Marriages in Bytown or Concerning Residents of
Bytown, Nepean and Richmond, 1829-1856

New October 23, 2006:
Thanks to Sue for transcribing the following records!

Hi Al:
These notices are from books based on what William D. Reid and Thomas B. Wilson 
compiled from marriage and death notices from 21 different Ontario newspapers.   
They did these for the years 1810-1854, so I assume this is when these men lived.  
They were re-published in Maryland in 1997 and 2000.  The titles are 
Marriage Notices  of Ontario (1810-1849), Ontario Marriages (1813-1854), Death Notices of Ontario (1810-1849).
... Sue

23 Jun 1829, at Quebec, Joseph N. HAGERMAN of Bytown, to Ann C., daughter of the 
late Robert MACKENZIE of Montreal.

13 Dec 1831, at Nepean, Frederick BEARMAN to Margaret FENTON (Rev. J. Davidson).

10 Dec 1834, Richard TAYLOR of Nepean, to Margaret CALWELL of Huntley (Rev. J. Currie).

3 Mar 1835, at Bytown, John MCFIGGENS of Cobourg, to Miss FAIRBAIRN of Nepean 
(Rev. J. Cruikshank).

24 Sep 1835, at Hull, James JOYNT of Richmond, to Sarah Lancaster, daughter of 
P. JOYNT, late of Portadown, Ireland.

16 Mar 1836, in Brockville, W.H. REID of Bytown, and Margaret WILKEY of Brockville 
(Rev. A. Green).

25 Mar 1836, Lewis WILLIAMS and Orillia, daughter of the Rev. E. HEALY, all of Bytown (Rev. James Currie).

30 Mar 1836, Francis HARDY of Bytown, to Jane, eldest daughter of Robert 
Carvew ARMSTRONG of Ramsay (Rev. Mr. Boswell).

22 Feb 1837, at North Gower, Mr. Henry (sic) of Nepean, and Elizabeth CHRISTIE 
of North Gower (Rev. D. Berney).

18 Mar 1837, in Goulbourn, John WILLIAMS and Elizabeth COWAN, both of Bytown (Rev. D. Berney).

3 Apr 1838, at Nepean, Richard MCCONNELL and Harriet SMITH, both of 
Lower Canada (Rev. T. Harmon).

12 Jul 1838, At Bytown, E. ROUTH, of the firm Hunton & Routh, Bytown, and Martha, 
2nd daughter of the late John FROST of Bytown (Rev. S.S. Strong)

1 Jan 1839, at Bytown, Henry B. MCNELLY  and Abigail EDY (Rev. T. Harmon).

19 Jul 1839, John BLAIR of Osgoode, farmer, to Ann WILSON, daughter of James Wilson, 
near Richmond (Rev. R.V. Rogers, Rector of Richmond).

21 Jan 1840, in Bytown, James SULLY, merchant, and Laura Maria, daughter of 
Mr. James G. PLAYTER, of the Pay Master's Dept. (Rev. Richard Jones).

13 Aug 1840, in Bytown, Thomas WRIGHT Jr., of Hull and Pelina Ann MOSHIER of 
Merrickville (Rev. John McIntire).

3 Dec 1840, at New Edinburgh, U.C., George LANG to Agnes Scarth, eldest 
daughter of James STEVENSON, Agent for the Commercial Bank of the Midland 
District in Bytown (Rev. John Cruikshank).

18 Feb 1841, William MCLAUGHLIN and Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of J. ROCHESTER, 
all of Bytown (Rev. Richard Jones).

