in Trail, BC. He married MATILDA DOROTHY STAATS Jun 30, 1944 in Trail, BC, daughter of JOHN STAATS and ELEANOR SEIDLER. She was born Feb 06, 1927 in Neudorf, Sask27. More About JERALD WILLIAM MCAULIFFE: Burial: May 17, 1971, Mountain View Cemetery, Plot 63, Section 15,Trail, BC28 12. FERN4 HANSON (HONORA MATILDA3 MCAULIFFE, JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born 1927. She married RON REID. 13. THOMAS4 HANSON (HONORA MATILDA3 MCAULIFFE, JEREMIAH FRANCIS2, JOHN1) was born 1942. He married MARGE BRYDGES.
February 1, 2005: Hi Al I just noticed above that you have Patrick MALEY on the E 1/2 Lot 21 Con 11 Ramsay Twp. Having looked at the microfilm of Peter Robinson's Settler's held at the Peterborough Library, it is very clear that his location was E 1/2 Lot 21 Con 11 Huntley Twp. Don Shannon
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