City of Ottawa, Canada
Town Alderman, Contractor, Chief of Police
also, Joseph LANGRELL from County Wicklow, Ireland to Alfred, Prescott County, Ontario, Canada

May 30, 2008:
Source: The History of the Ottawa Police, 1826-1993, Gilles M. Larochelle, 1994, Limited Edition, Published by Tyrell Press Ltd., page 29 Thomas LANGRELL
Hi Al, I've been wondering if this Thomas Langrell, a builder in 1851 Bytown and apparently a police constable as well, might have been a Canal worker, although he'd be a young one I guess. (The name Langrell is carried on in the Hawkins/Condell family, so likely another Wicklow body--there were Langrells in Wicklow.) Was he a stone worker, since that would be what was needed for that Manotick grist mill of Moss Dickinson's? ________________________ Anne: According to our page for Brian Doyle, Moss Kent Dickinson, who was mayor of Ottawa from 1864 to 1866 opened a mill at Manotick in 1860. The building, called Watson's Mill, is still open today. ... Al See also: King of the Rideau: Moss Kent Dickinson, by Catherine L. Carroll Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Manotick, Ontario, Canada, a biography of Moss Kent Dickinson.
New May 31, 2008: Langrell seems to me to be a fairly unusual name, Al, and the people of that name that we have locally are Thomas of Ottawa, and Joseph (death attached), of Alfred, a stone mason, married to a Fitzgerald. Brothers perhaps. I was speculating that Thomas maybe worked on the Canal as a stone worker (given his work on the Dickinson mill). Maybe the same would have been possible for Joseph, whose children were born in Alfred in the 1840s? Anne _______________________ Well, Al, I found that Joseph Langrell of Alfred was from Wicklow. Here's a piece from Ancestry's World Tree: ID: I68652 Name: Joseph Langrell Sex: M Birth: JUN 1810 in Wicklow, Ireland Death: 2 JUN 1891 in Alfred, Prescott County, Ontario Burial: St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Alfred, Prescott County, Ontario Marriage 1 Unknown b: 1816 in Carlow, Ireland Children Sarah Ellen (Ella) Langrell b: 3 AUG 1851 in Ontario Frederick William Langrell b: 1860 He seems to have the same naming pattern in his children as did Thomas of Ottawa (plus Thomas of Ottawa had a son, Joseph), so I'm guessing they're brothers. As I said earlier, there were two Richard Langrells in that group that John found living close together in Moyne townland, County Wicklow, Ireland (and also very close to the Carlow border): WILLIAM LANGREL 7 acres 1 rod ISAAC LANGREL 19 acres 2 rod 20 perch RICHARD LANGREL (GLIN) 10 acres 20 perch (GLIN may mean its leased from GLYNN family) ISAAC LANGREL (GLIN) 8 acres 1 rod 20 perch RICHARD LANGREL 8 acres 1 rod ... Anne
June 1, 2008: Thanks to Sue for the following: In the 1851, 1871 and 1881 Alfred censuses: Joseph, born Ireland Mary Ann Fitzgerald, born Ireland Known children, all born in Alfred, Ontario: 1) Charlotte Elizabeth, born 22 Dec 1838 and died 1926 in Ottawa, married 1871 Richard Woodland 2) Mary Jane, born abt 1841, married 1871 John Beckham 3) Richard, born abt 1845 - nothing further known 4) Jemima Sofia, born abt 1848 and died 1915 in Haliburton, married 1871 Chapman Holmes. 5) Sarah Ellen, born abt 1851 - nothing further known. 6) Frederick William, born abt 1859 and died 1919 ... Sue ________________________ Thanks very much, Sue. I hadn't noted that Charlotte was married in Ottawa. And from your transcriptions of the Ottawa Free Press on Bytown or Bust, I found the proof that Joseph of Alfred and Thomas of Ottawa were brothers: 1871, Mar 20, Richard WOODLAND, to Charlotte Elizabeth LANGRELL, niece of Thomas Langrell, all of Ottawa. Very nice! Frederick married a Ms. Schryer, and I found her death record in the Drouin collection: in a Baptist church in Westmount, Montreal. ... Anne
New June 3, 2008:
Humphrey Hughes County Wicklow, Ireland to Prescott County, Ontario, Canada
Here's some additional info. about Humphrey Hughes, Al. He m. Mary Langrell, and I believe she was a sister of Thomas Langrell, police officer in Bytown: ID: I03311 Name: Humphrey Hughes Sex: M ALIA: "Red Humphrey" /Hughes/ Birth: 7 FEB 1792 in Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland 1 Death: 25 JUL 1889 in North Plantagenet, Ontario 2 Burial: UNKNOWN St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Alfred, Ontario 3 Note: Came to Canada in 1823 and settled on the south side of George's Lake, becoming the fourth settler in Prescott County. Marriage 1 Mary Langrell b: ABT 1797 in County Carlow, Ireland Married: 1823 in Ireland Children John Langrell Hughes b: 8 DEC 1821 in Alfred Twp., Ontario Catherine Hughes b: 12 MAR 1824 Sarah Hughes b: 12 NOV 1826 in Alfred Twp., Ontario Isaac Hughes b: 22 SEP 1830 in Alfred, Ontario Joseph Hughes b: ABT 1832 in Alfred Twp., Ontario Jacob Hughes b: ABT 1833 in Alfred, Ontario Warner Hughes b: ABT 1834 in Alfred Twp., Ontario Abraham Hughes b: 10 JUL 1835 in Alfred, Ontario Jemima Hughes b: ABT 1839 Eliza Ellen Hughes b: 7 JUL 1839 in Alfred, Ontario Sources: Title: History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, by C. Thomas Repository: Media: Book Page: 634 Title: Ontario Vital Statistics Repository: Media: Civil Registry Title: Tombstone Repository: Media: Tombstone ... Anne Burgess
New November 3, 2015: Maura is also researching the Langrell family in the Ottawa area. Many of my ancestors left here before and during the famine. Related names Langrell, Traynor, Hinch and many more. I have a Langrell Facebook page Langrells from Wicklow lost and found. Thomas Langrell was the son of Richard Langrell and Elizabeth Hinch. My grandmother was the daughter of Henry Langrell and Catherine Hinch. ... Maura
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