8 Dec 1841, in Bytown, William MINNS and Mrs. Christiana GRAHAM, both of Bytown (Rev. J. Carroll).

9 Dec 1841, George WILSON and Mary Ann MCKEE, both of Bytown (Rev. J. Carroll)

16 Dec 1841, Thomas BEARMAN and Eliza MCCULLOUGH, both of Nepean (Rev. H. Shaler).

14 Feb 1842, Henry AITLY of Nepean, and Mrs. Mary WATT (Rev. J. Carroll).

15 Feb 1842, in Bytown, Alexander CAMERON of Lough Haber, and Margaret MCCAUL 
of Cumberland (Rev. J. Carroll).

18 Feb 1842, in Bytown, John MILLER and Elizabeth MCELROY, both of Templeton 
(Rev. J. Carroll).

24 Feb 1842, at Richmond, James HUBBELL of Hubbells Falls, Fitzroy, 2nd son of 
Elnathan Hubbell, M.D., to Mary Eliza, 2nd daughter of George LYON of Richmond, 
late Captain, 100th Regiment.

28 Feb, 1842, in Bytown, George HOSKINS and Surviva E. HOLT, both of Hull (Rev. J. Carroll).

28 Feb 1842, John CAMPBELL and Christiana MCARTHUR, both of Bytown (Rev. J. Carroll).

11 Mar 1842, William STUBBS of Allumette Island, to Miss ANDERSON of Bytown 
(Rev. S.S. Strong).

17 Mar 1842, at Bytown, Sandy GRAHAM, merchant, to Harriet FROST, both of Bytown.

19 Mar 1842, at Richmond, W.R.R. LYON, 2nd son of George Lyon, formerly of 
the 100th Regiment, to Henrietta Susannah, eldest daughter of John B. LEWIS, late M.P.P. (Rev. John Flood).

23 May 1842, at Bytown, W. KENNEY to Margaret BELL, both of Aylmer (Rev. S.S. Strong).

11 Jun 1842, at Montreal, Richard MORROW of Bytown, to Martha, 2nd daughter 
of James POLLOCK of North Gore.

4 Aug 1842, at Kingston, John Oliphant PETRIE, merchant of Bytown, to Ellen, 
eldest daughter of John OLIPHANT of (Montreal?) (Rev. John Machar).   NOTE:  
I am not sure if Montreal is correct.

4 Aug 1842, Rev. John FLOOD, Rector of Richmond, to Sarah Emily, 2nd daughter 
of Thomas READ of March (Rev. J. Johnston).

16 Aug 1842, in Bytown, William TAYLOR and Patience, eldest daughter of the 
Rev. Thomas BEVITT, both of Bytown (Rev. Anson Green, President of the Wesleyan Conference).

13 Jan 1843, at Nepean, D.F. BROWN, to Charlotte MCCONNELL, of Hull (Rev S.S. Strong).

11 Feb 1843, at Bytown, William BROWN, to Eliza Sheddon, daughter of the 
late Mr. HARRISON, both of Montreal (Rev. S.S. Strong).

28 Mar 1843, Henry Arthur WHITE, Lieut. R.E., Bytown, to Catharine Whitley, 
2nd daughter of Captain William GIBSON, late of H.M. 32ND Regiment (Rev. John Flood).

11 Apr 1843, at Bytown, Mr. HEATH of the twp. Of Clarendon, to Maria Catharine 
COOPER of Bytown (Rev. S.S. Strong).

2 May 1843, at St. Peter's Church, Cobourg, William HUNTON, of the firm of Hunton, 
Routh & Co., of Bytown, to Eliza Sophia, eldest daughter of Lieut. MAYTER, 
R. N., of Cobourg (Rev. A.N. Bethune).

23 Aug 1843, at Richmond, Charles Aylmer COATES, Lieut. 74th Regiment, son of 
the late Captain Coates, 89th Regiment, to Catharine, 4th daughter of 
George LYON, late 99th Regiment (Rev. John Flood).

31 Aug 1843, at Helensville, twp of March, John Bower LEWIS, barrister, 
of Bytown, to Helen, 2nd daughter of the late Captain Benjamin STREET, 
R. N., and step-daughter of the late Robert STEPHENS, 37th Regiment (Rev. Matthew Kerr).

