also John MANION and Catherine TIERNEY
and James OAKLEY and Mary MANION

Possibly related to ML# 571 on the McCabe List

July 5, 2002:
In case you were not aware of it; there is a book published by the name of 
"Once Upon a Country Lane" by Garfield Ogilvie  (A Tribute to a Gaelic Community). 
This book contains a lot of information on Irish families who settled in the area in 
early 1800's. I know Gary personally and he would love to pass on any info in his 
possession and he has a lot. My name is also Manion and I believe a far out relative 
of the Manions at Huntley. My family settled I believe at Bathurst in Lanark County. A lot 
of them are buried in Perth Catholic graveyard. I am searching for my ancestors who 
came directley from County Galway. I understand the names were John Manion married to 
Mary Muldoon. Would appreciate any help or info someone may have. 
Doug Manion (

Thanks for your e-mail.
By co-incidence, I just picked up a copy of Garfield Ogilvie's book last week. It's 
one of the best books written on Irish history and genealogy in this area. Do you
know if he has an e-mail address?
His book is difficult to locate but there are a couple of old bookstores in Ottawa 
which have a few copies. Nancy Thompson sent along a book review and it's also
now listed in our bibliography.

The McCabe List of 1829 lists three Manion brothers (spelled MANNING), Thomas who
was in the Bytown (Ottawa) area and his two brothers, Luke and James, who were back
home in Birsnaugh, County Galway. Do you know if Birsnaugh was where your Manions 

Thanks for this.

... Al Lewis
Hello Doug
I have researched my Kennedy's from Nepean Township, and the rumour is, my 
great great grandfather (William Kennedy) was brother to John Kennedy who 
married Margaret Manion. I have sourced the Huntley Kennedy's, Forresters 
and will be doing the same with the Manions of Huntley. When I complete what 
I want to do, I'll be more than happy to send along my findings to you.
Take care for now
Taylor Kennedy

