and John RYAN and Mary BYRNES
County Wexford, Ireland to North Plantagenet Township in 1817
Also the MADDEN family in Nepean

Several pioneer families came to the Curran area of North Plantaganet Township from County Wexford, Ireland, prior to 1820.
Along with many French-Canadian Settlers, they formed the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Luke's in Curran, Ontario.

The following text block and picture are from page 53 of Planted by Flowing Water, The Diocese of Ottawa, 1847-1997 by Pierre Hurtubise, Mark G. McGowan and Pierre Savard

This photograph of these very early pioneers was taken at St. Luke's Cemetery in Curran, Ontario on June 13, 2004 See also photograph of John Ryan and Mary Byrnes further down on this page
Surname: Shane, Byrnes, Delaney, Sheehan, Furlong, Shea, McLean I can help you with the Maurice Shane (1760-1834) and Anne Byrnes (1769-1854) family who emigrated from County Wexford, Ireland in 1817. Most of this family is buried in St. Luke Cemetery, Curran, Ontario. The surnames I have listed above include those of their 6 children's spouses. I have quite a few birth, death & marriage years so just let me know who you are interested in. Regards, Max Clemens Sydney, Australia
September 5, 2001 I noticed your link to Madden-Shane.I have published the history of the Maurice Shane / Anne Byrnes family which includes their children: Mary Shane & John Delaney, James & Ellen Shehan, John & Margaret Furlong, Thomas & Ellen Shea, Maurice & Rose Byrnes,and Mary McLean. The history also includes history of other Prescott Co families: Landrigan, James McGregor & Catherine McNab, John McCrank & Bridget Brown, Michael Moore & Judith Nolan, John Ryan & Mary Burns / Byrnes, John Sheehan & Johannah Griffin. While new at computers I have been doing genealogy for many years working on Bergin, of Nepean, Brophy of Nepean and Ottawa City, McDonalds of Cumberland township. Thank You. Kathy Adamson. October 11, 2002: Note re the McDonalds in Cumberland Township: My ancestors are related to these folks. They came to the Carlsbad Springs area from an area called "Indian Lands" which today is on the highway between Maxville and Cornwall. A book written in 1901 by Ralph Connor called The Man From Glengarry is a Canadian classic story about a young man named Ranald Macdonald or McDonald who spends a good part of his life in the timber shanties. My Great Uncle Lawrence Burns married Margaret McDonald from "Indian Lands" via Carlsbad Springs (originally called "Cathartic" because of the supposed healing power of it's mineral springs). Lawrence Burns became well known in the timber and logging industries in the Ottawa area from about 1875 onwards. He was a foremen for whom many men wanted to work. He had a reputation as being able to bring the young shantymen back home alive each spring and with their winter earnings intact. There was a strong temptation for the young shantymen, isolated in the shanties for 5 months, to blow all of their money on a week-long spree involving whisky and women in the spring. Some of the Scottish settlers in that area left in the 1800's because the land was under dispute as to its' status in relation to Native Canadians. Many of the Scottish settlers in Kenyon Township and the area had ties to the Scottish settlement in Lanark Township. The Lanark settlers were angry that they were not allowed to settle in Kenyon Township. In 1823, they were doubly annoyed when Peter Robinson brought 500 frisky Irish Catholics to be their neighbours in Ramsay Township. This led to the Ballyghiblin Riots in Carleton Place (then Morphy's Falls) in 1824. ... Al
Kathy: I sent an e-mail to you this afternoon but it bounced. Here it is: ======= Thanks for your e-mail regarding Maurice Shane and Ann Byrnes. I've added it to the Maurice Shane page. A couple of things: 1. Is the name "Shane" a shortened version of Sheehan with the Irish accent? 2. See my note on the McDonalds from "Indian Lands" who went to Carlsbad Springs (Cumberland Twp.?) on the Maurice Shane page. They may be related to me through Lawrence Burns (c. 1850-1920) who married Margaret McDonald, 30 years his junior, (c. 1880-1935). They lived in Osgoode Township. 3. Is your book available? I'd like to get a copy and also add it to my bibliography page. Thanks again. ... Al Lewis
"Emigrant Fathers Native Sons,Shane Family of Prescott County,Ontario,Canada 1817-1990" Author,Publisher: Katherine Madden Adamson holds copyright can not be stored in retrieval system without written permission from author. I still have many copies in print. It is also at O.G.S. Ottawa Branch Library. Thank You Kathy
