Patrick LYNG / LING and Elizabeth O'NEIL
Early Settlers from County Kilkenny, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada
some later to Lewis County, New York, USA

February 1, 2006:


Do you know anyone researching either of the two following family lines?  If so, 
I'd greatly, greatly appreciate contact information.
Patrick & Elizabeth Lyng, listed in the 1851 Goulbourn census with their children 
John, Patrick, Edward, and Ann (
Patrick & Elizabeth Doyle, listed in the 1851 Marlborough census with their children 
Morris, Patrick, and Winnifit (
Thank you very much. 
... Peter A Stern
more from Peter Stern:

Dear Mr Lewis,
Thanks for your email.  
Yes, I was aware of the record of Edward Lyng's 1836 birth to Patrick and 
Elizabeth (O'Neil) Lyng in the Richmond St Philip's register.  His older sister 
Ann Lyng is my direct ancestor.  Unfortunately, she was born circa 1835, just 
before this church register was begun -- I'll never find her birth date.  :(  

Note: Here is Ann's birth record from 1833 at Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa:

13 January 1833
Baptism of Anna, daughter to Patrick Ling / Lyng  and Betsey Neil (Elizabeth O'Neil)
Godparents: Thomas Ling and Jane Cosgrove
Source: Drouin Records at

The age recorded for her in the 1851 Goulbourn census is erroneous -- in fact, she 
came between her brothers Patrick and Edward.  She also had several married 
siblings older yet than her brother John.  Her father Patrick was probably closely 
related to Thomas Ling, listed near him in that census.
Along with other neighboring families near Richmond including Quinns, Kehoes, Gleasons, 
and -- I suspect -- Doyles, this Lyng family soon emigrated south about 100 miles 
to Pinckney and Montague Townships, Lewis Co, NY, USA.  Per lore handed down for 
my Lyng family line, father Patrick began building a cabin in Pinckney in the 
summer of 1853 or 1854, but died unexpectedly upon returning to Goulbourn.  
His wife Elizabeth, now about age 55, and adult children completed the move in 
early 1855 by sled across a frozen St Lawrence.  Indeed, they turn up in New York 
and US censuses from 1855 onwards.  (New York State apparently conducted 
half-decade censuses back then.  I haven't seen them myself, only heard of them.)  

