Looking for Old Photos of Houses in Lowertown, Ottawa, Canada

February 3, 2011:

Hi Al,
I've been slowly building up an inventory of old photographs of Lowertown buildings over the past few years. 
You mentioned Marie Martineau Glasby on the following page and there was mention of 59 Bolton Street. Would there 
be any way of finding out if Marie Martineau Glasby has any old photos of Lowertown?
Generally, do you have any recommendations about tracking down old photos of Lowertown? I've had some success 
by tracking down descendents, but it's a long process. It's especially difficult to find photos of Lowertown east 
pre-1960. Perhaps you could post that I am building this inventory for the Lowertown Community Association and we 
eventually plan to post many of the photographs. We're having a lot of trouble trying to piece together east Lowertown.
Perhaps you could help me with some particular ones:
1) The "Brennan" house at 316 Bruyere; (or other houses that are now gone 310, 312, 318-322). Based on my research, 
this workman's house was built around 1866 and it is now threatened with demolition. I've had a lot of trouble trying 
to track down the Brennan descendents, because there are so many in Ottawa.
2) 317-319, 321 St. Andrew - I'm trying to find photos of these houses as well. One was the long-time residence of a 
Jewish family (321) and its threatened with demolition.

317 St. Andrew Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada St. Andrew Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I've attached lists of the occupants at these addresses and a wonderful photo (above, left) of 317 St. Andrew Street before it was modernized. ... Marc Aubin, Lowertown Community Association, Ottawa _____________________________________ The photo and text, above right, is from the book Exploring Ottawa: An Architectural Guide to the Nation's Capital. It is the Official Guidebook of the Society of Ottawa Architects. The picture below, right, is from the Lowertown chapter of the book, page 36: The photo at left, below, is from Ottawa: An Illustrated History, by John H. Taylor, page 82.
106 Guigues Street (was Church Street), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Bruyere Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Family names: Foisy, Gagnon Marc Aubin is also researching the occupancy history of some addresses in Lowertown. Here, for example, is some information regarding 316 Bruyere Street, from 1866 to 1923: Occupant History - 316 Bruyère Street (Water Street) (see Belden's 1879 Map of Lowertown) *House is ca. 1866 (144 years old) **Get the land title sub-files (see document) 1866, 73 William Brennan (Water Street) 1875, 1881, 1890 316 - William Brennan, labourer 1881 Census: William Brennan (65), Anilaina (56), James (23), William (19) 1891 Census: William Brennan (87 years old) (Children: Mary J. (22) and Alfred G. (32)) 1893, 1895, 1896 316 - James A. Brennan 1897, 1898, 1899 316 - Alfred J. Brennan 1901 Census: James (40), Mary J. (30), Mary Pinard (58) 1909 310 - FX Raymond 312 - Olivier Garneau 316 - James A. Brennan Census 1911: Mary J. (37 - 1873), Margaret (head - 65 - 1845), Helena M. (25 - 1885) 1916 310 - Alfred Bayer 312 - Auguste Emard 316 - James A. Brennan Died: June 1st 1917; wife: Mary-Jane Pinard (1868-1956) -Mary Jane later became Mary Jane "Losty" (probably a second marriage) Gravestone: James Brennan (1917 - 58), Mary Jane Pinard (1868 - 1956) 1919 310 - ? 312 316 - Mr.s. Mary J. Brennan 1923 310 - Romeo Lurette 312 - Alphonse Grenier 316 - Edward Lemieux ____________________________
138 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa. Flavian Rochon, a master carpenter who worked on the interior of Notre Dame Church, moved here in 1853. Source: National Capital Heritage, page 210 138 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Marc is also interested in the houses at 318, 320 and 322 Bruyere Street. If anyone has a photograph or a family history of these houses, please contact us.
February 12, 2011: Al, the photo of the two people below is taken at 80-82 St. Andrew. The brick house to the right is 78 St. Andrew and is still there today. 80-82 was demolished a few years ago to build a condo. The two people are my gg grandparents, Norbert and Emma Aubin. Emma's maiden name is Desormeaux. Norbert was a book binder at the National Printing Bureau that once existed on Sussex. ... Marc Home of Norbert and Emma (Desormeaux) Aubin, St. Andrew Street, Ottawa
New February 19, 2011: Hey Al, Thanks for the scan of the two old hospitals. I actually picked up a copy of the Hub and Spokes at the Carleton University library this past weekend. I'll probably do a few scans. The Catholic hospital, below left, was located on the same block as Notre Dame Basilica, 163-171 St. Patrick Street (according to the 1888 fire insurance plan). I only realized this recently when I was looking at a higher quality version of the same photo. You can actually see the back of the Basilica in the photo up above the hospital. You most likely already know that the Protestant hospital, below right, in the photo was located at 605 Rideau Street. It's also in the 1888 fire insurance plan and was located directly to the right of larger protestant hospital at the 589 Rideau. 605 is no longer seen in the 1912 plan. Marc Photo Source, below: The Hub and the Spokes, The Capital and its Environs, by Anson Gard, page 144 First Catholic Hospital in Bytown / Ottawa, Canada First Protestant Hospital in Bytown / Ottawa, Canada

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