7 May 1844, at Bytown, Thomas A. CHRISTIE, Editor & Proprietor of the Bytown 
Gazette, to Mary Ann CAMERON of Bytown (Rev. Mr. Strong).

21 May 1844, at Christ Church, Bytown, Major F. Ringles THOMSON, R.E., to 
Caroline, daughter of the late Major POWELL of Perth, and relict of the 
late George BUCHANAN (Rev. S.S. Strong).

2 Sep 1844, Jones BARRY and Jane BURNS, both of Bytown (Rev. Mr. Musgrove).

3 Sep 1844, at Willow Cottage, Montreal, Richard KNEESHAW of Bytown, to 
Amelia, 3rd daughter of Ebenzer MUIR (Rev. John Girdwood))

30 Sep 1844, at Chaudiere Cottage, George BURROWS, merchant, to 
Eliza Hallet PRESTON, both of Bytown (Rev. J.C. Davidson of Peterborough).

7 Jan 1845, at Bytown, Helier Vavasour NOEL, to Barbara Catherine, 
youngest daughter of William CLEGG, R.E.

30 Jan 1845, at Brockville, Augustus KEEFER, barrister & attorney at law, 
of Bytown, to Grace Ann, youngest daughter of Richard Duncan FRASER of 
Brockville (Rev. James Drummond).

7 May 1845, at Bytown, James OGILVIE to Margaret HILLIDAY, both of Bytown 
(Rev. James Gardiner).

31 Jul 1845, in Toronto, Elkanah BILLINGS of Bytown, to Helen Walker WILSON, 
5th daughter of the late Andrew Wilson of Edinburgh (Rev. J. Barclay).

6 Aug 1845, Louis T. BESSERER, to Margaret CAMERON, daughter of William Cameron, 
both of Bytown (Rev. S.S. Strong).

30 Oct 1845, Philo B. WOOD of Bytown, and Maria MCCOLLOUGH of Maitland (Rev. John Lever).

19 Jun 1846, at Bytown, Robert W. CALDWELL to Catherine STILLWELL, both of Bytown.

20 Aug 1846, at Christ Church, Bytown, Francis CLEMOW to Margaret, 
youngest daughter of the late Col. James H. POWELL of Perth (Rev. S. S. Strong).

29 Oct 1846, Elijah T. PLACE of Elizabethtown, and Amelia, sister of the 
Rev. J. LOVERIN of Bytown (Rev. M. Fawcett).

2 Nov 1846, at Bytown, Henry AYLMER, youngest son of Capt. John Aylmer, 
R.N., Melbourne, C.E., to Eliza, daughter of the late James ATKINS of 
County Cork, Ireland (Rev. S.S. Strong).

4 Nov 1846, Calvin F. TUPPER, of Kitley, and Lydia, sister of the Rev. J. LOVERIN 
of Bytown (Rev. M. Fawcett).

21 Jan 1847, at Willow Cottage, Charles J. CLARKE, R.E., Bytown, to Mary, 
daughter of the late Abner IVES, Kingston (Archdeacon Stuart).

2 Feb 1847, at Bytown, Hugh CARMICHAEL, of Westmeath, to Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of John PORTER of Bytown 

4 May 1847, Henry J. BURROWES, of Bytown, to Sarah SPARKS, of Gloucester (Rev. J.C. Davidson).

8 May 1847, at Bytown, Nathaniel LYONS, to Eliza DONOGHUE, both of Bytown (Rev. S.S. Strong).

25 May 1847, at Christ Church, Bytown, James B. FORTIER, of the Bank of 
Upper Canada, Kingston, to Lydia Hanna, 2nd daughter of Lyman PERKINS of Bytown (Rev. S.S. Strong).

17 Oct 1847, at Bytown, Rev. William ANDREWS, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, 
to Armanella HOSKINS, step-daughter of John BURROWS, all of Bytown (Rev. Edmund Shepherd).

