Anthony McALINDEN and Margaret BYRNE
County Down, Ireland to the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

January 31, 2002:

Subject: McAlinden

> Hi Al,
I have just started getting interested in my family tree. I discovered that my 
great great grandmother Mary Ann McAlinden was born in County Down Ireland in 1827. 
(Her father was Anthony McAlinden, her mother Margaret Byrne, both from Down Ireland)  
Mary Ann married a John Milks in Cantley where the Milks log cabin and modern home
still stand on the edge of the highway.
> I never seem to come across the name McAlinden. Your site doesn't mention
> the name anywhere. I have not yet searched all of the links you have so
> kindly provided, I was hoping perhaps you might point me in the right
> direction. Do you have any info on the McAlinden clan?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Cheers,
> Kim
Hi Kim:

Thanks for your e-mail.
I'll try and post it to the web site tomorrow and maybe we can find out more
about the McAlinden and Milks folks. Bob Ranger mentions some Milks from the 
Gatineau on his web site. (Search for Milks).

If you go to my search engine at

you may find some McAlindens. I'm sure I came across the name in the old records of
Notre Dame on Sussex Drive. 

... Al
January 30, 2003: Kim, I came across your name asking about information on McAlinden family. I'm researching the same family. I don't know how our family connect yet. But with your information and mine maybe with can make the connection. I have Patrick McAlinden born in 1790 in Ireland. He is with his wife Mary are in the Beckwith township Lanark County Ontario Census in 1851 along with Patrick his son born in Ontario 1827 and daughter Mary born around 1825. James McAlinden is listed also I think is his brother. I think the family come over from Ireland around the time Patrick was born because Mary is born in Ireland and Patrick in Canada. In 1861 same county He is listed in his son Patrick's home at the age of 71. His son Patrick is still in the same county in 1871 census. By 1881 census the McAlindon's with there 11 children are in Osgoode township. I found your family in the Family Search Center, in 1881 in Hull County, Ottawa Quebec. Margaret is 78 years old living with Mary Milks and husband John. There are a few other McAlinden listed in the same area. My McAlinden's are misspelled on the 1881 census, I found them spelled McLenden. My family of McAlindon's spelled with an O live in Michigan, USA. If you have any question, I just started searching this family also. Carol
February 12, 2003: Al, I have enjoyed looking and finding information on the McAlinden family. I have come to a stop at Patrick McAlinden. He is listed on the Roman Catholic Families of Beckwith Township. It is mentioned he is found in records of St. Michaels, Corkery (Corkey in Ireland ?). Do you have any more information on him, when he arrived in Beckwith township or where in Ireland he came from. I appreciate any help you can give to help me continue my search. Carol from Michigan
June 13, 2011: Hi Carol and Al, Al, I just found your page at while searching for Mary Ann Jordan McAlindon; she was Martin Jordan and Catherine Lawlor of Beckwith's daughter. I found her married name in her sister Elizabeth Jordan McConnell's obituary just the other day ("Mrs. McConnell is also survived by her oldest sister, Mary. A. McAlyndon of Ottawa, Ontario, who is 96 years old. ") and started searching. Some marriage records are listed for daughters of Patrick Hugh McAlindon and Mary Ann Jordan. (Mary Ann McAlindon married first James Kearns in Osgoode, then Thomas Devereaux in South Gloucester; Lina McAlindon married James Tobin in South Gloucester. Mary Ann McAlindon Devereaux died 05 Aug 1930 in Metcalfe). Carol, I show a Patrick McLuddon on Con 1, Lot 12, along with Thomas Brennan on a map I put together of the Beckwith / Montague border (see map below) with names and lots; I didn't put a year on McLuddon's name. Do you think that's the elder Patrick McAlindon? (I know the name came out "McLeddan" in another of the Jordan siblings' obits.) My ggg grandparents were Patrick Brennan and (an older) Mary Ann Jordan, who are on con 1, lot 16 with Martin Jordan in 1841. I suspect (but don't have proof) that Martin and Mary Ann are both children of Moses Jordan and Mary Hayes of Leighlinbridge, County Carlow; that's where they were married. In '51 Michael and Elizabeth Jordan Mara (with widowed Mary Jordan) are living next to Patrick and Mary Ann in Holland Township, Grey County there's a baptismal record for Elizabeth at St Lazarian's Catholic Church in Leighlinbridge. I'm excited to find out more about the McAlinden's via your page, so thank you! Chris Brennan Starfire ______________________ Thanks to Chris for this terrific map showing the border area between Beckwith and Montague Counties in Eastern Ontario: From Chris: It's actually a digital file from my Brennan Families Web Site. Here is a close up of the Beckwith / Montague border lots from Beckwith - Montague Townships Border area

and a map showing the full townships (but only a couple more names, including McConnell) is at You're welcome to either link to them or to copy them to your site with the attribution "Chris Brennan Starfire -- E-Mail:" . >My ancestors were also active in South Gloucester and Osgoode Township and >I've often wondered if the Jordan family who were related to my Burns ancestors >on the Manotick Station Road (Osgoode Township) were related to the >Jordan's from Beckwith Township. A Martin Jordan was best man at my >grandparents' marriage in Osgoode Township in 1908. >... Al It could be; there were also Jordans in Smiths Falls that aren't related. My Jordans are Catholic, in case that helps narrow it down (the others are, I think, Presbyterian, although I'm not sure). ... Chris >The Osgoode Township Jordans were also Catholic. >... Al

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