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November 4, 2011:
The village of Mayo, Quebec lies across the Ottawa River, just north-east of the City of Ottawa, Canada. Many
of the pioneer settlers came here from County Mayo, in Ireland, both before and during the Irish famine of 1846-1851. 
Many arrived here beginning in 1827 to work at building the Rideau Canal and were later joined by friends and relatives from 
Lord Sligo's Estate in County Mayo.

St. Malachy's Church, Mayo, Quebec
Father Clement Braceland suggested and led the congregation to build a shrine in honour of our Lady of Knock be built in Mayo, Quebec. The design was replicated according to the original church back in County Mayo, Ireland. Mayo is a tiny village with its residents proud of their Irish heritage and the faith their forefathers brought with them. There's a story attached to the shrine. A young man, Gerard Cloonan arrived to work in Montreal. In less than a week he was killed in a construction accident. He had no family, no friends; people only knew he was from Ireland. The Irish community undertook the responsibility for his burial...somehow this was in Mayo, Quebec. In 1967 pilgrims from Montreal and Ottawa replaced the wooden cross which marked Gerard Cloonan's gravesite with a marble monument. In 1990 Gerard's family came to Mayo, Quebec and were able to place a wreath on the gravesite. It is said Gerard had been chosen by Our Blessed Mother for a special mission: to unite the immigrant descendants from County Mayo, Ireland. My own father is buried in this cemetery. Mayo is really just a crossroads, with the church, cemetery and a few homes, northeast of Buckingham. A white church with a green roof, the shrine is built onto the side of the church. The pilgrimage is celebrated with mass and later in the day a walk to the cemetery. It's a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Be there this year, the 50th anniversary of the Shrine, August 15th! I am presently working to build a database of early settlers in the Mayo, Quebec area. ... Carol Truesdell, researching Preston, Cleland, Truesdell, Beaudin _____________________ Note: The above message was posted to Reproduced here with permission from Carol.
The RC Church at Buckingham was a mission of the Diocese of Montreal before there was a church presence in Bytown. After Notre Dame in Bytown was established in the late 1820's, many of the residents of Buckingham, some of whom were seasonal lumber workers from Bytown, transacted their birth, marriage and death registrations at Bytown. My Great Grandfather, James Burns, was born at Buckingham in 1833 and the birth is recorded at Notre Dame in Bytown where the family then lived ... Al Some of the pioneer families, as supplied by Carol Truesdell are : Baker, Belter, Brady, Burke, Cain (Kane), Cavan, Connor, Conroy, Cooligan, Dent, Doherty, Dunnigan, Garvey, Kelly, Lavell, Maloney, McAlendin, McAndrew, McCoy, McDonnell, McMahon, McNamara, McNulty, Murphy, O'Leary, Preston, Rowan, Walsh name a few!! Here are a couple of baptisms recorded at Notre Dame: 6 Jul 1832 Baptism of Anna, 3 mos. old, daughter to Terence McGuire and Anna Cosgrove of Buckingham, Lower Canada Witnesses: Terence Cosgrove and Mistress Finch 19 Apr 1833 Marriage of Patrick Cosgrove and Maria McAndrews of Buckingham Witnesses: Hugh Gorman / Gormley & Peggy Burke
Pioneer from County Mayo, Ireland: Bartholomew COOLICAN / COOLIGAN 1808-1885
Here are Patrick Cosgrove and Maria in the 1881 Census: 1881 Census Place: Buckingham, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375860 NAC C-13224 Dist 97 SubDist A Div 1 Page 20 Family 72 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Patrick COSGROVE M M 76 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Mary COSGROVE F M 74 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Richard COSGROVE M 27 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic ______________________ and some Gormans: 1881 Census Place: Buckingham, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375860 NAC C-13224 Dist 97 SubDist A Div 1 Page 15 Family 57 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Patrick GORMAN M M 43 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic An GORMAN F M 37 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Emma GORMAN F 14 Irish Quebec Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Ann GORMAN F 12 Irish Quebec Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Agnes GORMAN F 10 Irish Quebec Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Mary Mitilda GORMAN F 8 Irish Quebec Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Philip GORMAN M 7 Irish Quebec Occ: Going To School Religion: Catholic Louisa GORMAN F 5 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Henery GORMAN M 2 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Helena GORMAN F 1 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Born: Jan; 2/12 _______________________ and the Coolican / Cooligan family: (you have to watch the spelling on the 1881 census!) 1881 Census Place: Buckingham, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375860 NAC C-13224 Dist 97 SubDist A Div 1 Page 11 Family 40 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John CULICAN M M 40 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Ellen CULICAN F M 30 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Edward CULICAN M 5 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Mary CULICAN F 3 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Daniel CULICAN M 2 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic John CULICAN M 1 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic

Born: Feb; 2/12
June 11, 2004: Dawn Copeman is researching the family of John McNAMARA and Winnifred ROWAN
June 27, 2004: Patti Meyers is researching the Garvey and Burke families from Buckingham and Mayo December 28, 2004: Lynn is researching her ancestors -- John Rae and Margaret O'Neil -- also in the Mayo area.
January 6, 2006: Hello all, Have you heard about the reunion of descendants to the original settlers to the Mayo / Buckingham / Thurso area? (or click here) Pass the word along. Hope to see all of you there in August. ... Carol
August 17, 2006: Helen Hogan and Brian McGuire are both researching the family of Joseph Edward McGUIRE and Margaret Helen DOHERTY / DOUGHERTY. This family was in the Mayo, Quebec area in the 1880's and later in Ottawa.
January 22, 2007: Sean Hayes is researching his Conroy and Weatherdon ancestors in the Mayo, Mulgrave and Derry area.
February 25, 2011: John MIDDLESTEDT / MIDDLESTATE and Appolonia Von ARNDT came from Germany to the Mayo, Quebec, area, in the 1860's.

October 5, 2013: (added new photograph)
Father John O'Boyle (1814-1865) came from County Mayo and was the priest at St. John's R.C. Church at Enniskerry, Ontario where he is buried Father John O'Boyle from Mayo, Quebec

April 2, 2014: The following link will take you to a terrific paper written by Michael McBane. It concerns the oral tradition of the Irish famine immigrants to the Ottawa Valley. In the article, Mr. McBane offers an alternative view of Irish immigration from the convential wisdom of well-known Irish scholars in Canada such as Donald Akenson and Cecil Houston. Some of their books are listed in our bibliography. This paper is an important work regarding the Irish Catholics of the Ottawa Valley. It discusses many of the immigrants who came to Irish settlements in the Ottawa area in the years surrounding "Black '47". Featured are the immigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who settled in Pontiac County, Quebec, Fitzroy Township, Ontario and the village of Mayo, Quebec in the Gatineau Valley. I have printed off a copy of this paper in case the original is removed from the Internet at some point. Some of the surnames mentioned are Dunnigan, Joyce, Gibbons, Stanton, Gavan, Rowan, Moyle, Mulligan, O'Mally / O'Malley, O'Donnell. MaMahon, Madden, Dolan, Phillips, Doherty, Jordan, Costello, McHugh, O'Hara, Dowd, Doyle, Draper, McBane, Houlihan / Houlahan, O'Reilly, McColgan / Colligan, Kilroy, Quinn, and Burke. To read this important work, visit . This is a .pdf file; the article runs from page 7 to 26. Thanks to Thelma Hartman for passing this link along to us. ... Al
New November 24, 2016: Canadian Headstones has just completed and uploaded photographs of the headstones of persons buried in Mayo, Quebec.

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