Soon after 1860 Ann Lyng married a Maurice / Morris Doyle.  I don't know the date.  
Lyng, Doyle, Quinn, Kehoe, et al family decendants continue to live in & farm that 
part of Lewis County.
The main puzzle I've been trying to resolve is whether this Maurice/Morris 
originated from neighboring Marlborough in Carleton Co.  Even if I can't find 
conclusive proof, if I can make a strong convincing argument, I'll still feel good -- 
my only original contribution to my family's genealogy for years of effort! 
As I noted in my first email, the 1851 Marlborough census lists a Patrick Doyle 
age 60 with son Morris 23, son Patrick 21, wife, and daughter.  Fast forward to 
1870 and -- lo and behold! -- the US census for Montague records Morris Doyle 40, 
wife Ann 35, young children, and "Patrick Sr" age 80.  Morris's neighbor is 
"Patrick Doyle Jr" age 38.  By 1880, Patrick Sr has moved over to Patrick Jr's 
household, aging just 5 years in the process!  I believe it's the same Marlborough 
family.  Their ages (father-relative-to-son and brother-relative-to-brother, anyway) 
seem persuasive.  Yet I'm also forced to concede that these are fairly common 
names and that all this could be simple coincidence.
I hope to visit your environs from faraway Michigan someday -- perhaps this 
spring or summer.
Sincere thanks,
Peter A Stern
July 31, 2009: Dear Gentlemen, I was recently doing some online family research and stumbled across an e-mail between yourselves dated back in Feb. 2006 referencing the Lyng family name. Back in the early 1990's I was doing some research also and ended up contacting a gentleman by the name of Richard Allen from Virginia, USA, (who married a Lyng). He had done extensive work and compiled it into booklet form back in the 1980's. It lists several generations of Lyngs that are descendants of Patrick & Elizabeth Lyng as well as a little narrative of family tidbits he was given. I still have my copy and if you haven't see it and are still working on Lyng family geneology I would be more than happy to make a copy and mail it to either or both of you. It does contain some pictures but because of the number of times it has been copied they are not of very good quality. Let me know if you'd like a copy. Sincerely, Patrick James Lyng
August 20, 2009: Mr. Lyng has sent along a detailed Lyng family history. It's an interesting story of migration from County Kilkenny, Ireland to the Ottawa area and then on to the United States -- New York State, Montana and California. ... Al
August 24, 2009: Good morning, Mr. Lyng and Mr. Stern: Thanks very much for sending a copy of the Lyng Family History to me. It arrived last week and I had a good look through it yesterday. There are many familiar names included in it. I have gone through the early records of St. Philip's RC Church in Richmond. The Lyngs and all of their neighbours show up beginning c. 1840, after being first recorded at Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. Then the bulk of the records are at St. Philips and later (after c. 1880) there are probably some at Dwyer Hill. There is a difficult-to-find pioneer cemetery which is now overgrown but within the past few years, someone had the foresight to erect a memorial plaque to mark the spot. It is located on the O'Neil Road, presumably this road was named after the family of Elizabeth O'Neil. The plaque is shown at . I tried to find this cemetery about ten years ago but was unable to locate it. I think that it was so overgrown with bush that I was probably standing on it. The plaque will make it easier to find, now. If there are records of those buried there, they would probably have been reported to the Priest at St. Philip's. It's possible there are Lyngs there, as well as the other related surnames. There is a map of part of Marlborough Township, dated 1879, on our page at . To the right of the village of Burritt's Rapids, you will see the farms of many of the Lyng family's neighbours. This was a close-knit Irish Catholic community and all of these folks show up in the St. Philip's Records as god-parents, etc. for each other. You will see the farm of Patrick Gilroy -- the Gilroys figure prominently in the Lyng family history. There are Gormans (not Gorham) for example. Also, many O'Neils. Lafflin (as spelled in Mr. Allen's work) is actually LAFFIN, a well-known DWYER (not DYER Hill) family. Dwyer Hill was named after John Dwyer -- see . I'll add this e-mail to our Lyng page and hopefully, others will have more information for us. All the best, and thanks again for the family history. ... Al Ottawa, Canada
February 3, 2011: I located some information recently that I am related to a Lyng. See attached Obit. Do you know anything about the Kelley family? Did you know about this Patrick Lyng? I grew up in upstate New York about 20 miles from Lowville, NY ... Todd Kelley West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Newspaper Source: The Journal and Republican of Lowville, New York, USA, 1907 Obituary of Mrs. Patrick Lyng, Lowville, New York, USA
__________________________________ Yes, please go ahead and post this. My great grandfather is William H. Kelley as referenced in the Obit. Yes, the news paper is in Lowville, NY. Have you checked out this website? I have found some great things using it including the obit I sent you. I think the Patrick is the son of Patrick and Elizabeth from your website. The Kelleys also came to New York via Canada and originally from Ireland. I would like to know where they came from in Ireland. I have not had any information about their location in Canada either so this is helpful. My great-great grandparents came from canada in 1854, their names were Patrick and Mary and had Five boys and three girls. William, Maria, Elizabeth (I think later married Patrick Lyng), James, John, Patrick and Edward, another sister's name is unknown. Thanks for writing back. I have worked hard for a few years to locate information about family. I did contact St Patrick's church in Lowville but still have not heard back yet. ... Todd ____________________ Todd: The photo below includes most of the persons named in your obituary. The picture comes from the Lyng Family History which was sent to me by Patrick James Lyng. The original document was written by Richard Allen in 1981. ... Al
The Patrick Kelly and Ellen Kelly Family

New January 9, 2012: The Ottawa Citizen of January 8, 2012 contains a wonderful tribute to Helen McKenna-Lyng (page B5). The article is written by her friend Candace Jamieson. Only a portion of the article is reproduced here. ... Al Helen Lyng, Dwyer Hill, Ontario, Canada Helen Lyng, Dwyer Hill, Ontario, Canada Helen Lyng, Dwyer Hill, Ontario, Canada Keywords: St. Clare's Church, Dwyer Hill.

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