Marlborough Township, Upper Canada / Ontario
Some Early Settlers, Some from County Wicklow, Ireland

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New April 2, 2020:
Winter Landscape painted by Cornelius Krieghoff Picture Source: Cornelius Krieghoff, the book by Marius Barbeau, Ryerson Press, page 11. Winter Landscape painted by Krieghoff
August 7, 2007: The farms marked in red on the following map were likely settled by pioneers from County Wicklow, Ireland. Anne Burgess is working on a project to locate about 900 families who left the Fitzwilliam Estate in southern Wicklow between 1846 and 1854. See background material and her table of Wicklow Emigrants. Some of these settlers may have been here before 1846 and some may have come after 1854 and were therefore not part of the organized Fitzwilliam emigration. Does anyone have ancestors who came from County Wicklow to this area of Upper Canada, either Protestant or Catholic? For reference, the village of Burritt's Rapids is shown on the upper left on the map. Also, many folks came to this area from County Wexford, Ireland. If you are aware of any, please let me know, and I will add the Wexford farms to the map in a different colour. The border area between Southern Wicklow and Northern Wexford was a source of many pioneers, beginning in the 1820's. Many of them settled first in the back townships of the St. Lawrence River -- for example Augusta and Oxford Townships. Thanks, ... Al Map Source: Extracted from Belden's 1879 Map of Marlborough Township, digitized by McGill University August 13, 2007: (Map updated)
County Wicklow Emigrants to Marlborough Township
August 10, 2007: Here are some families who were related in County Wicklow, Ireland, and came to Marlborough Township in the 1840's. They are shown on the above map. Thanks to Anne Burgess. KEHOE / BARTLEY / BRAZEL / BRAZELL 1) CATHERINE HANRIC (d/o John Handrick (Hendrick) and Eliz. Breen; sister of Judith/Johanna) bapt. 3rd Jan. 1825 sp: Jno Bartly and Margo Byrne Location : NEW ROW Catherine Handrick married John Meeks. 1a) John HANDRICK and Elizabeth BREEN and family lived in New Row, which was near Coolattin. Also living there was John BARTLEY: JOHN BARTLEY bapt. 9th JAN. 1795 the son of JOHN BARTLEY and BRIDGET KEOGHOE (KEHOE) sp: JAMES and ANNE KEOGHOE LOCATION : COOLATTIN TOMACORK RC POS. 4256 This couple also had MICHAEL BARTLEY 22nd JUNE 1808 (BARTLY) and JAMES BARTLEY 8th APRIL 1796. John BARTLEY m. Jane BARRETT