September 8, 2002: See also John Manion and Mary White
September 11, 2002: >Hello again Doug >OK Here's my puzzle. There were 4 Manion brothers that came to >Huntley aka Corkery. Now there were also 7 sisters, one being >Margaret who married John Kennedy. Brides parents are suppose to be >John and Mary Manion. Could that be Mary MULDOON?? In the 1851 >census for Huntley, Mary the mother is living with daughter Margaret >and John Kennedy and she is 80 years old. Now Margaret's sister >Mary, married James Oakley. The brothers married Tierneys and >McKenna's. I have noticed that you already have a John and James in >yours with different wives. But I have noticed a lot of Johns who >went by there middle name, so can John Thomas aka Thomas John be a >son also? There is no record of the mother Mary's death nor is there >a tombstone in Huntley at St. Michaels. I think you may not be as >distant a relative as you think. Have to retreive some Last Will and >Testaments. They usally tell a story in itself. Will keep you >posted. >Take care for now >Taylor ========================================== Hi Taylor: Tks for your Email, always so interesting when it's your own family name isn't it?? The truth of the matter is I'm interested in all Irish names. I'm going to give you one page of info my father's cousin passed on to me. Let me know what you think... Quote Dated March 08/1993 Burt Manion ----- Generations of our direct ancestry to early 1800's --- Third Line of Bathurst Ont. --- John Manion married Mary Muldoon (7 children) ---- Thomas Manion married to Ellen Nagle (10 children) (my Great Great Grandparents) (St Johns Cemetery Perth Ont.) ------- William Manion (1849-1916) married to Margaret Doyle (1851-1931) St Johns Cemetery Perth.------ (my Great Grandparents) (13 children plus 2 deaths at childbirth) ------William Manion (1879-1962) married to Louise Simpson (died 1942) (my Grandparents) (Grandpa buried in Renfrew Ont. and Grandma buried at Macdonalds Corners Ont.) They had 8 children plus one that died as an infant) ------ Married 1900 at Renfrew Ont. ----- Seldon Manion died Pembroke Ont. 1978 Married to Rita Hogan (my mother still living in Pembroke 84 years old) ... Doug
September 21, 2002: Hi Guys: I'm not sure but, I think possibly I have come across the relative from Ireland that I was looking for. (the John Manion from Ireland) Taken from 1871 Federal Census of Ontario MANION, John / Age 63 / Country of Birth Ireland / Farmer / Bathurst / Lanark South / I calculate he was born in Ireland in about 1808. Please advise me what you guys think. I saved the Archive pages. Doug Manion ============= Doug: By the way, thanks for the picture of the Irish Jaunting Car from yesterday. Here are a couple of Manion families from the 1881 census for Lanark South. One of the families has a connection to Manitoba, possibly the Red River Settlement (Winnipeg). Census Place: Bathurst, Lanark South, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375869 NAC C-13233 Dist 111 SubDist A Div 1 Page 8 Family 37 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John MANION M M 75 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Catherine MANION F M 57 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Margret MANION F 24 Irish O Religion: Catholic Sarrah MANION F 19 Irish O Religion: Catholic William MANION M 26 Irish O Religion: Catholic Thomas MANION M 24 Irish M Religion: Catholic Richard MANION M 19 Irish M Occ: Son Religion: Catholic Marion Elizabeth MANION F 70 Irish M Religion: Catholic John E. MANION M 11 Irish M Religion: Catholic --------------------- Census Place: Elmsley North, Lanark South, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375869 NAC C-13233 Dist 111 SubDist C Page 1 Family 3+ Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Margret MANION F W 60 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Mary MANION F 35 Irish O. Religion: Catholic Edward MANION M 7 Irish O. Religion: Catholic Margret Anne MANION F 3 Irish O. Religion: Catholic Florence Theresa MANION F Irish O. Religion: Catholic Born: Mar; 0
September 25, 2002: Here'sssssssssssss Johnny! Hi Al & Doug This should be the last Will and Testament of John Manion who married Catherine Tierney. Enjoy, Taylor Kennedy THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ONE - JOHN MANION - of the Township of Bathurst in the County of Lanark and Province of Ontario, made this 4th day of April, in the year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety three. (He died in 1893) I revoke all former Wills or other Testamentary Depositions by me at any time heretofore made and declare this only to be and to contain my last Will and Testament. I give, devise and bequeath all my Real and Personal Estate of which I may die possessed of or interested in, in the manner following, that is to say ; FIRST - To my wife Catherine Manion, I give and bequeath part of the Southwest Half of Lot Number Eighteen in the Third Concession of the Township of Bathurst containing sixty acres more or less; also twenty two sheep and nine head of cattle, consisting of five three year olds and four, four year old Ayrshire grades. Subject to the following provisions. The cattle are to be kept on the premises for a term of two years from the date of my decease, if keeping and feeding them be satisfactory to my son WILLIAM MANION; if not satisfactory to him, then my wife CATHERINE MANION shall have the right to sell said cattle and keep the proceeds for her use and benefit. Should my said wife CATHERINE MANION die before the expiration of two years from the date of my decease, then the hereinbefore described cattle, if not previously sold, shall become the property of my son