also Thomas James BRENNAN and Maria VINCENT

January 23, 2009:

Dear Al: 

My name is Linda and I have written to you before as I was having 
problems looking for my great grandma Emilie Lauzon who was born sometime in 
Ottawa in 1871 after the censuses were done. We could not find her at all in 
any 1871 census of Quebec or Ontario and with the info we did provide to 
different places such as the Gatineau, 111 Sussex and National Archives 
everyone based on my findings all agree that she was born around July 1871.
  On October 7th 1875 she was listed as a seven year old placed in the St. 
Joseph's Asylum on Bruyere Street.  We know the age is wrong as we covered 
all the bases. But we leave the option open anyway just in case. The 
Orphanage was located in the same Building as the Old Ottawa General Hospital. 
It was beleived that Emilie's parents may have left her there, either died next 
door as there was a small pox epidemic at the time. She was adopted March 18 
1876 by Jerimie Rivet and Sophie Cote who at the time resided in CLarence 
Creek, Ontario. In the 1881 census she is listed as an ll year old living with them. 

The archivists told me that because her birth month is listed in many other 
censuses as being july, she may have in reality been ten instead of ll 
rounded off to the next year. We are waiting for the transit strike to allow 
me to return to 111 Sussex to look over 1871 and on birth registrations. A 
few days ago, we realized that it is quite possilbe that Emilie may have been 
born out of wedlock and that the mother was a Lauzon not the father. 

There is a mention of a Maison the Bernadette home for unwed mothers here 
also and we cannot find info on it.

We would like to know more info on the St. Joseph's Asylum as well as the 
Bernadette home. ALso we would like to know how we can continue our research 
on Emilie who is listed as being born here in Ottawa. Are there any churches 
that were around in the Ottawa area. We found some Lauzons in the 1871 
censuses of this area and there were some at the time near the hospital in 
the Wellington ward. We have been looking for birth info for 3 years now and 
we love your website. Any info at all would be a tremendous help.  

On the day Emilie was placed at St Joseph's along with a bunch of other kids to 
whom we even went as far as researching where they came from to no avail. A 
bunch of kids were also admitted to St. Patrick's Asylum on the same day. The 
Sisters of Charity were responsible for all the homes, schools and hospitals 
and kept intricate records. We are also hoping that this strike can be over 
as we will also be looking for info on any deaths which may have occured 
around 1875.  Emilie has kept her Lauzon name throughout her life even when 
she married 2 of the three husbands.   She is Listed under Emilie Lauzon 
Vincent (after Joseph Vincent husband #1). Rest, Riest, Rivard due to Rivet 
spelling errors, Robert after Alex Robert, Husband no. 2 and Alex 
Sabourin, Husband 3.  During the births of Children and their deaths with 
Joseph Vincent and Alex Robert baptismal records for some of the kids have 
her down as Emilie Lauzon widow of Joseph Vincent , parents unknown. or 
Emilie Lauzon mother,  of   xxxx Robert or xxxx Vincent. The obits also have 
her as being born here. We are at a loss as to where to continue our 
research and will invite any suggestions from you with much gratitude. 
Another problem is Joseph Vincent her husband no. 1. Born in Buckingham 
Quebec, Joseph was a Protestant when he married Emilie and had to denounce 
his religion in front of the Notre Dame de Cyrville Church in Ottawa and get 
baptised in order to marry Emilie. We are looking for protestant birth 
records for the Wakefield, Buckingham area as Joseph cannot be found. Joseph 
remained a devout Catholic until his death at the age of 28 where he is buried 
at the Notre dame cemetary.   All we have for him is Joseph VIncent Jr. son 
of Joseph VIncent and Louise Otterson of Masham, Quebec. 

Sorry for being so long winded. 

We're really stuck on both of them but Emilie has been a 
priority for such a long time. One thing for sure though thoughout the 
research we met a lot of nice people.

... Linda Inch 
Maria Vincent, aged 10 Picture of Maria Vincent, Aged 10
Wedding of Thomas James Brennan (from Sheenboro and Chapeau, Pontiac County, Quebec) and Maria Vincent Wedding of Thomas Brennan and Maria Vincent

New January 24, 2009: Thanks to Sue (as usual), for sending along the following church records: Birth for 2 children of Joseph Vincent and Emilie Lauzon (from the Ontario BMD's) Joseph Jeremie Donat Vincent, born 24 Aug 1888 (died 25 Sep 1894 - death from the records of St. Anne's in Ottawa), and, Marie or Maria Corinne Vincent, born 2 Feb 1891 The informant for both children's births was the Parish Priest of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Gloucester. By the 1894 burial of son Jeremie, it does mention that the parents are of "this parish" (St. Anne's), so it looks like they changed churches sometime between 1891 and 1894. ... Sue ________________________ The following photograph was also added on January 24, 2009:
Emilie Lauzon (elderly lady) and Tom Brennan and Maria Vincent and family Picture of Emilie Lauzon and Tom Brennan and Maria Vincent's family

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