Patrick LOGUE and Margaret McGEE / MAGEE
also William LOGUE and Margaret HANNIGAN

Note: This LOGUE family may not have been in the Ottawa area. I'm posting these two
e-mails because I'm interested in the surname Logue and also in persons who migrated
from Canada to Iowa, USA.
... Al
September 28, 2002: I'm searching for information about my g-g grandmother, Margaret Magee (McGee), born in Ireland about 1820. She was the second wife of my g-g grandfather Patrick Logue, born in County Donegal in about 1800. Patrick emigrated to Canada in about 1841. Margaret Magee and Patrick Logue would have married after 1842 and before 1856, the date of the birth of their first son in eastern Ontario. U.S. census information shows her first name as Margaret, but her oldest son's death certificate shows it as Catherine. Margaret and Patrick emigrated from Ontario to Howard County, Iowa, USA in about 1862. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lynn Logue
October 30, 2002: Hello, My name is Bonnie Haugen, I live in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA. I am tracking family members on my father's side of family. From my research so far I have established that my great,great grandfather William Logue and his wife Margaret Hannegan / Hannigan came to North America via Canada some time between 1840-1844. They had 4 sons 3 were born in Ireland, James, Allen and Michael(my great grandfather). The last son was born in Canada, his name was William J. Logue. They came into the United States, I'm not sure when. I found them in the Howard County, Cresco, Iowa area in 1860. In going through your material on the internet tonight, I did find a Patrick Logue born in Ireland in 1800 married to Margaret McGee from Donegal. I believe Patrick and William Logue were brothers. William Sr. was born in 1812. Also a Daniel Hannegan married to Catherine Carroll who I believe is Margaret Hannegen Logue's ? parents, ? brother. If you can give me some guide lines on covering the years they lived in Canada, what particular province. My family from what I can gather all came from northern Ireland. I'm also trying to establish a relationship to a James Logue who possibly is William's father. The older brother's of Micheal my great grandfather, didn't show up in the Iowa censuses, possibly they remained in Canada. Thank you. Bonnie
October 17, 2003: Al: Since posting my first message, I have discovered my g-g grandfather Patrick Logue's family in Oxford Township, Kemptville, Ontario, as well as Bonnie Haugen's g-g grandfather William Logue's (spelled Loag in the census) family. We believe that Patrick and William are brothers. Patrick first appears in 1848 in land assessment records. Both William Logue's family and Patrick and his first wife Susan's family appear there in the 1851 census and Patrick, his second wife Margaret Magee / McGee and their family (my family) appear there in the 1861 census. Patrick Logue and Margaret Magee must have married there after the death of Susan (maiden name unknown) Logue between the 1851 census and the birth of Patrick and Margaret's first son, in 1855/1856. We believe that William, his family and Patrick's sons from the first family emigrated to Howard County, Iowa, USA in about 1859. Patrick, his daughters from the first family and his second family followed sometime shortly after the 1861 census. I am sure one of the Magee families that appear in the 1851 and 1861 censuses in Oxford Township (just south of Ottawa, must be my g-g grandmother Margaret Magee Logue's family. To the best of my knowledge, she was Roman Catholic, born in Ireland. Patrick's daughter, Mary Jane "Jane" Logue was also married a Roger McGee, presumably in Oxford Twp., before they emigrated to the USA. Does anyone have any information about any of the Oxford Twp., Kemptville Magee / McGee families? Lynn Logue ____________________________ Also posted on October 17, 2003: 20 September 1850 Baptism of Margaret, born 1 July same year, legitimate daughter of Denis Teehan / Teahan and Johana O'Brien. The sponsors were Bartholomew Reddy / Roddy / Ruddy and Rosana Logue. Source: database of St. Philip's RC Church, Richmond, now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada.
June 2, 2004: Here are two Logue families from the 1881 census: 1881 Census Place: Egan & Maniwaki, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist QQ Div 2 Page 23 Family 117 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Patrick LOGUE M M 45 Irish Ireland Occ: Storekeeper Religion: Roman Catholic Elasor LOGUE F M 21 Irish O. Religion: Roman Catholic 1881 Census Place: Egan & Maniwaki, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist QQ Div 2 Page 1 Family 4 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace James LOGUE M M 43 Irish Ireland Occ: Hotel Keeper Religion: Roman Catholic (see photo of Chateau Logue, below) Rachael LOGUE F M 43 Irish Ireland Religion: Roman Catholic James BRADY M 24 Irish Quebec Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Thomas BRADY M 22 Irish Quebec Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Peter BROWN M 50 Irish Ireland Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Maryann KENNY F 20 Irish Quebec Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Mary B...MAN F 20 Irish Quebec Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Catharine SHOSIN F 12 Canadien Francais Quebec Occ: Servant Religion: Roman Catholic Sean McConnery's Cemetery Listings of the Maniwaki area also contain some Logues.
August 4, 2005: Charles Logue opened the famous inn, "Chateau Logue" beside the Gatineau River in Maniwaki. He was well known in that area from about the 1840's. The Logues and the history of the Chateau Logue is well documented in Stephen McGregor's book on the Algonquin First Nations at Maniwaki. Since Time Immemorial: "Our Story", by Stephen McGregor, The Story of the Kitigan Zibi AnishinĂbeg The River Desert joins the Gatineau River in Maniwaki.
Chateau Logue, Maniwaki, Quebec, August 2005 Chateau Logue

