Barn Raising on the LENNON Farm, c. 1912, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

Barn raising on Lennon farm.. 1912? 
Liza Lennon and daughters  [Claire and Irene] bottom left, her husband John 
with pipe holding Patrick [Paddy] Lennon He is still alive is 93 and is my first 
cousin 3 times removed. There are some Larkins and Caseys as they had or will 
soon marry into the family .. 
The Caseys had the next farm. 
The Monaghans had a farm at the corner of Richmond and Fallowfield Rd.  They also 
probably owned the car.  This is all info from my cousin Kathy Lennon and of course 
Paddy Lennon.  More to come .  

Hi Ernie:

Thanks for the great picture.

The Monaghan stone farm house is still standing - do you have a picture of it?
If not, I'll try and get one for you.
There's also a picture of some of these folks working on the road in front of 
the Monaghan place - back when each farmer was responsible for maintaining the 
section of the road which passed his property. (Statutory labour).
Kitty-corner from the Monaghan farm is a large wooded area called "Monaghan Park" 
which is now a nature area owned by the City of Ottawa.

By the way, Marilyn Cottrell has just sent us another, larger list of baptisms from
St. Phillips in Richmond. Included in it are some Kilroe names, as well as hundreds 
of other surnames in the area from about 1837.

Click here for the first instalment

I'll try and load up the next big chunk of these records from Marilyn tomorrow (Sunday).
... Al

(and thanks again Marilyn!) 
August 6, 2011: Hello; I found your website on the internet regarding the List of Early Settlers in Goulbourn Township which was very interesting and informative. I have been researching my family ancestry for a number of years now and I noted that on this list which was submitted by Alexa Pritchard, that there is an error in the spelling of my grand uncle's last name. My ancestor was James LENNON (sometimes spelt LINNEN), born in 1789 in Ireland, Wexford county I believe. He emigrated to Canada, together with several other people, leaving from the counties of Wexford and Carlow, Ireland, arriving in the spring of 1818. This information can be found and confirmed on micro-film reel #B876 which is held at the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Ottawa. James LENNON (LINNEN) was granted 100 acres of land by the Crown, in Goulbourn township, Carleton County, on the 27th of March 1824. The land in particular was the west half of lot #1, concession #1. Please note that his surname is misspelt as "LEUNORN." I would appreciate if someone could make the necessary correction. Many thanks. Cyril Peplinskie ________________________ Cyril: Thanks for your e-mail. I have made the spelling correction on the Goulbourn Township web page. The Lennon family, starting with James Lennon and Catherine Pender are well documented in the records of St. Philip's RC Church in Richmond. Would you have any early photos of the Lennon family? I'm still trying to locate the picture of the barn-raising on the Lennon farm. Thanks, ... Al Lewis
August 8, 2011: Many thanks for your quick response to my email message. As well, thanks for the correction as well as other interesting tid-bits that you sent me. No, I do not have any photographs of James LENNON / LINNEN or that branch of the family. Should I come across any I will most certainly pass them on to you. I descend from James' younger brother Patrick LENNON, (1798 - 1859) who arrived in Canada together with James on the same ship I believe in the fall of 1817. Patrick was granted 100 acres of land in Lanark county, township of Lanark, specifically the north east half of lot #13, concession #11. He married Elizabeth MOULTON (1803 - 1869); born in Barragh Parish of County Carlow. ... Cyril Peplinskie

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