September 22, 2001 I had a few problems with my Email, and Sept 11th activities sure interfered with life as normal here in USA. THANK YOU CANADA for aid given to air travellers and blood donations. Carlsbad Springs was a postal and rail stop in Gloucester Township, along the 7th concession line, a postal address for Cumberland township residents, according to 1924 Cummins Rural Directory Map:Source Nat'l. Map Collection, Public Archives Canada,Ottawa. 1.I found the Shane surname spelled many different ways I did run across the surname Sheehan in Nepean, but they weren't connected to the Shane family of Prescott county. 2. I don't believe the Osgoode McDonald was related to the Navan branch, but not certain. 3.Shane history book is available: Katherine Adamson, 11381 E. South Avenue, Walkerton, IN 46574 US. $50.00 US funds. 4. I located your site through Family Search (LDS) free of charge. I have a Mary Frances Byrne b 1889 Montreal d 1959 Calgary d/o Roderick Byrne & Maggie O'Neill, married John Estmer McDonald s/o John Robert (Alex) McDonald & Bridget Brennan, Cumberland township, Navan L14,7 con. On page 21 you have a link from Taylor Kennedy about the school house in Jockvale. The Maddens listed on that page are from Cumberland township. Following are the Nepean Maddens. JAMES MADDEN & JUDY __________ 1775 1788 1855? 1855? both died before 1861 census 1. Ambrose Madden m Mary Carlin circa1806-11 1837 c1812-15 1.Judith Madden 1838 m Peter Brennan,John Shea 2.James b 1839 m Eliza Fenning / Fanning 3.Bridget b 1841 m Joseph Brophy 4.Mary Ann b 1846 m John Nash 5.Ambrose b 1850 Priest 6.Margaret b 1854 m Michael Kenny 7.Jane b 1855 m Edward Monahan 8.Patrick b 1858 m Ellen Tierney 2.William Madden Catherine Baxter c1813-18 c1821-23 1.Ann Madden b1840 m John Gleeson / Gleason 2.Thomas 1844 m Mary Fitzpatrick 3.James 1846 m Catherine McGinley 4.Patrick 1848 m Ann McGinley 5.Judith 1850 m Arthur McCuster, William Hall 6.William 1851 m Theresa Douras 7.Ambrose Andrew 1856 m Ludine Digman / Dignan 8.Catherine 1857-1879 9.Francis John 1862 Ester Alverson 3.John Madden c1805-11 not on 1871 census no other infomation 4.Patrick Madden & Mary O'Meara ? m 1838 Known: James, Ambrose,Patrick,William to be in Ontario June-1836 Ambrose states 1842 census arrived 1828 William states arrived 1835 1842 census James & Judy listed with W&J (William,John) 1851 census lists James Judy & John living in log house between Ambrose and William. 1861 census Ambrose 150 acres lot 17,2nd concession William 150 acres lots 17,18,2nd concession 1853 Patrick & Mary living in New York City, USA, owns N1/2 lot 17 with Ambrose. 1855 Patrick deeds Ambrose 50 acres L17,2nd con to Ambrose. I assume Patrick the oldest inherits his parents James & Judy land and being in NY gives it to brother Ambrose. Note: Stone at St.Patricks' Fallowfield: Patrick Madden d 1840 age 103, Sophia d 1840 age 102 was erected many years later, there is no mention in parish register of their burial there. I have these families charts up to date but do not want to infringe on others copyrights so will not add more. The William Madden Catherine Baxter branch has had many family reunions in the States as well as in Ireland. Thank You for your web site. Katherine Adamson
January 8, 2003: Kathy, I am new to this site but I noticed you mentioned John Shehan / Sheehan and Johannah Griffen / Griffin - who are my ggggg grand parents. I believe they settled in Plantagenet, Prescott county. You mentioned some research on Peter Robinson settlers - I am very interested in tracking John and Johannah pre - 1832 where I've found them in Buckingham Quebec. Thank you Faye, Langley B.C.
January 9, 2003: Hi Faye & All: The family of John Shehan & Johannah Griffin was published in "Comte Ottawa County, 1800's " by Evelyn Burke in 1980. I last heard from Evelyn in 1991 at that point she had no additional research. I can not find a recent address for her. Her book is in library holdings of Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. John Shehan 1776-1850 Johanna Griffin Sarah 1812 1853 & Michael Mahoney John & Margaret Gorman Ellen & Patrick Cosgrove Michael Sara Johanna & James Shehan Eleanor 1811 & James Shane I would love to see how you are related in area of Plantagenet. Thank you, Kathy Adamson
Photograph posted on June 14, 2004:
John Ryan and Mary Byrnes
Some of the surnames in St. Luc's Cemetery are: McCrank, Brownrigg, Chartrand, McCormick, McAllister, Shane, Robinson, Muldoon (from County Tyrone), Brown, Lalonde, Dupont, Duhamel, Chretien
June 14, 2006: I am new to the genealogy addiction, and was so happy to find your Bytown web site. My grandmother was MARGARET ELIZABETH MADDEN - although I believe there is a chance that it was actually "Mary Margaret Elizabeth". With that - here's what I know: Born in Quyon Quebec (we think) but grew up in Ottawa area (we know) Died March 1966 at age 80 Had two brothers, Patrick and Joseph, and a sister "Mary" - again, Mary is probably an incomplete name. Do not know if Patrick and Joseph were older or younger than Margaret. Patrick and Joseph were bachelors, Mary married a McEwan / McEWEN. Margaret married John Francis McDonald - he was from Glengarry Ontario, but do not know where they married. John Francis (known as Frank) was heralded as a city pioneer of Fort William when he died there in 1964. Can you give me any hints as to where to start with this information? I am unable to leave my house without great difficulty, but have an able bodied niece in the Ottawa area who is willing to do some running around for me. I will appreciate for ever any help you can give. Thank You - Michele MENARD Ferazzutti
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