John (Jean Baptiste) LECUYER and EXILDA SABOURIN
South half, Lot 6, Concession III, Osgoode Township in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 31, 2003:

First farm north of the RALPH property (S.S. #2). 100 acres, the Lecuyer 
house faced the Stage Coach Road, but extended west to the Manotick Station Road.
On Belden's 1879 map, the spelling is "LAQUEA". The census transcription
below shows an incorrect spelling as well.

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 1  Page 1  Family 5
		Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion	

John LAFUS	M	M	26	French	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	
Ecalde LAFUS	F	M	19	French	Ontario				Catholic	
John LAFUS	M		2	French	Ontario				Catholic	
Magie LAFUS*	F			French	Ontario				Catholic	
  Born:	Feb; *
The LECUYER family was in Bytown early - c. 1830.

October 2, 2003: Hi Al; I see that you refer to John Lécuyer in Osgoode in your message dated May 31, 2003. Here is the info I have on John (Jean Baptiste) and his family. One of his sisters, Marguerite married Michael Quinn, s/o Martin and Mary O'Connor/Connor. Other Lécuyer's married into the Charron, Potvin and Albert families who were also in Osgoode/Metclafe about the same time. Some members of the Lécuyer & Charron families moved to Gatineau and Maniwaki. I have the preceding generations if you or someone else is interested. Frank 1. JEAN-BAPTISTE5 LÉCUYER (LOUIS4 L'ÉCUYER, LOUIS3 LÉCUYER, LOUIS2, LOUIS1) was born Abt. 1854. He married EXILDA SABOURIN November 4, 1878 in Cyrville, On., daughter of LÉON SABOURIN and VICTOIRE TURGEON. She was born Abt. 1862, and died April 19, 1924 in Ottawa, On.. Children of JEAN-BAPTISTE LÉCUYER and EXILDA SABOURIN are: i. MARIE-EXILDA6 LÉCUYER, b. December 13, 1885, Gloucester, Ont.. 2. ii. JEAN-BAPTISTE LÉCUYER, b. February 11, 1879, Our Lady of the Visitation, Gloucester, On.. iii. EXILDA-ANNE LÉCUYER, b. April 11, 1884, Our Lady of the Visitation, Gloucester, On.; d. November 20, 1951, Ottawa, On.; m. PIERRE-ALOYSIUS-LÉONIDAS LACOSTE; b. September 3, 1879, St-André-Avelin, Qc.. iv. JOSÉPHINE LÉCUYER, b. June 17, 1882, Gloucester, Ont.. v. MAGGIE LÉCUYER, b. February 5, 1881, Gloucester, On.. vi. LOUIS-ARMAND LÉCUYER, b. March 11, 1889, South Gloucester, On.; m. MARY-GERTRUDE O'ROURKE, January 21, 1918, St Mary's Bayswater, Ottawa, On.. Generation No. 2 2. JEAN-BAPTISTE6 LÉCUYER (JEAN-BAPTISTE5, LOUIS4 L'ÉCUYER, LOUIS3 LÉCUYER, LOUIS2, LOUIS1) was born February 11, 1879 in Our Lady of the Visitation, Gloucester, On.. He married MARIE BACCHUS January 9, 1907 in St Thomas Aquinas, Billings Bridge, Ottawa., On., daughter of PIERRE BACCHUS and SUZANNE GRASSE. Children of JEAN-BAPTISTE LÉCUYER and MARIE BACCHUS are: i. JOSEPH-LIONEL7 LÉCUYER, b. July 31, 1912, Billings Bridge, Ottawa, On.. ii. ÉMILE-JOSEPH LÉCUYER, b. June 9, 1914, Billings Bridge, Ottawa, On.. ... Frank Watters
November 25, 2004: JB Lecuyer is my grandfather. I don't know much about grandpa or the area where he was born and lived. John Lecuyer ________________ Hi John: Thanks for your e-mail. It's a small world. My Burns and Sullivan ancestors were neighbours of your Lecuyer ancestors on the Manotick Station Road and on the Stagecoach Road. All these families were there in the 1880's and would have attended the same churches and schools. At the other end of the Lecuyer farm were other ancestors of mine, Thomas Christopher and his wife Catherine Sullivan who were my Great Grandparents. Do you mind if I add your e-mail address to the page at ? We may hear from others researching the Lecuyer surname. ... Al Al, Nice to hear from you. Go ahead and add my e-mail. Is there any chance of getting a copy of that map? I'll re-imburse you for the trouble. Would you have any information prior to 1880? Also do you have any trivia on the family (yours and mine) relationship? I assume everyone farmed the land. Do you know what railroad passed through that town? ... John ________________ John: The 1879 map of Osgoode Township is available at the Osgoode Township Museum in Vernon, Ontario -- (Bank Street or Highway 31). They have individual maps for sale and their e-mail address is The railroad was the Bytown and Prescott Railroad, completed in about 1854. It went from the By Ward Market to Prescott. Many of the local farmers sold