18 Oct 1847, at Aylmer, Robert OWEN of Toronto, to Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of 
John MCGRAVES of Bytown (Rev. J. Johnston).

25 Dec 1847, at Aylmer, Henry ATTRILL of Bytown, eldest son of the late 
Thomas P. Attrill, R. N., to Helen Forrester, eldest daughter of 
James BLACKBURN, and niece of Sir James CAMPBELL, of Glasgow (Rev. J. Johnson).

15 Mar 1848, at the Manse, in Packenham, Robinson LYON of Bytown, to Flore, 
6th daughter of John MCMULLEN of Cumberland

15 Apr 1848, at Bytown, Alonzo WRIGHT of Hull, to Mary, eldest daughter of 
Nicholas SPARKS of Bytown.

8 Jun 1848, at Bytown, Henry James FRIEL, Editor of the Packet, to Mary Ann, 
eldest daughter of Daniel O'CONNOR, Treasurer of the Dalhousie District (Rt. Rev. P. Phelan).

19 Jun 1848, at Bytown, Duncan MCMARTIN, merchant, of Martintown, to Jane, 
eldest daughter of James MCCRACKEN of Bytown.

27 Jun 1848, at Rideau Hall, Bytown, Robert MACKAY, advocate, of Montreal, 
to Christina, 2nd daughter of the Hon. Thomas MACKAY (Rev. Dr. Mathieson).

7 Jul 1848, George ARNOLD and Jane MCCULLOUGH, both of Nepean (Rev. Edmund Shepherd).

10 Oct 1848, William Walter BROWN, to Eliza PALMER both of Bytown (Rev. E. Shepherd).

28 Oct 1848, at Bytown, Edwin ANDERSON of Montreal, to Pamella WRIGHT of 
Hull, Sydenham Dist. (Rev James T. Byrne)

7 Nov 1848, C.A. BURPEE, merchant, and Mary, only daughter of William BOWLES, 
both of Bytown (Rev, E. Shepherd).

28 Jun 1849, in Bytown, the Rev. Jonathan LOVERIN, and Eliza, 3rd daughter 
of Thomas G. BURNS (Rev. Lachlin Taylor of Three Rivers)

16 Jul 1849, Lieut. John GRIERSON, R.N., to Mrs. Mary HAMMETT of Bytown.

27 Sep 1849, at Bytown, George HEUBACH to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 
Peter ARMSTRONG of Bytown (Rev. Strong)

8 Oct 1849, Malcolm MCKENNON of Glengary, and Emily, 4th daughter of John 
ROCHESTER of Bytown (Rev. E. Shepherd).

11 Oct 1849, in Bytown, Corporal GOUDIE of H.M. Cdn. Rifles, and Ellen STEPHENS of 
Bytown (Rev. E. Shepherd).

22 Oct 1849, at Huntley, William Pittman LETT, Editor of the Ottawa Advocate, Bytown, 
to Maria, 2nd daughter of Joseph HINTON of Richmond (Rev. J. Loverin)

12 Mar 1850, at St. Mary's Church, Bytown, the Rev. Charles FOREST, of St. Mathew's 
Church, Grenville, and Fanny Marianne Granthan, 2nd daughter of George W. BATES 
of Bytown, late Capt. Of the Royal Artillery (Rev. S.S. Strong).

1 Jul 1850, at Bytown, John SCOTT, M.P.P., Mayor of Bytown, and Louisa, only 
daughter of the late Tiberius WRIGHT of Hull.

25 Sep 1850, in St. Thomas' Church, Belleville, Christopher ARMSTRONG of Bytown, 
barrister at law and Judge of the Carleton County Courts, to Mary Anne, daughter 
of the late James GEDDES of Kingston, Asst. Staff Surgeon to the forces (Rev. John Grier, Rector).

