Martindale Pioneer Cemetery
Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada

Names on the Pioneer Memorial

Thanks to Clare Whitney for the following photograph
Martindale, Quebec, Memorial to Irish Pioneers

October 31, 2007:

Al, these names are copied alphabetically from the Martindale Pioneer Memorial 
built to replace the razed headstones of the pioneers around the Low, Venosta area.
... Garry McFadden
Prince George, BC.

Surname Given 1 Given 2 Died
May the light of heaven shine on the souls of the
gaels who left Ireland in the years of the great
Famine to find eternal rest in this soil. They will
be remembered as long as love and music lasts.
Barry Edward Mar 1 1886
Barry John Aug 10 1898
Brown William May 14 1893
Brown Mary Oct 8 1896
Burgish Carlo Jun 11 1894
Cahill John May 27 1896
Cahill Francis Jan 5 1900
Cahill Margaret Sep 8 1911
Clarke Ellen Mar 29 1880
Collins John Sep 6 1887
Collins Wm Thomas Jun 18 1890
Collins Edith Apr 24 1892
Connoly Henry Aug 14 1883
Conway Margaret Jan 6 1895
Covey Ann Apr 17 1900
Coyle Mary Ann Mar 11 1881
Cuddihy John Oct 5 1882
Cuddihy Thomas Aug 18 1892
Daly Catherine T Sep 2 1882
Daly Ellen Mar 7 1887
Daly Richard Feb 11 1898
Dea William Mar 11 1889
Deegan Bridget Mar 3 1900
Dempsey Thomas Apr 17 1883
Desmarais Delima Feb 28 1898
Donavan Catherine Aug 30 1880
Donavan Mary Julia Jul 9 1893
Downey Bridget Oct 21 1894
Downey Margaret Feb 13 1890
Doyle Louise Jul 11 1874
Egan Mary Aug 9 1879
Egan Thomas Mar 12 1886
Flannery Michael Dec 12 1881
Flannery Michael Apr 5 1896
Flynn James Jan 14 1884
Flynn Ellen Sep 16 1886
Flynn Bridget Jul 22 1896
Flynn Patrick Jul 26 1898
Flynn Denis May 26 1899
Foley William Aug 8 1895
Fox Elizabeth Jan 15 1879
Fox James Jun 28 1889
Furie Mary Oct 11 1890
Gannon Martin July 2 1880
Gleason Mary Jan 27 1879
Gleason William Sep 16 1894
Gleason Thomas Aug 3 1896
Gleason David Apr 30 1899
Gleason Michael Jan 15 1900
Hayes Ellen Oct 18 1887
Hayes Patrick Jul 31 1888
Henry Thomas Mar 13 1889
Higgins Lizzie Feb 19 1894
Hogan Ann Jan 26 1875
Hogan Michael Feb 14 1875
Hogan Joseph Patrick Jul 28 1876
Hogan James Jul 25 1884
Hogan John Apr 12 1900
Hogan Joseph Jul 29 1894
Hogan Margaret Sep 11 1896
Hogan Thomas Apr 4 1899
Hogan Ann Jane Feb 2 1893
Hogan James Dec 19 1899
Hogan John Apr 12 1900
Holland W J Nov 10 1891
Hughes Margaret Jan 28 1888
Kavanagh Catherine Mar 17 1881
Kealey Martin Dec 21 1886
Kealey Elizabeth Aug 5 1887
Kealey Catherine Jan 18 1881
Kealey Mary Aug 21 1894
Kealey Julianne Sep 20 1894
Kealey Mary Feb 2 1896
Kealey William Aug 10 1898
Kealey Agatha Sep 7 1899
Kealey Joseph Apr 12 1892
Kehoe Betsy Feb 28 1891
Keily James Jul 22 1876
Kelly Ellen Jun 6 1890
Kelly Elizabeth Aug 14 1889
Killian James Apr 23 1884
Killian Michael Jun 17 1884
Laporte Josephine Sep 13 1897
Lawless Francis Dec 27 1880
Lawless John Mar 19 1897
Leahy Ann May 14 1889
Lowell James May 15 1899
Lowell Patrick Jun 12 1890
Machabee Louisiana Jan 28 1900
Mahoney Joseph Feb 2 1896
Mahoney Mary Jan 2 1898
Mahoney Catherine M Sep 13 1891
Manuel Thomas Nov 19 1898
Martin John Feb 7 1882
Mathieu Bridget Mar 18 1898
Mathieu Samuel Jul 18 1893
Mathieu Bernard Jul 23 1893
Matthews Bernard Sep 13 1891
Matthews Jeremiah Mar 26 1900
McAlinden Felix Jul 8 1897
McAuley Margaret Jun 4 1883
McCaffrey Isabella Jan 14 1883
McCaffrey Isabella Feb 2 1895
McCaffrey William Aug 19 1890
McCaffrey Mary Apr 14 1900
McCambley Margaret Sep 23 1888
McCambley Agnes Oct 9 1896
McCambley John Oct 14 1892
