Here are two maps of Ireland (1) A Map of Ireland in 1848 and (2) A map showing Major Landlords by County in 1881

October 28, 2016:

Map Source: This map is a reproduction of a widely-distributed black and white map showing Ireland in 1848.
It appears in many books, for example, The Great Hunger, Ireland, 1845-1849, by Cecil Woodham-Smith, page 13.
You will have to scroll down a bit and pan across the map -- it is large and contains a lot of detail.

I'm posting it here because it will not translate well on to Facebook.
... Al

Map of Ireland in 1848

New July 18, 2017: Here is a map showing the major landlord holdings in Ireland, by county, in 1881. Source "Landlords and Tenants in Ireland" by Finlay Dun (a little too much overlap on this map! ... Al)
Map of Ireland in 1881 Map of Ireland in 1881 Map of Ireland in 1881

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