Colin Sinclair C. LOCKHART
Robert Bryson LOCKHART and
Christina LOCKHART
British Home Children from Scotland to Eastern Ontario, Canada in 1884

New June 28, 2014:

I would very much like to have my interest in the following BHCs added to your list. 
British Home Children Colin Sinclair C. Lockhart (1872-1949), Robert Bryson Lockhart (b.1871) and 
Christina Lockhart (b.1869), born at Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland, were the children of William Lockhart 
and Isabella Armour. They entered the Quarrier Home, at Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire on 12 May 1881. 
Colin and Robert were sent to Canada 29 March 1884 via SS Hibernia and Christina was sent to Canada 
07 June 1884 via SS Buenos Ayrean. Their first stop in Canada was at Marchmont (distributing) Home, 
Belleville, Ontario.   
Colin Lockhart was placed with James & Charlotte Shaw of Drummond Township, Lanark County. 
He lived on the Shaw farm for 14 years, and then took up land at Pipestone Creek, Saskatchewan, where he lived 
until his death in 1949. He never married. 
Robert Lockhart was placed with William Grimsby of Kitley Township, Leeds County. He later worked as a miner 
at Robson (Castlegar), British Columbia, and later lived at Chilliwack, British Columbia. In 1910 he was living i
n Los Angeles California, USA,and in 1920 at Atolia, San Bernardino, California, working as ‘hoist engineer’ 
at a ‘silver mine’. He may at some point have married a woman named Christine but no trace of Robert Lockhart 
has been found after 1910. 
Christina Lockhart was placed with William Allan of Mills, Ontario (Location of “Mills” unknown), then with 
Duncan McEwen of Beckwith Township, Lanark County. By 1901 she was working a servant in the home of 
Charles J. & Jean Hodgson at Saint-Antoine, Montreal, Quebec. No trace of Christina Lockhart has been 
found after 1910. 
I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone with information concerning Robert and Christina Lockhart. 
Ron W. Shaw

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