Map of the Ottawa River Valley

New January 31, 2020:

This map is from the introduction to the book The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855 by Richard Reid. It is one of the few 
maps which show both the Gatineau River (as Desert River here) and the Lievre River. Both the Gatineau River and the Lievre River 
begin in northern Quebec and empty into the Ottawa Tiver - the Lievre River flows into Buckingham, Quebec and the Gatineau River
flows into the Ottawa River at Gatineau Point, across from the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

In general, this map shows the extent of the history and genealogy material which is covered by the web site Bytown or Bust 

Ottawa River Valley Complete

Source for the following text is the book William E. Logan's 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa, by Charles H. Smith and Ian Dyck, 2007, Canadian Museum of Civilization, ISBN 978-0-660-19662-6. The following map is similar to the above map but it doesn't show the location of the Lievre River (just to the east of the Gatineau River). The Lievre should have been a river equivalent to the Gatineau River in major importance to the lumbering industry and settlement growth in the 19th century. The reason that it was of lesser importance is because it was a wild river with major rapids, compared with the Gatineau River. Also, it was limited in the number of lumber barons who worked on the Lievre. This was because from the earliest days of lumbering on the Lievre, the James Maclaren family held a monopoly on who worked there.
Ottawa River Valley 1845 map by William Logan

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