Philip and Ann MALONE
Ireland to Goulbourn Township to Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

May 9, 2009:

My family settled in (from the 1852 census)

Malone Philip, aged 60, Canada West, Carleton County, Goulbourn township

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about them? The family is buried in St Mary’s RC in 
Renfrew. I am looking to find a local church so I can find out possible immigration 
information. According to the census they arrived in Canada in 1851. I have not been able to 
find a ships log that lists them. Any help would be appreciated. Some more family names are 
available if required.  

... Kevin Leahy

Good morning, Kevin:

Here is a copy of the original 1852 census showing your Philip Malone family:
There appears to be two families together, Philip (aged 60) and Ann Malone and their children
and James (aged 56) and Ann Malone and their children. Patrick and James could be brothers.

Philip Malone, 1851 Goulbourn Census

Source: 1852 Canada West Census at

I also found what appears to be several of the children in the records of Our Lady of Holy 
Angels parish in Brudenell Township, Renfrew County beginning in 1863. The early records from 
this church were written in Latin. Some of Philip Malone's grandchildren are referred to as 
"Phillippus" or "Phillippo" in Latin.
What I would like to do is start a new web page for this family. I'd add the attached census 
record and some other church records to the new page and see if we hear from other researchers.
Quite a few families left the Ottawa area to homestead in Renfrew County in the 1850's. This Malone 
family seems to have been connected to a Kitt family, some of whom may also have migrated,
"Kitt and Caboodle" from Goulbourn to Renfrew County.

More for this page tomorrow.
... Al Lewis
May 10, 2009: Small world. I was reading your site last night and found another ancestor on it. A William Leahy eldest son of Michael Leahy arrived in Canada the first time in 1823 from Ireland on the Stakesby (which I knew) what I did not know was where he had landed. At some point he returned to Ireland to retrieve his family and again migrate in 1825 on the Fortitude to Peterborough where the family still has roots today. I am a descendant of that clan as well. It is a small world for sure. ... Kevin Leahy (The Leahy families were Peter Robinson settlers in both 1823 and 1825.), ancestors of the current musical group "Leahy").
New May 20, 2009: Here is the baptism of one of Philip Malone's grandchildren in 1873 at Brudenell in Renfrew County. The child's father is Bernard (Barney) Malone listed in the 1852 census, above.
Baptism of Philip Malone at Brudenell, Ontario, Canada
Image Source: Drouin records at Keyword Cuddy (Cuddihey?)

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