County Tipperary to Nepean Township

Surname: Gleeson  Tierney  Murray

Looking for information on the descendants of Martin Gleeson and Ann Gleeson. 
Children: Michael m. Eliza O'MEARA (O'Mara), one son Michael, may 
have moved to Clinton, Iowa, USA; John m. Margaret Tierney 1858, they moved to 
Mitchell, South Dakota; Mary m. Roderick Cauley (Crawley) 1853, 3 children?; 
and Honora m. James Douras 1860. Would also like to know if Martin came from 
Silver Mines, Co Tipperary, Ireland. All the above children married at St. Phillips, 
Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada.
... Lisa Gorrell

(Note: According to the McCabe List (1829), Martin Gleeson came from County 
Tipperary, Parish of Kilmore, Townland Silver Mines ... Al)

Hi, I am trying to find some information on my gg grandmother, Anne Gleeson who was born in London Twp, Ontario in 1824. I thought that perhaps she might have been a daughter of Martin Gleeson as I have been unable to locate any other Gleeson's who had emigrated that early. She married a William Bastard in London. They were Anglican. She had two children, Elizabeth b 1850 m. Thomas Stanfield, and Dr. Wm Clay Bastar. Can you give me any suggestions on Gleeson family members who may have been in Ontario by 1824. There is also a possibility that Anne's father was a surgeon in the British Army at the battle of Waterloo. Thanks for any help you can provide... Kathy Gabin
March 26, 2003: Kathy, There was a Gleeson family in the London area early. The father I believe was William Gleeson and his son's name was Richard (still some living descendants and more in Michigan). Most unusual for a Gleeson family to be EC and non Catholic (probably an interesting story). I have more info but will need to look in the files. Mike Stapleton London, Ontario
August 15, 2004: Hello I may have some information on your Martin Gleeson - Ann Gleeson ancestors. Last year I hand wrote an index of all Gleesons in Kilmore / Silvermines. I recall this family of Gleesons from Garryard. As you probably know there were many Gleeson families in the parish of Kilmore - my estimate is at least 60 families at the time of 1840s Famine. I will look for my notes and advise you. Sincerely Damian John Gleeson (Australia) (Great Great Grandson of John Gleeson and Margaret O'Brien of the townland of Erinagh, Parish of Kilmore, Co Tipperary).
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February 6, 2011: Below are some of the Gleasons from St. Martins RC church at Martindale Quebec. Not sure whether this will help with your search. · Gleason, Martin J baptized 1884 · Gleason, Ellen M baptized 1886 · Gleason, Elizabeth M baptized 1887 · Gleason,Gertrude baptized 1889 · Gleason, Leno? Bridget baptized 1892 · Gleason, Michael Herbert baptized 1900 · Gleason, Elizabeth married a McSheffery 1893 · Gleason, Sarah Ann married McSheffery, Edward 1894 · Gleason, Mary Ann married Ryan, Tho. 1898 · Gleason, Wm deceased 1894 · Gleason, Tho. Pat. Deceased 1895 · Gleason, David deceased 1899 · Gleason, Michael deceased 1900 This is one of the principal RC churches in the area. I have been copying St. Camillus RC church records as well. But am not finished. Hope this may be of some help. Garry McFadden Prince George, BC. Canada
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