Gladys LASH, aged 4 in 1911
from England to Hintonburg, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New January 10, 2012:

Can anyone help? I am in Tennessee, USA, and obviously too far to do a search locally.
My grandmother, listed as Gladys Lash in the 1911 Census
Hintonburg district
Salvation Army, listed as an inmate
Listed as English origin
No DOB , just an age of 4 at the time
Have been trying to solve this mystery for more than 60 years. I am taking over after my father died. Any help would be so 
greatly appreciated. I am originally from Carleton Place and ended up in Tennessee.
With sincere appreciation,

Thanks for your e-mail, Mitzi.

Below is the combined work of Taylor Kennedy and Gaelynn Wall who have endeavoured to help you out with their research.
... Al

From Taylor:

I did check all birth registers for Lash, Leash, Lusk, Lacey, Leshe, lesch, Labrash, Last, Lasill and Lynch. Also checked Quebec 
registers as she was Protestant. The Ontario ones available are only Catholic right now. Also checked deaths for those names. 
Checked any British Home Children records on ship manifests that would have a child born around 1907 
and sailing to Quebec about 1910 timeframe. No luck.
In my family, a baby was dropped on the door step of a local church and a family member and her husband adopted her as their own. 
I say that as sometimes there are no answers. However I did see a John Lash living with Patrick Lynch in Ottawa and was a half Brother. 
Mary Lynch was living with them as Patrick's sister. There was also a Mary Lynch that married a John Lash in Quebec. Maybe, just 
maybe, Lynch and Lash are connected to Hintonburgh. Margaret Lynch age 60 died in 1907 in Hintonburgh and maybe she was caring for 
Gladys Lash and when she died Margaret's husband put her into the Salvation Army but it is an avenue to follow.
British Home Child....maybe another avenue. Attached is a ship Manifest of an Edward Lash age 13 going to Toronto as a member of a 
home in Vancouver BC. I attached the manifest to show the name exists. Also saw this record of birth in England for Gladys Lush. 
It always depends on who is saying the name, who is listening and writing it down, how the name is spelled. That is why I 
searched so many variations.
 Gladys Lush
Date of Registration:
 Oct-Nov-Dec 1907
Registration district:
Inferred County:
 London, England
In my opinion I would tend to believe she was dropped off by somebody who was aware of her but not birth date or parents, 
just helping someone out, after a death. They knew her name, age and religion status. 
My resources have been used to try to help but like you a brick wall. I did go through the 1901 and 1911 census for Hintonburgh page by page. 
Noticed that the Salvation Army was not there in 1901 but were in 1911.
As for Mitzi, here is our communication

Lash Gladys 4 Ontario Carleton Hintonburg 37 12 23 

Here is Gladys in the 1911 census for Hintonburg in Ottawa:

Good luck
... Taylor

Taylor, I notice that almost every one of this group of boys are Baptist and between the ages of 13-18. This would be about the correct age for
British Home Children, although 18 may be over the age limit for sending children. These children must have been in a Baptist Group Home in England.
If you look at the last line in the Ship's Manifest, the last name is a W. Smith, aged 31. He must have been the supervisor. Beside his name is
written "Vancouver, B.C., Manager of ???? Home". It's possible that there was a Baptist Group Home receiving emigrant children in Vancouver.
Just a thought ... Al

From Gaelynn:

There are two Lash marriage in the Carleton area, but well before 1911. Both
families are from Masham, Quebec.

2191-88 Joseph ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Masham Que., Piche - Masham Que., s/o
William ROBINSON & Eliza LASH, married Sarah LASH (or Laiche), 19, Masham
Que., same, d/o Sam LASH & Maralle?, witn: Joseph STUTKINS? & Eliza
ROBINSON, both of Masham, 14 Aug 1888 at Ottawa

2369-91 Francois PERRON (Perrow?), 34, farmer, widower, Masham Que., same,
s/o Earlie? PERRON & Theresa DE EUNICE?, married Olpe GROULX, 26, Masham,
same, d/o Betruy GROULX & Marguerite LASH, wit: Robert STEWART & William
MOORE, both of Ottawa, 13 Nov 1891 at Ottawa

There is a Lash family in Masham, PQ in 1911. If she was dropped of, she could have come from this family.
34 Lash Baptiste M Head M Mar 1836
75 1901  
34 Lash Pearl   F Wife M Apr
1839 70 1901  
34 Lash Julia A. F Granddaughter S Aug 1888 23
1901 Census:

... Gaelynn Wall

More from Taylor:

I now understand that your grandmother could have been born by any name as she took the name of the people she went to live with. 
That makes a big difference when researching and here's why................
I mentioned I went through the 1901 and both 1911 census, page by page and noticed the Salvation Army was not in Hintonburgh in 1901 
and moved there between 1901 and 1911. So we are looking for a girl named Gladys born 1906 / 1907 timeframe. I am attaching a record 
of birth. Please note the women involved but very important............fathers address. It is 350 Daly Street in Ottawa. 
Same Doctor used, same person filling the return, three different names of pregnant mothers..............hmmmmmmmmm was this the 
Salvation Army address before moving to Hintonburg???????? Maybe Al Lewis could help on that one. I find this birth registry 
one of a kind noting the address.
Also notice Gladys Woolsey born August 1906
... Taylor

Light Bulb Goes On!!

I just remembered that there were three or four independent hospitals historically in Ottawa.

One of the best known, especially for childbirth and pediatric care was the Grace Hospital on Wellington Street in HINTONBURG.

This hospital is now closed but I think that the Salvation Army still owns the name and maybe the original property!
The Grace Hospital was run by the Salvation Army.

Wow, thanks to Taylor and Gaelynn for their work in this matter.

... Al

Brighter Light Bulb Goes On!

and back to Taylor and Mitzi who found found a record of the Salvation Army Hospital and Rescue Home on Daly Street in Sandy Hill.

I copied you on an email to Mitzi late last night. She did some searching on her own looking for the Salvation Army in Ottawa.
OMG!! Look what Mitzi found:
In the period 1901-22, a number of these institutions had been opened within the

SHHSA, including the Salvation Army Maternity and Rescue Home at 348-350 Daly (Figure 39),

the May Court Club Dispensary, a medical clinic at 248 Friel, and the residence of a religious
Something her father has been trying to find out for 60 years. A birth record for a girl named "Gladys" born in 1906 and an address 
of 350 Daly Street. All I can say is WOW, what a clue.

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