WILLIAM MANION. SECOND - I direct that five of my cows be sold by my son WILLIAM MANION and that the proceeds of such sale be applied to pay off a portion of the on cumbrance, now existing on Lot number 17 and part of 18 in the Third Concession of the Township of Bathurst and Lot number 13 in the fourth Concession of South Sherbrooke. The balance of my cattle I leave to my son WILLIAM MANION. THIRD - I leave to my executors hereinafter named, any right, title or interest of mine, in Minerals or Mineral Lands, and I direct that any money received by them from the working or sale of such minerals or mineral lands, shall be paid on the mortgage now held on the Lots of Land above described in the second clause of this my Last Will and Testament. And after the said mortgage has been fully paid and a discharge thereof given. Should any balance of money remain or come into the hands of my Executors from said Minerals or Mineral Lands, I further direct that such money be divided equally between my daughters, MARY ELLEN MANION, MARGARET MANION, AND SARAH MANION, and my sons THOMAS MANION, RICHARD MANION AND JOHN MANION, also my wife CATHERINE MANION, each to receive an equal amount. FOURTH - All the residue of my estate, not hereinbefore disposed of, I give and devise and bequeath unto my wife CATHERINE MANION. And I nominate and appoint JAMES PATTERSON and my son WILLIAM MANION, both of the Township of Bathurst, and my son-in-law THOMAS NOONAN of the Town of Perth to be executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first above mentioned. (Signed by John Manion)
August 30, 2003: Greetings, My name is Rick and live in Ottawa. I am a descendent of Mary Manion and James Oakley. I saw some of the info you exchanged with Doug Manion and I am perhaps a little confused. I had Mary b. 12 Apr 1818 in Ire., daughter of John Manion b. 1794 Ire. d. 1872 Huntley and Mary Muldoon m. 1810 Galway Co. Ire. (she was b. c. 1794 Ire. and d. bef. the 1861 census in Huntley Tsp), and that this John was the son of (John ?) and Mary b. c. 1772 d. 1852 some of his siblings being Margaret, Esther (mar Michael Meehan), James, Andrew and Martin The children I have of John Manion and Mary Muldoon are: Thomas b. 1815 Ire. m. Elen Angle 16-10-1837 St John's RC Church, Perth, ON Edward b. Ire. m. Catherine Hogan 4-6-1842 St John's RC, Perth, Mary b. 12-4-1818 Ire. m. James Oakley 1837 (as his 2nd wife) Margaret b. 1820 Ire. Patrick J. b. 1821 d. 1907 m. Catherine Lindsay (1832-1913) 1846 James m. Margaret Torey 5-8-1840 St John's RC, Perth William b. 1824 (bap St John's RC Perth) d. 1845 John b. 1828 m. Bridget Tierney 1856 Huntley Michael m. Bridget Dosher 10-5-1846 St John's, Perth Elizabeth J b. 20-8-1831 Esther b. 5-8-1836 Lawrence b. 15-3-1839 Bridget b. 15-3-1839 The Mary White b. 1771 that you and Doug refered to, is she the "Mary" mother of my John, who married Mary Muldoon? There also appears to be other confusions as you have other children assigned to different parents. I would be happy to share notes with you and together we may be able to sort out some of these details. Looking forward to hearing from you, Rick. E-Mail:
September 13, 2003: To further add to the confusion, I have the following from my Tierney side of things: Elizabeth Tierney, born 1855 and twin sister to Bridget (who it is suspected died an infant), daughter of William Tierney and Bridget Meagher / Maher, married Patrick F. Manion (born 1856) in 1883. He was a son of Patrick J. Manion (1821-1907) and Catherine Lindsay (1832-1913) and I have that Patrick J. Manion's parents were John Manion and Mary White. Is Mary White correct or incorrect? Elizabeth Tierney and Patrick F. Manion are in the 1901 Huntley census, with their 5 children. January 2, 2011: (original post is struck out, below. Sue's changes appear following this paragraph ... Al) Also, I have Bridget Tierney (born 1837, daughter of Denis Tierney and his 2nd wife Julia/Judith Quinn) married to John Manion, son of James Manion (b.1791 in Ireland) and Mary Margaret Tierney (b. abt 1811 in Ireland). Their children were Lawrence, Denis, John (married Mary Jane McKenna), Catherine, Elizabeth Ann, Bridget Mary Teresa. They are all in the 1881 Huntley census with John Manion's widowed mother Margaret living with them. The above was added by me and it is WRONG. Bridget Tierney did indeed marry John Manion, but it was the John Manion who was a son of James Manion's brother John and his wife Mary. Both John Manion and his brother James Manion had sons John and both were born in Huntley about 1830. James' son John seems to disappear after the 1852 census. John's son John is the one who married Bridget Tierney. The corrections I've made, below, are in BLUE. Also, I have Bridget Tierney (born 1837, daughter of Denis Tierney and his 2nd wife Julia/Judith Quinn) married to John Manion, son of JOHN & MARY Manion. Their children were Lawrence, Denis, John (married Mary Jane McKenna), Catherine, Elizabeth Ann, Bridget Mary Teresa. They are all in the 1881 Huntley census with John Manion's spinster sister MARGARET living with them. I am working on the James Tierney who married Margaret Tierney line as I am convinced that she was a daughter of Denis Tierney and Margaret Egan. When married on 21 Feb 1830 in Bytown, it states that she was from Nepean. The first 4 children born to this couple were all named the names of both sets of parents: (John (1830; Margaret(1833); Denis(1834); and Mary (1836). Also, the Bridget Tierney who married John Manion, son of John and Mary Manion, was a daughter of Denis Tierney and his 2nd wife Judith Quinn. If Margaret Tierney was a daughter of Denis Tierney by his first wife Margaret Egan, it would be doubtful to the extreme that the Catholic church would sanction a marriage between a daughter and a grandson of the same man (Denis Tierney). Bridget Tierney's 1856 marriage to John Manion states unequivocally that John was a son of John and Mary Manion. John Manion Sr., widower, is living with his son and wife (John Jr and Bridget) in the 1871 Huntley census. And John Jr's spinster sister Margaret Manion is enumerated with John and Bridget in the 1881 Huntley census. ... Sue
