Lac Leamy / Leamy Lake, Gatineau, Quebec
(Casino Lac Leamy)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

July 29, 2008:

Map Source: Hurling Down the Pine, inside back cover Lac Leamy / Leamy Lake
Lac Leamy, site of our present-day Casino, is named after Andrew Leamy, an early lumber baron. Andrew employed hundreds of men in his lumber mills and on the log drives along the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers. Andrew Leamy married Arexina WRIGHT (Protestant), daughter of Philemon Wright, the founder of Hull. February 14, 2011: (new picture of Andrew Leamy)
Source: The Hub and the Spokes, page 141 Andrew Leamy, Lumber Baron in the Ottawa Valley, Canada, 1800's
He first appears across the river in the Drouin records of Notre Dame Cathedral, in Bytown, in 1834. These records are available through He was a popular best man at weddings of his workers and godfather for many families. Here he is at Notre Dame Cathedral getting married: 23 Apr 1837 Baptism of Louis Napoleon, born March 30 of the marriage of Andrew Leamy and Elizabeth Wright Law. Sprout & Mrs. Corcoran
September 7, 2010: Thanks to Sue for sending along the following newspaper clipping: "Probable Murder. - Ten years ago Andrew Leamy, a well-known lumberman, was found lying dead in his lane on the Chelsea road, just after having driven from Ottawa. Wounds were found about the body, which some attributed to the horse running away, and others held that a murder had been committed. A valuable watch belonging to him was not on his person when found. Matters remained thus until yesterday, when a woman, whose husband used to be in Leamy's employ, called on Mrs. Leamy and stated that on the day that her husband was killed, two men left the watch at her place, and it was there still." Montreal Daily Telegraph of August 14, 1878

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