McCambley Mary Jun 12 1900
McCarthy P Sep 13 1891
McCauley Jane Mar 22 1898
McCrank Mary Ann Nov 22 1890
McGuire John E Sep 19 1892
McKale Bridget Feb 24 1877
McKale Sarah Dec 18 1895
McLaughlin Wm Jan 23 1877
McLaughlin Michael Dec 8 1881
McLaughlin Honora Feb 20 1899
McNamara Bridget Aug 25 1874
McSheffrey Margaret Mar 21 1899
McTague Michael T Feb 8 1890
Moran Thomas Jan 19 1883
Moran Ann Apr 15 1880
Mulvihill Martin Dec 27 1898
Murphy Moses Jan 12 1896
Murray John Oct 11 1891
Myles David Jan 3 1895
Myles Michael Mar 31 1898
Myles William Apr 3 1894
Myles John Jan 28 1900
O'Boyle Mary Mar 11 1889
O'Brien John Oct 8 1891
O'Connor Mary Jul 19 1874
O'Connor Catherine Sep 12 1885
O'Malley Patrick Dec 9 1899
O'Sullivan Bridget May 28 1897
O'Sullivan Patrick Aug 2 1898
O'Sullivan John Apr 13 1891
Quinn Mary Apr 12 1911
Rice  James Oct 12 1875
Rice  Agnes Sep 2 1894
Rice  Ann Sep 20 1894
Rice  Mary Mar 5 1896
Ryan Margaret May 2 1881
Ryan Ann Jan 26 1888
Ryan John Apr 21 1880
Ryan James Jan 21 1895
Sheehan Francis Jul 31 1884
Sloan Mary  Elizabeth Dec 5 1874
Spellman Bridget Feb 29 1888
Stockdale Mathilda Sep 11 1897
Sullivan John Thomas Feb 6 1874
Sullivan Patrick N Feb 16 1876
Sullivan Mary  Ann Sep 2 1894
Sullivan Julia Sep 3 1894
Sullivan Patrick Mar 14 1897
Sullivan Jeremiah Aug 6 1893
Sweeney Martin Feb 24 1874
Sweeney James Jun 2 1884
Sweeney Mary Feb 25 1899
Tucker Ellen Elizabeth Dec 16 1883
Welsh Mark Jun 18 1880
Welsh Frank Jul 18 1889
Whalen Patrick Mar 22 1897
September 7, 2010: Hi Al... I have been looking for pictures of the Pioneer Cemetery at Martindale for years now. I thought if you placed my query on your webpage, perhaps someone would be more than willing to provide them. Are you aware of what happened to the headstones? This is pre modern memorial. And why there is a modern memorial to the pioneers? If not I'll send you the story. As usual, thanks again. Garry McFadden Prince George, BC _______________________________ Hi Garry: Thanks for your e-mails and the great photographs of the Myles family. I added them to the Myles web page yesterday. I love the old photos -- they really make our history come alive. I'll post your enquiry regarding the Martindale Cemetery and hopefully we will hear from someone with some some pictures for us. And, if you have the time to type up the story of the modern memorial to the pioneers, it would also be a nice addition to the web site. If we don't hear from anyone with regards to the cemetery, I'll take a day and go up there and get some pictures for you. We'll keep in touch. Thanks again, ... Al
September 10, 2010: Thanks to Clare Whitney for the following photographs. This web page is sort of a co-operative trans-Canada effort by Garry McFadden from British Columbia and by Clare Whitney from Newfoundland. Memorial at Pioneer Martindale Cemetery, Quebec, Canada Famine Memorial at Martindale, Quebec Celtic Cross at Martindale, Quebec
February 6, 2011: Below are some of the Gleasons from St. Martins RC church at Martindale Quebec. Not sure whether this will help with your search. · Gleason, Martin J baptized 1884 · Gleason, Ellen M baptized 1886 · Gleason, Elizabeth M baptized 1887 · Gleason,Gertrude baptized 1889 · Gleason, Leno? Bridget baptized 1892 · Gleason, Michael Herbert baptized 1900 · Gleason, Elizabeth married a McSheffery 1893 · Gleason, Sarah Ann married McSheffery, Edward 1894 · Gleason, Mary Ann married Ryan, Tho. 1898 (See posting below, dated September 22, 2011) · Gleason, Wm deceased 1894 · Gleason, Tho. Pat. Deceased 1895 · Gleason, David deceased 1899 · Gleason, Michael deceased 1900 This is one of the principal RC churches in the area. I have been copying St. Camillus RC church records as well. But am not finished. Hope this may be of some help. Garry McFadden Prince George, BC. Canada
