Packet Boats leaving Cork Harbour, Ireland to Sail
to America via London, England, c. 1850

December 28, 2019:

The following text block and graphic of the packet boat in Cork Harbour is from the classic book The Great Migration: The Atlantic Crossing by Sailing-Ship, 1770-1860, by Edwin C. Guillet, University of Toronto Press, 1972, ISBN 0-8020-6016-1 (originally published in 1937). The text is from page 45-46 and the drawing (originally in the Illustrated London News) is from page 53. Liverpool Packet Boat Text 1 Liverpool Packet Boat Text 2

Liverpool Packet Boat, c. 1850

New January 12, 2020:
Sailing Ship

Example of Luxurious Cabin on Packet Ship, c. 1850

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