MAINS surname, from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada and area

February 21, 2008:

Mr. Bill Mains is researching the following families and has a lot of information.

"You can add my name re Mains, Featherston, Cathcart, Morton and 
Seabrook on the Goulbourn page.  There were five  Mains siblings who 
immigrated: 1) my ancestor settled in Marlborough, 2) a brother in 
Marlborough, relocating to Nepean, 3) a brother in North Gower, 4) a 
brother in Richmond, relocating to Lambton Co. and 5) a sister married 
John Morton in Goulbourn."  

... Bill

(Bill also is interested in "The Derry" in Beckwith Township. The Derry was named
for some early Scottish settlers. Most of the Irish pioneers came to the Derry from
Wexford and Kilkenny.)
New October 11, 2009: (Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!) Hi Al: I finally sat down and put together a web page for the Mains family of Carleton County at Yours Bill Mains
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