July 13, 2011: And a Story from Bob Willbond: (Descended from the McCaffrey Family) Mary Brennan (whose maiden name was Hogan) just died a few weeks ago at Martindale, she was in her 90s. Her husband Victor Brennan died a few weeks after we dug Aunt Ethel Hogan's grave in Nov. 1967, he was 56. It was the 50th grave that Victor dug, so he said. When I was down in the hole digging, I hit another grave to the front and one to the left hand side. We knew that the grave on the LHS was that of our first cousin Michael Hogan who was buried in 1964. As some of the foot bones were exposed in the grave at the top, Victor Brennan squealed in his Irish brogue, "Gad, that's Tommy Joe Egan, handy man with a binder he was". We all had a chuckle over that and Michael Gannon, a young man around 30 years old who lived across from the graveyard was quite startled and more than a bit scared upon seeing the other graves as we tried to stay on course but couldn't because the graves in Martindale too often ran into each other, not well mapped out. We couldn't get the rough box in because of that. To make a long story short, both Victor Brennan and Michael Gannon were dead within 3 weeks of digging that grave. One of a heart attack, the other of alcohol poisoning after downing a 40 ounce bottle of whiskey. We often referred to it as the curse of Aunt Ethel's grave and I would often say to Billy, “you're next”! We know why Victor died so young. He invited us up to his home after the dig and fed us salted pork and homemade bread. Absolutely delicious! But not too kind to the arteries, even at age 17, I could feel them (arteries) hardening as I ravished a sandwich. Bruce, what you sent me is priceless. It's the first time I got the opportunity to see the names of my grandfather's sisters, all 10 of them. Also with the names of their husbands, was wonderful. Go raibh maith agat Bob
September 22, 2011: Gleason, Mary Ann married Ryan, Thomas, 1898 Mary Ann and Thomas Ryan are my great grandparents. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to the sad story of the cemetery, how the cemetery was destroyed and and one woman's determined efforts to ensure that the ancestors were not forgotten: ... gclark13
September 25, 2011: Thanks for the link regarding the Irish pioneer cemetery at Martindale. I was really moved by the efforts of Catholine Gannon. I met her brother Michael in the 60's when my brother Billy and I were digging the grave for my aunt Ethel Hogan at Martindale. Michael who was a young man at that time died within a few weeks of us digging the grave from alcohol poisoning. Sad indeed. I met a Catherine Gannon in Islamabad, Pakistan around 15 years ago. She was from Timmins and was a reporter with the Associated Press in Pakistan. Her father came from Martindale, small world. Often heard my mother speak of the Ryans. Bob Willbond
September 28, 2012: You can't separate the Irish from our literature and our humour! Here's a nice example from Brian Doyle's Ottawa Citizen article of September 25, 2012, page C4:
Brian Doyle to be buried at Pioneer Martindale Cemetery, Quebec, Canada

