Emigration from County Mayo, Ireland
to Canada and the USA, 1818 to 1855

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

November 12, 2011:

Map Source: This map is a portion of a widely-distributed black and white map showing Ireland in 1848. It appears in many books, for example, The Great Hunger, Ireland, 1845-1849, by Cecil Woodham-Smith, page 13. County Mayo has been extracted from the main map and appears below. It is located in the Province of Connacht. Its western boundary is the Atlantic Ocean. Inland, it borders on County Sligo, County Roscommon, and County Galway. Map of County Mayo, Ireland, in 1848
Some Canadian Reference Works used in the creation of this web page: The McCabe List - Early Irish (1829) in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1991 DROUIN Records at ancestry.ca for Roman Catholic records in Bytown / Ottawa, 1829-1855 For King and Canada, by A. Barry Roberts -- This book and many others are listed in our Bibliography. November 7, 2015: From the Mayo Genealogy Group: Thanks to Maureen for this wonderful photo. A distant relative shared this old photo with me last year. He received it from someone in the town of Eskeragh, Crossmolina Mayo during one of his many visits. He was told that all townswomen of Eskeragh had gathered at this tea to learn decorum and the social graces. If your female relative lived there at the time, she may well be in this photo. Although my grandmother would have been of age and included in this photo, I cannot identify her. I love the photo though. Perhaps one of you will recognize one of your ancestors. Photo courtesy of Mr. Michael Johannesen who received it from Kathleen Kelly of Ballina, County Mayo, his 1st cousin once removed.
Ladies in County Mayo, Ireland, in 1905

Emigrants from County Mayo, Ireland, to Ontario and Quebec, Canada, 1820-1855
Note: In this table, ML# refers to the person's number on the McCabe List. ND refers to records from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Many of these immigrants to Canada, especially at the time of the great famine, were cleared from Lord Sligo's vast holdings around Westport, County Mayo.
ACTON, Johnand Mary BECKETTfrom Castlebar in 1836to Kemptville area
BOURKE, Thomasm. Elizabeth BURROWSto Richmond in 1839records at St. Philip's
STEPHES, RichardML# 147to Westport, Ontario
O'DONNELL, JohnML# 164Westport, Mayo to Pontiac Countyknown to Lord Sligo of Westport
RONE / ROWAN, HughML# 165Killalasix brothers in Killala, County Mayo
BARRETT, ThomasML# 170 and ND RecordsKilallaTwo brothers, Patrick and Peter
FLAHERTY, PatrickML# 177Ballingorebrother-in-law is Luke WILLS
MADDEN, ThomasML# 195 and ND RecordsKilalla, wife is Barbara MADDENbrother-in-law is Michael O'BRIEN
McDERMOTT, OwenML# 199Ballysakeery, Killala
MILLS, JamesML# 200CrossmolinaCousin named Michael WELSH / WALSH
BURROWES / BURROWS, JamesML# 206from Castlebar
KENNY, ArthurML# 323Westportknown to Lord Sligo
CROWLEY, JohnML# 341Ballina
WATSON, WilliamML# 379Ballysakeery,
HUMES, WilliamML# 380Ballysakeery
EVANS, JohnML# 501CastlebarRelations all in Canada
BATTLE, John and PatrickML# 522CreevackCousin named Michael WELSH / WALSH
HAMILTON, JamesML# 632Turlogh / Molinahis father is John HAMILTON
McGINLEY, DennisND marriage
LYNNOTT, PatrickND baptism of childrento Cantley, Quebec
NOLAN, JohnND died from Cholera in 1834
JORDAN, ThomasND marriage of Bridget to Lawrence BURNSto Osgoode Township
GILDAY, MichaelND marriagewas a shoemaker
MELIA / MALEY, ThomasND marriageto March Township
JUDGE, EllenND marriage to Edward FINLAY from Wexford
GRIMES, PatrickND marriage to Mary McNALLYboth from County MayoEllen from Westport, Mayo
GALLAGHER, JohnND marriage , 1846
LAFTES / LOFTUS, WilliamND Marriagesettled in Richmond
McDONNELL, FrancisND marriage, 1846
McANDREWS, MaryND marriage , 1846
REARDON, JohnND marriage , 1846
NORMAN or GORMAN, CatherineND marriage , 1846
HOLLAND, PatrickND marriage , 1846to March Township
LALLY, OwenND baptism of son , 1846son named Patrick
HOWARD, RichardND marriage , 1846married Ann MALONEY, also from Mayo
DENIN / DINEEN,ND marriage , 1846
BAILEY, PatrickND marriage , 1847married Ann COOLIGAN / COOLICAN
CARROLL, Danielmarried Ellen SWAIN, also from Mayo
O'BOYLE, Thomasmarried Mary CLYNE, also from Mayo
CONWAY, MichaelND marriage , 1847married Ann CULLIGAN / COOLICAN
FARRELL, FrankND marriage , 1847married Ann CULLIGAN / COOLICAN
McHALE, Patrickmarried Mary FARRELL also from Mayoto Fitzroy Township
McCABE, Thomasretired 99th Regiment of Footto Goulbourn Township
HAMILTON, Johnmarried Ann "Jane" PLUNKETTto Fitzroy Township
COONEY, Jamesmarried Catherine MULROY
O'MALLEY, Edward P.born Ottawa, 1847to OHIO, USA
McHALE, Milesto Manotick Station Roadwife= Mary NEILON
MURDOCK, James, John, Ellenweavers, to Bytown in 1834