September 4, 2005: September 3, 2005 I came across the story of the Chateau Logue and I would like to straighten out a few facts about this beautiful house. My father, Ernest Nault, bought the house in 1929 from a Charlie Logue. He and my mother moved from Montcerf with 9 children and two others, myself and our brother Ernest Jr. were born in Maniwaki. We were 11 children in the family and we all grew up in Maniwaki in this magnificient home. If you care to go and visit this "Chateau", you will be surprised to see a beautiful room dedicated to Ernest Nault and Florence Moore (our mother and father). Their pictures are well displayed on top of the mantle. It makes us very proud to see these beautiful pictures of our parents and this beautiful room dedicated to them. I would be interested in reading Stephen McGregor's book on the Algonquin people at Maniwaki. Please advise as to where I can obtain this book. Rose-Marie Nault (Rosie)
April 8, 2008: Thanks to Lynn Logue for the following: From "The History of Assumption Parish, " Cresco, State of Iowa, USA: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church dates from the year 1858, making it the oldest Catholic Church in Howard County. Four pioneer Catholic Families from North Gore (North Gower) [sic], Canada moved to the area about that time. Their names were: Ryan, Welsh / Walsh, Hannegan / Hannigan, and Christmas. Masses were celebrated in their homes by missionary priests from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, USA, and by Father Clement Lowrey, pastor of the Catholic Church in Decorah. When neither was available the four families boarded a wagon and drove to Spillville, 20 miles away to attend Mass. The original four families were soon joined by another twelve families named: Long, Schaefer, Mullen, Sweet, Carroll, Donahue, Glass, Ploff (Plouffe?), Logue, Conry, Barnes, and Reynolds. Together they built the first church and established a cemetery at Vernon Springs in 1863 and 1664. ... Lynn Logue
May 31, 2008: Hello Lynn, My name is Adam Logue from Cape Breton and I came across your posts on the bytown website. I'd love to learn what you know about the Logues around Ottawa. Here's my possible connection. My g-g-g-grandfather, Richard Logue of Strabane, Ireland left at the age of 30 with wife and other family headed for Ottawa in 1837. The ship hit a storm in the gulf and suffered a broken mast and had to pull into Sidney, Nova Scotia for repairs. He and his wife decided to stay in Sydney but apparently there was other family who continued on to Ottawa once the repairs were complete. I don't have any names for the other family members nor a ships name. I am currently trying to find a passenger list. I'd be grateful for any information you may be able to provide. Best regards, Adam Logue
October 30, 2008: It seems I have been asleep at the switch. I happened upon emails about the Hannegan - Logue connections, and caused me to go back to check my records. It appears that there were two Hannegan girls that married into the Logue family. Margaret Hannegan was married to William Logue abt 1839 in Ireland immigrating into Canada between 1840 and 1844 when their son William was born in Carleton County, Canada West. And younger sister, Catherine Hannegan was married to Robert Logue, 29 Dec 1862 in Twin Spring, Winnesheik, Iowa, USA. Robert was the son of Patrick Logue and Margaret (Magee??). Catherine later married Lawrence Gannon about 1868 in New Oregon, Howard County, Iowa. Would love to correspond with anyone on this line, in hopes of answering our mutual questions. Regards, (see next posting) ... Alicemae HANNEGAN Abbott (this e-mail is also posted to our Hannigan family page.
October 21, 2009: I've just reread Alicemae Abbott's post dated October 30, 2008 regarding the Hannegan-Logue connection. Alicemae mentions that Catherine Hannegan married Robert J. Logue, son of my g-g- grandfather Patrick Logue and my g-g grandmother Margaret Magee. That is incorrect. Robert J. Logue's mother was Patrick's presumed first wife, Susan McCafferty. Susan is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Kemptville, Ontario, although her headstone no longer exists. I've also learned from Robert J. Logue's American Civil War pension file that he was born at sea in 1842, which would have been the year of emigration from Ireland to Canada. Robert's brother John C. Logue also served in the Civil War and his pension file indicates that the family was living in County Derry before they emigrated. ... Lynn M. Logue

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