Albert Robert Michael LYONS
a British Home Child in Wakefield and Denholm Township, Gatineau, Quebec

New April 21, 2016:


I came upon a post while doing an online search and came across one of your posts about British Home Children.

I am helping an online friend trace her family member - Albert Robert Michael Lyons who came to Canada in 1900 on 
the ship Tunisian with A group of children in the Miss Proctor group. He came in as Robert Lyons.

I have found him living with a Kelly family on the 1901 Canada Census. Unable to find on the 1911 census. 
It appears he married in Coteau Landing (Coteau du Lac ?) in 1919 and changed his name to Albert Ensbury. 
He worked his whole career for CN Railway. 

My work is very much at the infancy stage. What I am trying to find out is if there are any records I can search to 
see if I am on the right track. Would he have lived with the Kelly family until he was 18?

I am attaching a copy of the 1901 census for the Townships of Wakefield and Denholm in the Gatineau Valley, 
and can send along other documents I have found if needed. On the 1901 census Albert was recorded as a 12 year old 
domestic with the Kelly family. 

I look forward to hearing back.

Kind regards,
Wendy Brewer

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