October 30, 2015:
New Photo, Source: Wynne Collection, Mayo Library site

Map of County Mayo, Ireland, in 1848

Many pioneer settlers from County Mayo settled across the Ottawa River in the village of Mayo, Quebec, Canada. Some of them sailed on the famine ship the Elzabeth and Sarah, from Killala, County Mayo, to Quebec, in 1846.
April 2, 2014: The following link will take you to a terrific paper written by Michael McBane. It concerns the oral tradition of the Irish famine immigrants to the Ottawa Valley. In the article, Mr. McBane offers an alternative view of Irish immigration from the convential wisdom of well-known Irish scholars in Canada such as Donald Akenson and Cecil Houston. Some of their books are listed in our bibliography. This paper is an important work regarding the Irish Catholics of the Ottawa Valley. It discusses many of the immigrants who came to Irish settlements in the Ottawa area in the years surrounding "Black '47". Featured are the immigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who settled in Pontiac County, Quebec, Fitzroy Township, Ontario and the village of Mayo, Quebec in the Gatineau Valley. I have printed off a copy of this paper in case the original is removed from the Internet at some point. Some of the surnames mentioned are Dunnigan, Joyce, Gibbons, Stanton, Gavan, Rowan, Moyle, Mulligan, O'Mally / O'Malley, O'Donnell. McMahon, Madden, Dolan, Phillips, Doherty, Jordan, Costello, McHugh, O'Hara, Dowd, Doyle, Draper, McBane, Houlihan / Houlahan, O'Reilly, McColgan, Kilroy, Gavan, Quinn, and Burke. To read this important work, visit http://www.oralhistoryforum.ca/index.php/ohf/article/view/144/194 . This is a .pdf file; the article runs from page 7 to 26. Thanks to Thelma Hartman for passing this link along to us. ... Al
September 28, 2016: Some of the Irish immigrants who came over from County Mayo have descendants buried in the Martindale Pioneer Cemetery. They landed at the wharf on the Ottawa River, a stone's throw from Notre Dame Cathedral where some of them are recorded. I believe that some of them joined family and friends who had arrived twenty years earlier to build the Rideau Canal here. The Notre Dame records for June to August of 1847 show many deaths from Typhus. Fever sheds, similar to those at Grosse Isle, were set up along the waterfront here where the Rideau Canal joins the Ottawa River. A very tragic part of our history, but the new arrivals in 1847 were given help from the churches and from their earlier-arrived Irish friends. Most of them (including deaths from Typhus) are recorded in the registers of Notre Dame Basilica in downtown Ottawa, a hundred yards from the fever sheds and the famine wharf where the Rideau Canal joins the Ottawa River. ... Al
New March 25, 2020: This map is from the book A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland by Brian Mitchell, Second Edition, ISBN 0-8063-1684-5, 2002, page 125.
Roman Catholic Parishes of County Mayo, Ireland

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