William James LEMON / LEMMON
British Home Child
from Devon, England to Ontario, Canada

New June 29, 2014:

My father was : William James Lemon ( sometimes spelt Lemmon).

He was supposedly born in August, 1908, in Plymouth, Devon, England.

We were given three different dates in August, but know that it was August.

From the age of three , on; he was under the care of The Scattered Homes of Plymouth; later on sent 
to The Liverpool Sheltering Homes to learn about farming.

He was sent to Canada under the auspices of the Marchmont Homes; leaving from the  Liverpool Sheltering Homes, 
aboard The S.S. Cedric.

He arrived at the port in Halifax on March 9, 1924, then sent to Bellville , Ontario, to the Marchmont Homes.

He remained at The Marchmont homes until the farmer picked him up to begin his difficult life of farming.

He worked for a few farmers, until he was  of age to strike it out on his own.

Unfortunately he passed away in March, 1993, in Sioux Lookout, Ontario where he  had lived a good happy 
life with his wife and 7 children.

I am his daughter, Connie.  Email address is jcfalk@telus.net.

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