February 18, 2013: Hi Al, Donnie Kealey here. Thanks for your offer to post the details of the upcoming information session for the "Save St. Martin's Rectory" project. In the past couple of years a lot of interest and "leg-work" has gone into generating a much needed look at saving/preserving/displaying our ancestry in the Low Municipality. A determined group in Low has been diligently working to drum up support to restore a precious heritage building in Martindale, that being the 120 year old St. Martin's rectory which is adjacent to St Martin's Church and cemetery. This group hopes to establish a cultural / heritage building there which can, among other things, house some of our areas pictures and artifacts. I have a particular interest in this project. Over the past 5-6 years I have been accumulating heritage pictures, documents, stories, etc which I hope to have available in a pictorial book format for past and present residents of Low, Quebec to obtain. Very little has been done in the past to preserve and document our history and many think the time has arrived to do so. If you would promote the upcoming meeting and future incentives to get the project off the ground it would be much appreciated. Also, I am still searching for any type of historical photos, documents, or another artifacts which might have historical importance to Low Municipality. Please feel free to use my email address as a contact point for those interested in sharing such items. Thanks again! Donnie Kealey For more information or to work on one of the three subcommittees (renovations, communications and fundraising) or if you have ideas that may be helpful, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following Committee's members by e-mail: John Edwards Lisa Kelly & Sean Conners Martin Lamontagne Peter Mulrooney Peter Salisbury Saint Martin's Rectory at Martindale, Low Township, Western Quebec, Canada - English Saint Martin's Rectory at Martindale, Low Township, Western Quebec, Canada - French September 19, 2016: Here is the facebook page for the Martindale Pioneer Cemetery: Yesterday, September 18, 2016, there was a wonderful cremony at the cemetery -- a remembrance for all of the survivors of the Great Famine of 1847. Many of them came to Martindale. These families came by sailing ship from Ireland to Quebec City, then took a steamboat to Montreal then came up the Ottawa River to the city of Ottawa (then called Bytown). At Bytown, the steamers landed at the headlocks for the Rideau Canal, a short walk to Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive where some of them are recorded -- births, marriages and deaths before they moved north to Martindale. For example, Patrick Whelan / Whalen who is listed on the monument is recorded as: 4 Dec 1841 Baptism of Ellen, born the 2nd of the marriage of Patrick Whelan and Mary Brown (later to Martindale, Lower Canada) Godparents: Patrick Dunworth / (Danworth or Danford?) & Mrs. Connors Here is another family named on the monument, related to me in Osgoode Township: See the Myles family history page for pictures and family history. ... Allan Lewis The Martin Mulvihill who is listed on the monument is this man: 28 Jan 1832 Baptism of Martin, aged 10 wks, son to John Mulvihill and Judith Ryan of Hull Lower Canada Witnesses: Richard Daly and Nancy Kennedy M. Lalor, Priest ... Al
September 21, 2016: Stop the presses. Garry McFadden, who has done a lot of research in the church records in the Gatineau Valley, has recorded the birth, marriage and death records for St. Martin's Church at Martindale covering the years 1884 to 1900. and, the late Mr. Ray Daly, genealogist and local historian from the Gatineau Valley sent along a lot of information, including that of his ancestor, Richard Daly, who is also named on the Martindale Pioneer Cemetery, Low, Quebec monument. See the Richard Daley web page. Includes many other Martindale names such as Dempsey, Brown +. ... Al
Here is a photograph of Father Larry McCormick from St. Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa, Catholine Butler (was Elaine Gannon) and the Irish Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Jim Kelly. Martindale, Quebec, Memorial to Irish Pioneers September 22, 2016: Here is Howard Hayes of "Howard Hayes and the Country Drifters" on fiddle at the memorial for the Irish famine immigrants of 1847 in the Pioneer cemetery in Martindale, Quebec.
Howard Hayes on Fiddle at Martindale, Quebec

October 3, 2016: (Happy Birthday, Olivia!) Here are more obituaries from Martindale, courtesy of Carmen Rochon: Ottawa Journal May 26, 1936 Ottawa Journal June 8, 1950 Church record, Martindale, Mary Deegan Flannery Source: Drouin Records
Obituary for Mrs. Martin Gleason Obituary for Martin Kealey, Martindale, Quebec Obituary for Mary Deegan, Martndale, Quebec

November 28, 2016: Here is a link to photographs and transcriptions of the tombstones in St. Martin's "newer" cemetery, across the road from the church.
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