2) Here are the baptisms of the children of John BARTLEY and Jane BARRETT, with Handrick gmothers: 1834 May 26 Bartley Joney John Barrett Jane New Roe Lawrence Cummins Cath Hanlon 1836 Oct 1 Bartley John John Barrett Joana New.Row Richard Bryan Judy Handrick 1841 Dec 24 Bartley Thomas John Barrett Jane Newroe Edward Byrne Catherine Handrick Anne Farrell 1837 Feb 11 Brasil John William Nolan Mary Mill Lane Hu Redmond Cath Hanrick Godmothers were Judith/Johanna Handrick (m. Michael Kehoe) and Catherine Handrick. 3) John BARTLEY and Jane BARRETT came to Marlborough Twp., probably with/or to join the family of Elizabeth BARRETT and John NEAL (O'Neil), who also had lived in New Row. (Elizabeth Barrett was believed to be the d/o Edward Barrett and Rose Travis - the Rose Barrett who was gmother for the 1836 baptism of Simon, s/o Patt BALF (BALFE) and Ellen Kelly, in Park.) 1837 Sep 11 Bap. of Eliza NEAL, d/o John Neal and Betty Barrett, New Row Sp: Richard Ryan and Peg MEEKS 4) Jane BARRETT died, and John BARTLEY married Bridget ENRIGHT in St. Philip's Church, Richmond (or by a travelling priest from there): 11 October 1846 Marriage of John BARTLY, son of John BARTLY and Bridget KEHOE, Parish of Tomacork, County Wicklow, (living in Merrickville) and Bridget Enright, d/o Martin Enright and Hanora Shea, Parish of Donahea, County Clare, living in Marlborough Wit: Patrick Byrns / Byrnes / Burns and Jane Bartly. 5) Living not far from John BARTLEY in Marlborough Twp. was Patrick KEHOE of Croneyhorn, m. 1) Jane BRAZEL / BRAZILL; and 2) Hanora RALPH. PATRICK KEHOE and JANE BRASSILL No marriage record seen in TOMACORK RC records. 1. MARY KEHOE bapt. 6th MARCH 1824 sp: JOHN KENNEDY and DOLLY RYAN LOCATION : Croneyhorn (HP Lane) 2. ELINOR KEHOE bapt. 12th JUNE 1825 sp: WILLIAM and CATHERINE BRASSILL LOCATION : Croneyhorn (Hot Pot Lane) PATRICK KEHOE married HONOR RALPH 19th FEB. 1828 with the location given as BALLARD. wit : PATRICK and ELLEN FOX. TOMACORK RC POS.4256. 6) Also living in Marlborough Twp. was Jane BRAZEL KEHOE's brother, William, and his wife, Mary NOWLAN, from Mill Lane (which is Croneyhorn) . Catherine HANDRICK was godmother to their son, John. (see above). Other children were: (New Link for William Brazell and Mary Nolan added November 11, 2007): RICHARD BRASSILL bapt. 13th FEB. 1826 the son of WILLIAM BRASSILL and MARY NOWLAN / NOLAN sp: DENIS McGUIN or McGUIRE and BIDDY "TEY" ? Location : Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn) WILLIAM BRASSILL bapt. 17th JAN. 1828 the son of WILLIAM BRASSILL and MARY NOWLAN sp: PATRICK KEHOE and Biddy Redmond. LOCATION : Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn Parish, County Wicklow) 1834 Nov 23 Brasin Henry William Nolan Molly Mill Lane Tom Comins / Cummins Peggy Keating 6) Judith/Johanna HANDRICK m. Michael KEHOE of Tombreane; they settled in Camden, ON. Mary HANDRICK (d/o Michael Handrick and Margaret Balfe) m. Michael Kehoe's cousin, DENIS, and came to Bytown. They were sponsors for each other's children. Michael HANDRICK was godfather to a Michael KEHOE, s/o John KEHOE and Elizabeth Rourke, in Kilcavan: MICK KEHOE bapt. 24th JULY 1822 sp: MICK HANRAIC (HANDRICK)and MARY CARROLL LOCATION : CARNEW. ... Anne Burgess
August 13, 2007: Surnames on map (with alternate spelling) for search engine: Brazil -- Brazel, Braddle, Brasil Vallance / Vallence -- Balance, Ballance O'Neil -- O'Neal Kehoe -- Keough Burns -- Byrne, Byrnes Ralph

January 31, 2008: Hi Al, The attached death cert is for Samuel Harnett (I'd read it as Harriett), b. WICKLOW, Church of England, died in Marlborough. I couldn't find him in 1851 Marlborough, so he must have moved there later. In 1851 he was in Kitley, with wife Frances and 7 children, plus a Mary O'Connor, age 70, widow, b. Ire. - his mother-in-law? He was in Marlborough in 1871, and also in 1881. In 1873 his son, Samuel Jr., got married in Marlborough. In 1901, Samuel Jr. was living in North Gower. I just found a nice history for this family, Al: And my guess was right: his wife was a Connor / O'Connor. There's a Ballance family history at the same source. ... Anne
November 29, 2009: Daniel McGinley from County Donegal, Ireland to the same neighbourhood in Marlborough Township: Greetings Al, I read your inquiry about the pioneers in Marlborough Township / Burritts Rapids. Thanks for supplying the map. I located my great grandfathers farm. It is Daniel McGinley, 150 acres, several lots south of the highlighted Mrs. Burns' property. By coincidence I ordered that map earlier today and will review all the lots. There are others there, I believe, that are relatives. My great grandfather was born in Donegal and lived by the village of Pettigo, emigrated to Canada in 1841. ... Tom Howell
December 4, 2009: Lynn Somerville is researching her Reddick, Dell and Joy ancestors in Marlborough and Goulbourn Townships.
December 16, 2009: James Hogan and his wife, Ann Connors also came from County Wicklow and settled in Marlborough Township.
New October 16, 2011: William Powell and Maria Foster came from County Antrim, Ireland and settled in Marlborough Township.
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