May 25, 2006: Hi Al and all: Just happened to look at this site tonight and realized that the information that I had given re John Manion and Mary Muldoon is not correct. I received some new information re John and Mary some time ago which I believe is factual. A far out relative connected to the Manion family sent me some great info that fits in with a relative who is buried in Perth old grave yard. I had seen this tomb stone before and even took pictures of it. Good thing I did as it is now hardly readable. That being said the inscription on the stone contains the names of one Thomas Manion(GGG Grandfather) and one Mary Muldoon (GGG Grandmother) his wife. Thomas born about 1779 in Balinasloe, County Galway, Ireland. (this info not on stone) He married Mary Muldoon before 1804 in Ireland. They came to Canada aboard a ship named "Dorothy" in 1815 and settled in Bathurst Township. Thomas and Mary are interred in the Old Craig St. Burying Ground at Perth Ont. Thomas was a Sergeant in the 49th Regiment of Foot. Thomas and Mary had 7 children: John 1804-?, Elizabeth 1808-?, Thomas 1815-1903(GG Grandfather), James 1817-1876, Edward 1821-?, William 1823-?, and Michael (about 1824-?). Thomas(1815-1903) married Ellen Nagle(1815-1876), at St. John the Baptist Church in Perth. They had 8 children. Mary(1838-?), Julia(1840-?) Michael(1842-?), Catherine(1843-?), William(1846-?) (Great Grandfather), James Thomas(1848-?, Ellen(1850-?), and Margaret(1855-?). There is more info that was given to me by a very kind relative by the name of Eric Daviscourt, Texas, USA. Email: I don't think he would mind any questions from you guys re the Manion heritage. The John Manion which I linked with Mary Muldoon I believe is the son of Thomas and also born in Ireland. I welcome any comments or advice. Doug Manion, .
February 17, 2009: I am a decendant of Mary Manion and James Oakley. I actually have a death certificate of Esther Jane Oakley (Wilson), daughter of James and Mary with her mother listed as Marion Manion but this is the only instance of her name being Marion. If anybody has information prior to Mary and James, would you be able to forward it to me or correspond with me. Thank-you ... Tim Gregorini Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following reply: Hi Tim what I have seen in church records, she was always written as Mary. The death certificate maybe wrong but then again it could be a second name. Patrick Oakley was born to James Oakley and Mary Manion. Patrick married Mary Dwyer and their daughter Anastasia married my great uncle Thomas Kennedy in New York, USA. Patrick and family resided in Almonte, Lanark County. ... Taylor Kennedy ___________________________ Hi Guys I came across a marriage tonight while looking for Oakley's. We know that Lawrence Kennedy married Bridget Costello d/o John Costello and Ann Hogan. Bridget's eldest brother, John Costello married Sarah Kennedy d/o Arthur Watt and Ann Spain. Arthur was the second husband and the first husband was James Kennedy, possibly William's brother. This is too coincidental with Watt's and Costello's in the picture. Attached is the register, check out the second line. St. Patrick's Basilica, downtown Ottawa Source: Drouin records at Costello / Kennedy Marriage in 1873 ... Taylor ____________________________ Note: I think that the Hugh O'Donnell mentioned on line one, above, is the Hugh O'Donnell who is listed as being from Westport, County Mayo, on the McCabe List of 1829. He is ML# 164. Based on the 1851 census, I now believe and searching for the second marriage of James Oakley. The 1851 census for Huntley shows children James, Micheal, John and Peter at ages that Mary Manion would have been 9 years old with the birth of the first. I do believe that James Oakley was married to Margaret Burns and she died about 1835. James then married Mary Manion when he came to Huntley about 1836 and had Margaret and the rest 1837 and onwards. The elder children were born Notre Dame, Quebec and those birth dates seem to coincide with the 1851 census for Huntley. Does anyone also believe in this? Taylor __________________ Taylor: I believe you. Here's an 1830 birth to a James Oakley and Margaret Burns at Notre Dame Cathedral: Source DROUIN Records at 15 Mar 1830 Baptism at Richmond of Michael, lawful son of James Oakley and Margaret Burns Godparents: Thomas Mara (O'Meara?) and Helen Hanrahan Angus McDonell, P.P. and another ... 6 Nov 1831 Baptism of John, 6 days old, son to James Oakley and Margaret Byrnes / Burns of Nepean Godparents: Patrick Byrnes and Margaret Byrnes Note: This Oakley family is also mentioned, going back to the 1700's in County Tipperary, in Bruce Elliott's book Irish Migrants in the Canadas. ... Al _____________________________ And thanks to Sue for the following: Al, I just found Margaret Byrne's death and passed it on to Taylor. She died the day after her newborn son Peter did and both deaths are registered at Notre Dame (Quebec). She is listed as Margaret Byrne (remember that they used the women's maiden names in Quebec). Anyway, she died as Margaret Byrne, wife of James Oakley, and she died the 31st of May, 1834 (little Peter having died the 30th of May). ... Sue

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