firewood for the steam engines. I think that Frank Watters has information about earlier Lecuyers in this area. His e-mail address is There is a new subdivision on the Stagecoach road. It is called Old Orchard Estates or something like that. There is an apple orchard there which may have been on the Lecuyer farm. On the other end of the farm, on the Manotick Station Road, there is a senior citizen's home which is very close to the Lecuyer farm. In front of this seniors' building is Separate School Number 2, now converted to a private dwelling but the old nameplate is on the front of the house. The train stopped at Manotick Station but on the Gough Road (runs to the west off the Manotick Station Road) there was a flag station -- passengers could flag down the train as it passed by. Mail bags were tossed from the train and sorted at the old Waller Post Office, now a private home, on Gough Road near the rr crossing. ... Al ______________________ Hi, My brother forwarded the info you provided to me. I originally found the genealogy and assumed it to be our family heritage but couldn't confirm it 100%. When I saw yours and saw Marie Bacchus, that confirms it is correct. Marie was my grandmother. Glad to finally know it was correct. Thank you. Diane _____________________ From Frank: I have quite a bit of info on Jean-Baptiste Lécuyer and his siblings, but didn't pursue the descendants after about 1920. Three children of my grgr-aunt on the Albert side married Lécuyer's. But since it's not a direct line, I didn't go up the diffrent families they married into beyond about 1665-1700. But if you could tell me more about what you want to know, I'll try and help. Frank ___________________ From Diane: Al, I did make an error in my email to you. Marie Bacchus was my grandmother. And, yes, you can add my email to the site. There are 8 children of JB LeCuyer and Marie Bacchus. Thank you for your response. Diane
January 5, 2007: Hello! I have just stumbled on the Bytown webpage and wondered if you were still collecting information on the Lecuyer family? I am the grandaughter of Edmond Lecuyer. He married Anna Barker. Although my branch of the family came from Messines and Bouchette QC my close relatives all grew up in Ottawa. Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated. I have Jean-Baptiste born Feb 11, 1879 but no date of death. For Mary Bacchus, his wife, I have no dates at all. I have two children, Jospeh-Lionel and Emile Joseph. I understand there were more children. I have only birth dates for the two I have. If you need any infomation concerning my branch of the family I would be more than willing to share. Take care, ... Angie Garant. __________________________ Hi Angie; I have quite a bit on the Lécuyer family, both from Ottawa, and from around Bouchette, although less from the latter place. I still have some data to transcribe, and will do that first before sending you that which could be of interest to you. Frank Watters
New January 7, 2007: Hello Al, It was nice hearing from you. Yes, please include my name and email address for those doing research on either the Lecuyer or Armstrong family. My cousin, Ross McMahon, is already registered for the Armstrong family as well. We had an uncle, Bruce Kent, who did considerable research on the Armstrongs. His wife was Beatrice Armstrong. No one knows where his information is! I've tried the North Gower Archives to no avail. Do you have any ideas? This man was so dedicated to researching the Armstrongs I can't see him not documenting what he had done. If you have any ideas they would be welcome. Take care, Angie Armstrong Garant. ___________________________ and thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al. just a line . re your Lecuyer Site. if it is of any interest ,to those people, there is picture in the 140 anniversary booklet, of Our Lady of the Visitation Church, of , " Three Generations of Lecuyer family.," There are a number of Tombstones in the cemetery with the name Lecuyer, engraved on them, Betty knew some of from around Bouchette, 60 years ago. some of their connection moved to Fort Colonge , to work in the lumber industry, ... Michael Daley (Michael Daley wrote the 140th Anniversary Booklet for our Lady of the Visitation Church ... Al)

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