1 Oct 1851, at Wellington, C.W., G.W. BAKER, Junr., of Hamilton, 3rd son of 
Capt George W. Baker of Bytown, and Catharine Ann, eldest daughter of Benjamin 
S. CORY, M.D., of Wellington (Rev. R.G. Cox).

4 May 1852, at Bytown, Henry George Augustus POWELL, eldest son of the late 
Major Powell, 76th Regt., and Alicia Frederica Lambert, eldest daughter of Lt. Col. 
CLEMENTS, r.c. Rifle Regiment (Rev. J. Flood).

25 May 1852, at Christ Church, Bytown, Geoffrey Phipps BAKER, 2nd son of 
Capt G.W. Baker, late royal Artillery, and Elizabeth Julia, 3rd daughter of 
Lt. Col. CLEMENT (Rev. S.S. Strong assisted by Rev. Charles Forest).

28 Jul 1852, Mr. H. HOUGHTON to Miss A. BURPEE, both of Bytown (Rev. N.F. English).

20 Sep 1852, in Bytown, John HOLMES, P.L.S., and Eliza, 2nd daughter of 
Andrew GRAHAM (Rev. S.S. Strong).

23 Dec 1852, Thomas CRAIG of Nepean, to Sarah Elizabeth EASTMAN of North Gower (Rev. J. Greener).

5 Jan 1853, at Richmond, Ellis B. WORTHEN, to Catharine Ann COWEN, both of Bytown (Rev. J. Greener).

23 Jun 1853, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Upper Bytown, David HARTIN of 
Goulbourn, to Sarah MCKIMSAN of Nepean.

27 Jun 1853, Samuel FITZSIMMONS to Fanny FARMER, both of Bytown (Rev. Kennedy Creighton)

27 Jun 1853, William NAUGHTY, to Mrs. Ellen HAUGHTON, both of Bytown (Rev. Kennedy Creighton).

4 Aug 1853, N.D. REDHEAD  of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Sarah Jane, only 
daughter of R. BEAL of Bytown (Rev. Creighton).

8 Nov 1853, at St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia, Richard W. SCOTT, barrister 
at law, of Bytown, and Mary, eldest daughter of John HERON. (Rev. Patrick Serridan).  
The bride, Miss Heron, is the principal member of the celebrated "Heron Family" 
who have won for themselves an enviable European and American reputation.

24 Jan 1854, at Wellington, Prince Edward County, Sydney Bathurst BAKER, son of 
Capt. G.W. Baker of Bytown, and Rachael Amanda, 2nd daughter of B.S. COREY of 
Wellington (Rev. R.G. Cox).

Oct 1854, Robert GRAHAM of Nepean, to Jane ARGUE of Huntley (Rev. Thomas McMullen).

27 Nov 1854, at Bell's Corners, James HAMMILL,  to Mary DOWD, both of Nepean 
(Rev. Thomas McMullen).

2 Nov 1854, at Christ Church, Bytown, A.C. KELTY Esq., and Susan, eldest 
daughter of Rev. Dr. Strong, Rector of Bytown.

1 Mar 1855, Thomas MILLS and Mary A. COSFORD, both of Ottawa (Rev. T. Stobbs).

12 Mar 1855, John MCCURDY of Goulbourn, and Anne CRAIG of Nepean (Rev. T. McMullen)

29 Mar, 1855, Louis MORTON of Goulbourn, and Mary WATSON of Nepean (Rev. T. McMullen)

23 Oct 1855, Frederick MOSSOP of Ottawa, and Jane ASHBURY of Toronto (Rev. John Borland).

24 Jan 1856, in Prince Albert, James SIRED and Mrs. Mary ARMSTRONG, widow 
of the late James Armstrong of Bytown.

7 Oct 1856, at Edgar Place, Brockville, Samuel HOWELL, merchant of Bytown, 
and Miss Ann ROSS, youngest daughter of John Ross Senr, formerly of 
Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

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