Licences issued in the Bathurst District, 1839
Licences issued in Bytown (Ottawa), 1842
Merchants, Distillers & Innkeepers, 1836

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 16, 2010:

See our web page about early brewers and distillers in the Bytown / Hull area.
August 30, 2003: Thanks to Sue, who sent along the following list (from the Bytown Gazette, I think): A Return of Licences issued in the Bathurst District for the year 1842, up to the First of February (Bytown only) - * names as spelled in the newspaper* SHOP LICENCES John Lindsay John Forgle / Forgie Joseph Aumond Jacob Dennison Louis Grison / Grisson John Barreille(?) / Bareille Loux & Wood George Patterson John R. Stanley R. & J. McKay John Taillon (Jean) (father was Gabriel Taillon, died in 1840, was worker on the Rideau Canal) Junton & Routh W. Thompson & Co. Benjamin Gordon H.L. Wilson & Co. John Chitty William Stewart Simon Fraser Daniel O'Connor James Inglish / English (Inglis?) ___________________ INN KEEPER LICENCES Alexander McLean John McCarthy Louis Penard / Pinard Hugh Grant Joseph Kirk William H. Baldwin Charles Rowan Robert Whitcomb Duncan McDonald Thomas Corcoran Hiram Maston James Lamey / Leamy ? Daniel Johnston Widow Graham Joseph Bourgeois Narcisse Paul Louis Rainville A.L. Lesperance James Elliott Widow Cowan James Doran John Litle _______________ ALE & BEER LICENCE - John Kelly HAWKERS & PEDLERS LICENCES - John Curtis, with horse - James Gillon / Gillan, on foot
February 27, 2004: Thanks to Wes Cross for the following! I thought this was quite a find. It's from the Bathurst Courier( March 1, 1839, page 4) and is a complete list of licenses in the Bathurst District as of Feb 1, 1839. This includes inns, stills and shops by type of license and township. Some very familiar pioneer names appear. Wes
February 6, 2008: Hi Al; I don't know if anyone would find this informative and you may already have it, but it was published in an 1836 Perth Courier as:
A List of Merchants, Distillers & Innkeepers who have taken out Licences for the Year 1836:
Shops: William Burton, Daniel Fisher (later E. R. Fisher men's wear on Sparks Street), John McGraves, Barielle & Aumond, Simon Fraser, Daniel Johnston, Daniel O'Connor, John Martin, McKinnon & Boyd, William Stewart, Wells & McCrae, Louis Grison (wife was Marguerite Labelle), William Graham, George Paterson / Patterson. Innkeepers - Bytown: Donald McArthur, P. L'Esperance, J.R. Stanley, T. Conovan (Thomas Corcoran?), Widow Cowan, John Johnson, John Chitty, William Sweatman / Sweetman, L. Rainville, N. Paul, Julius Burpee, Christopher Graham, John Little, Watson Little, (Litle?) Louis Penard. Innkeepers - Richmond: George Edge, James McLean, Thomas Murray, Maria Hill. Innkeepers - Goulbourn: William Vaughan, Josias Bradley, William Kemp, James Murray. Innkeepers - Nepean: Hugh Bell, Robert Barrie / Barry, Charles Magee, R. Mackemsome (Malcomson). ... Sue
September 5, 2015: An early temperance movement took root in the Bytown area. Drinking was a problem especially among forestry workers who caused violence (especially by the Irish Shiners) in the 1830's. The temperance movement spread rapidly in our area, led by churches and the emerging class of lay commercial leaders who pushed for a sober labour force.

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