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131st Canada Day Picnic

May 27, 2013:

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131st Canada Day Picnic in Matawatchan
June 29, 2013    9 am - 7 pm
Matawatchan Community Memorial Hall
1677 Frontenac Road, Matawatchan, ON
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Matawatchan Old Pictures from Matawachan, Ontario, Canada

Wear your best Red and Whites for Canada Day! (We just might judge you.)
Please bring a nonperishable food item for the Denbigh Food Bank.

     In 1882 the congregation of what was to become St.Andrew's United Church in Mattawatchan Ontario held a picnic to raise money to build a church. The Matawatchan Picnic continues to this day. This year, a number of area community groups are joining forces to give the hard-working men and women of the church a break. 
     The July 1st picnic was a highlight for the community where each family would bring homemade breads, cookies and special treats to share, all spread out on outdoor tables. 

Programming is in development, but this is what we're working on so far:

Farmer's Market 
Every Saturday from 9 to 1 at the Hall, so why not on Canada Day, too?
Local produce, maple syrup, fresh baked bread, jams, jellies, crafts and more.

Music Then and Now 
Live bands, local musicians. Step dancing to Disco dancing. Let your hair down.

Beer Garden
It's a fund-raiser, so why not?

Mind the Time - Speaker's Corner
Tell our roving camera your stories from way back when, the way you remember it, the way you remember Gramma tell it.

Food All Day
Traditional beef on a bun, Hot Dogs, Wood-fired Pizza, Organic salads and more. The menu might change, but that's the idea.

Best Baked beans, Best Butter tarts Competition
Sample them all and mark your ballot carefully. A lot of pride is on the line!

Historical Displays and Photographic Slide Show
Tell us what you know about people and places in our photos. New historical photos welcome. Bring a thumb drive with you and add to our collections.

Back on the Map Project
Help us put the old schools, stores, mills, halls, roads, homesteads, Algonquin places and more, back on the map of Griffith, Denbigh, Matawatchan, Vennachar, Miller, Wilsons Corner, Black Donald, and area in the early days before the time of the big flood (Madawaska River, that is).

Shoot the Shoes, Horseshoes Competitions
With a certified Horseshoes Master to judge and distribute fabulous prizes

Greater Madawaska Senior's Housing Fashion Show
If we look good in JOCKEY fashions, they'll look great on you!

The fun fundraiser everyone loves.

Kids games, Face painting, Ice cream, Story Time
Lots of excitement and quiet times, too for kids who want to stay and play all day.

Greater Madawaska Fire Department 
It's about Fire Safety, but really it's an excuse to climb on their shiny red trucks.

The Canada Day Picnic in Matawatchan would not happen without the generous contribution and efforts of these local groups:
Matawatchan Cultural Centre, Denbigh Griffiths Lions Club, Greater Madawaska Senior's Housing, Northern Lights Seniors, 
Denbigh Food Bank, Matawatchan Market, Matawatchan Memorial Hall, Township of Greater Madawaska 

Special thanks to:
St. Andrew's United Church for hosting The Matawatchan Picnic for so many years. 
Bytown or Bust for assistance with historical maps and displays, and promotion on this site. It was this page that led 
us to them:

May 29, 2013: Matawatchan Township and Village are located in Renfrew County. The Matawatchan Community Cemetery located on Concession 4, Lot 3, has been recorded by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. This publication is available in their Library. Search their Catalogue for Matawatchan. The 1901 and 1911 Census records are online at You may find some ancestors there. Check for your surnames under Renfrew County, South. Some of the pioneer families in the area were Edward DODGE and Rosaline D'AMOUR POTVIN, also the KENNELY / KENNELLEY family. And I'm also related to this Dodge family who came from Lower Canada to work at building the Rideau Canal in the 1820's. Some of them later settled in Matawatchan. ... Allan
October 1, 2013: Hi Allan and Taylor, A while ago you both helped me out with maps, photos and information that I used to put together a 6 foot wide topographical map of the Denbigh, Griffith, Vennachar, Matawatchan and Black Donald area, showing the path of the Madawaska River before and after the flooding. We have a few events planned for Saturday, October 5 from 10am to 4pm in the Matawatchan Hall that I think you both would be interested in participating in. Please see the three posters that describe what we are planning. There is a fourth poster that describes all of the events taking place during the Festival of the Senses weekend in Griffith and Matawatchan. ... Lois Thomson
Matawatchan Celebration, Matawachan, Ontario, Canada (1)
Matawatchan Celebration, Matawachan, Ontario, Canada (2) Matawatchan Celebration, Matawachan, Ontario, Canada (3)
February 8, 2014: Hello again, I hope you are all doing well through this frigid winter. Would you mind posting this link on the bytown web site?!back-on-the-map-heritage-mapping-project/cc46 I have about 60 more sites to put on the map, but won't be able to get to it until the Matawatchan Hall reopens in the Spring. That's where the 6 foot wide map I made is for now. It has a lot of great information, but I can't add the pins from it onto the virtual map without using it as reference. I'm actually getting ahead of myself on this. I didn't expect I would have time to do an interactive map until the spring, but here it is. Feel free to add any locations you know of to this map, if you are interested and forward to any fellow historians you know. Thank you! Lois Thomson

E-mail Lois at Reel Impact Communications, Taylor Kennedy and Allan Lewis

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