also Patrick WADE and Bridget LYNCH
and Daniel SMITH and Mary Ann WALSH

By Leigh McCaffrey, Feb 22. 2001:

The recent posting regarding LYNCH reminded me that I have come to a dead end
regarding my LYNCH line so I thought I'd see if anyone can help.

My grandmother was the daughter of
Bridget Elizabeth Lillian "Lily" WADE b-1883 around Carp and died in Quyon 
daughter of Patrick WADE and Bridget LYNCH who married about 1870.
It is my understanding that the WADE and LYNCH families were from the
Carp/Fitzroy Harbor area.
If anyone can give me some tips on where to look next or has any information,
I'd be thankful. L.McCaffrey
There are some of them, (LYNCH and WADE) 1840's, at St. Michael's in 
Corkery, close to both Carp and Fitzroy. (Huntley Township).

By the way, do you have a Norah McCaffrey in your line? She came from the
Pontiac and moved to Detroit, Michigan where she ran a large rooming house. 
This house became a central register for Irish going to the States from this area. 
Most of them stopped at "Norah's Place" and asked for the whereabouts of
friends/neighbours/relatives who had previously gone to the U.S.
... Al
 What time period would Norah McCaffrey be from?  If you have her kids 
names it might help because they seemed to follow the naming patterns. 
I can't recall the name.  I believe my McCaffrey line were the only McCaffreys 
from the Pontiac.  There were some other McCaffreys from the Ontario side 
and from Venosta Quebec.
           I have a Daniel Smith /Mary Ann Walsh line that arrived from the Gaspe
area to Bytown in 1830.  The moved on to Fitzroy and then over to
Maryland (around Quyon).  They had ten kids in all.. Mary Anns brother William
Walsh followed.  I will try your search engine.   Unfortunately my family tree
program was deleted with close to 1000 names and notes, so I am sifting thru
scads of hard copy.
Take care, Leigh
October 12, 2006: Just saw your comments re; Daniel Smith and Mary Ann Walsh line. My husband's side has Daniel Smith and Mary Ann Walsh. If it is the same ones they had a son Thomas who married Ann Hughes????? My husband's Grtgrandparents...... ... Ellen Murray
September 15, 2009: Hi, I've come across your listing to Daniel Smith and Mary Ann walsh. I have a Thomas Smith married to an "Ann" but no last name. Thomas was born about sept 1831 Bytown (Ottawa area) On. to Daniel and Mary ann. Other children to Daniel are: Stephen, James, William, Mary Ann, Daniel, Henry, John, Sarah, Edward. We are down from the William line. ... Wendy _________________________ Some baptisms of the eldest children of Daniel and Mary Ann are shown on our Notre Dame baptisms page. ... Al _________________________ Hello Al, I am also a descendant of Daniel Smith and Mary Ann Walsh, from the family of their son, Henry. My family has lived in Ottawa since Henry's time and has a long history of involvement with the city and the government. Henry's sons were well known hockey players and some were members of the first Senators teams for example as well as two are members of the Hockey Hall of Fame. I have done genealogy research for many years and yet I am still looking for the official death notice of Daniel as I believe it must exist - Mary Ann's does- and I am certain his gravestone has the wrong year of death and I want to prove that. He is buried in the Pontiac area of Quebec near where he lived for many years and where the family farm was located. His gravestone was put into place many years later by a grandson and thus the date is not quite correct. Ellen Murray whose husband is a 'cousin" of mine is working on this family also and we trade information often. I saw the entry from 2001 by Leigh McCaffrey regarding the Smiths and there was one piece of information that is incorrect. It was not Mary Ann Walsh's brother William who followed her to Maryland , Quebec in the Pontiac area- it was her brother Stephen. He is buried beside Mary Ann and Daniel and his gravestone says he is "a native of the Gaspe." Her brother William remained in Douglastown, Quebec and was married to Daniel's first wife's sister, Susanne Le Rhe. They had a good number of children. There is a lot more to this story!!! ... Francie Heagney, Arnprior.

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