The Seigniory and Township of Longueil, Ontario, Canada
including the village of L'Orignal
History and Genealogy

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

November 6, 2010:

The Township of Longueil, part of the original French Canadian seignory of L'Orignal, became part of
Upper Canada (now Ontario, Canada), in the 1790's.

The town of L'Orignal was the seat of government for a large area which included what is now the City of Ottawa.
As such, it held most of the early land records for the settlement of townships in Eastern Ontario. The township of
Osgoode, now part of the City of Ottawa, has old land records for the pioneers in Osgoode Township. These records are
stored on Microfilm at the Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum.

Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas for Prescott County in 1879. Map of the Seignory / Township of Longueiul, Canada, in 1879
Some of the church records, transcribed and held in the Drouin Collection at refer to early families from Longueil. The following are a few records from the year 1833 which appear in the records of Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. 27 Apr 1833 Baptism of James, son of Hugh and Margaret Walker of L'Orignal / Longueil Patrick Doyle & Ellen Culligan 27 Apr 1833 Baptism of Thomas, son of Edward Ryan and Mary Burns John Golden (Goulden?) & Ann Butler of Longueil, LC 27 Apr 1833 Baptism of Ellen, daughter of Mallack / Malachi? Mara and Mary Kelley of Longueil Michael Mara and Judith Coleman 150 27 Apr 1833 Baptism of Bridget, daughter of Toussaint Meunier and Louise Longueil Joseph Cousineau & Marie St. Louis 27 Apr 1833 Baptism of Sophie, daughter of Antoine Franche and Hypolite Meanrd Longueil Augustin Menard & Victoire Louis 29 Apr 1833 Baptism of Joseph, son of George Ross and Mary Blondeau Longueil, LC John Shea & Ellen Kennedy 30 Apr 1833 Baptism of John, son of John McNamara and Mary Moran Longueil John Owen McMaster & Mary Butler
Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace (Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas, 1879) Allen G.L Prescott Longueuil Cassburn Teacher, S.S. No. 4 Longueuil Tp., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barton Gustavus Prescott Longueuil Farmer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bertrand David Prescott Longueuil Farmer, Stock-breeder Longueuil Tp., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bertrand J. Baptiste Prescott Longueuil Farmer Quebec, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bertrand Octave Prescott Longueuil Farmer Quebec, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brock Prescott Longueuil Farmer Vermont, United States -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buchan Andrew Prescott Longueuil Farmer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buchanan C. Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Estate Owner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Butterfield John Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Ex-warden -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Butterfield John Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Ex-warden -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cameron Prescott Longueuil GO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Campbell R.G. Prescott Longueuil Farmer, Carpenter Scotland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cass Alfred Prescott Longueuil Farmer, Hop grower, Nursery man Prescott Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clark Justin Prescott Longueuil Farmer Vermont, United States -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dumars Godfrey Prescott Longueuil Farmer Quebec, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grant Prescott Longueuil -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hay Howard Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal School Teacher, S.S. No. 3 Prescott Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hayes John Prescott Longueuil Henry School Teacher, S.S. No. 5 Longueuil Tp., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnson E.P. Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Merchant Longueuil Tp., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Labelle A. Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Carriage Maker Quebec, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Labelle W. Prescott Longueuil Proprietor, Hotel Quebec, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Little Watson Prescott Longueuil L'Orignal Printer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marston J.C. Prescott Longueuil Prescott Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milner Thomas Prescott Longueuil Farmer England -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Murray James Sr. Prescott Longueuil Farmer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walker Stewart Prescott Longueuil Farmer Longueuil Tp., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winters Frederick Prescott Longueuil Farmer, Wood Merchant Longueuil Tp., Canada
November 9, 2010:
Map of Montreal and the Longueil Seignory in 1813 Map Source: The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry, page 45 Map of the Seignory / Township of Longueiul, Canada, in 1813

November 23, 2010: While living in Longueiul in the early 1850's, with his wife and daughter, the artist, Cornelius Krieghoff was a neighbour of A.Y. Jackson's Grandfather, who bought some of Krieghoff's paintings. By 1861, the Krieghoff family was living in Quebec City with John Budden, who convinced Krieghoff to move there from Longueuil by offering to be his agent in a far larger market area for artists. Here is the Krieghoff family and John Budden in the 1861 census for Canada East, Quebec City. (Source: Krieghoff was born in Holland. Cornelius Krieghoff and family and John Budden in the 1861 census for Quebec City
The Ice Bridge at Longue-Pointe, 1847 or 1848, by Cornelius Krieghoff Painting Source: National Gallery of Canada Cornelius Krieghoff painting, The Ice Bridge at Longue-Pointe, 1847 or 1848
New December 14, 2019:
The following text block is from the autobiography of the artist A.Y. Jackson, page 1 in A Painter's Country: The autobiography of A.Y. Jackson, Clarke, Irwin and Company Limited, (no ISBN), 1958. A.Y. Jackson's grandfather meets Cornelius Krieghoff at Longueuil

Here is another painting of an ice bridge over the Ottawa River -- this one is by Clarence Gagnon and is from page 39 of the book Clarence Gagnon: An Introduction to his life and art, by Anne Newlands ISBN 1-55407-081-3, 2005.
Clarence Gagnon painting, The Ice Bridge

March 26, 2014: Al, this is information from the old jail in L'Original. L'Orignal village, which is now part of Champlain Township, is over 330 years old, the oldest settlement on the Ottawa River. It is situated less than 10 km. west of Hawkesbury and for many years held the County Courthouse and Jail. Today it is still the county seat for Prescott and Russell United Counties. The former jail, attached to the courthouse, is now a museum displaying many artifacts from its former use. In the jail exercise yard the old gallows are on display. (see photo attached). A notice in the museum states that these people were punished by hanging at the jail. 1883 Frederick Mann 1891 Narcisse Larocque 1904 Clement Goyette 1933 William Larocque and Emmanuel Lavictoire The gallows were prepared on the eve of a hanging and dismantled immediately after. The hangings were not public; only those required by the law could be present. According to a former prison guard in the 1960s when a criminal was hanged it was important to know the weight and height of the individual. The hangman's noose was placed over the head and laid on the shoulder. The feet were tied together. A counterweight, attached to the rope by means of pulleys, was lowered 3 to 4 inches, causing the rope to pull the noosed condemned criminal up with such sudden force as to break the neck.
Gallows at the Jail in L'Orignal, Ontario, Canada
... Ian White
July 30, 2015: If you are doing microhistory research or genealogy, the following document will prove useful:
Baptêmes in the Parish of L'Orignal
Source for the above page is Baptêmes, Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste, L'ORIGNAL, (Ontario), 1835-1992 by Gabrielle Parisien-Bertrand and Louis Bertrand, 1992, ISSN 0823-1575, 430 pages. This document is available in the library of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, Donated to the library by Mr. Mark Cullen (see Mark's Cullen family history in the Outaouais)
November 1, 2019:
Picture Source: from Picturesque Canada, Volume 1, page 115. This book is "An affectionate Look Back", from the Original Illustrations and Text of 1882-85, Pandora Publishing Company, Victoria, B.C., 1975 (no ISBN). The Ferry at Longueuil

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