Oliver's Ferry across the Big Rideau Lake
(now known as Rideau Ferry)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New October 13, 2015:

Thanks to Mark Cullen for this information. There are documents of many many pioneer settlers in the 
Ottawa and Hull regions.

  Yesterday I was exploring the online LAC land files, searching for more
  information about early Buckingham settlers. Using Michael Lynch as a search
  object led me to images containing details of Buckingham and Lochaber grant
  recipients/settlers from 1826 and 1827. I then used the same search method
  to find settlers for Chatham. It is probable that details of grants in other
  townships are accessible in the same manner by searching the name of an
  ancestor who received a grant. The images can be downloaded to personal
  I don't know if such grant lists by township can be found directly on the
  LAC website. I would hope so. It certainly would save search time. Perhaps
  one of your web users has the answer. 
  Below is more information about my searches. I also included the reference
  to the 1827 Templeton grant list which I had located several years ago.
  Link to LAC Land Petitions for Lower Canada online files:
  Buckingham and Lochaber: For details of grants to settlers of
  Buckingham and Lochaber in 1826 and 1827 search for Michael Lynch, Item
  Number 53929 (RG 1 L3L Reel No. C-2546 Vol. 139 Pages 68310-68338)
  Settler lists for Buckingham are image
  numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 11-13, 17-20 and 28. For Lochaber, image 14
  Chatham: For details of grants to settlers of Chatham
  in 1803, 1826 and 1827, search for Alexander McLaurin , Item Number 57087
  (RG 1 L3L Reel No. C-2543 Vol 131 Pages 64472-64603)
  There are several lists throughout the 131  pages.
  Templeton: For details of grants to settlers in Templeton in 1827, search for Anthony Cullen, 
  Item Number 21515 (RG 1 L3L
  Reel No. C-2513 Vol 52 Pages 26326-26343)
  A list of settlers is on images 11 & 12.
 Hi Mark:
 Thanks for this amazing link. There is a lot of interesting material on the LAC site. I also found easily, 
 through your link, some of the soldiers from the 99th Regiment of Foot who were discharged at Montreal in 1818 
 and were first granted land in Terrebonne / St. Jerome in 1820. This man, William Burnett, later came to 
 Nepean Township to farm and to work on the Rideau Canal. 
 Our house in Barrhaven was built on a lot on his farm in the 1970's and one of his great great grandsons is 
 a neighbour here, occupying a subdivision lot on the original farm.
 I'm swamped again, but Olivia is helping out quite a bit. She took a lot of photos for the web 
 site on our trip to Maniwaki on Wednesday.
 Thanks again for the link! I'll make a new web page for it. It will be a big help to many readers.
 ... Al
 Another message but related to the disbanded soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Township and area. I believe that 
some of these men from the 99th regiment were first granted land just north and west of Montreal. I have found 
a William Burnett, whose land grant was given in 1822 in Quebec. He had 
five children then. He seems to have moved to the Barrhaven area about 1828, possibly enticed by 
better farmland here plus the opportunity for construction work on the Rideau Canal, plus 
he would have known the soldiers already settled here. His land grant in Quebec clearly states 
that he was a member of the 99th. How many other of these men first received land north of Montreal? 
Maybe some of the later arrivals were given land here in Barrhaven? I believe that our home here 
is built as part of a subdivision on the original William Burnett farm. A neighbour of mine is 
descended from William Burnett! Can you pass this message on to Jim Stanzell? 

I'll get a copy of the original Quebec Land Grant from 1820. There is also a plaque in Burnett Park 
here which states that William Burnett came from Ireland in 1828 but doesn't mention that he was 
in Canada much earlier. See photo above. I will also add the original land grant to this Burnett 
page at www.bytown.net/costello.htm. 
... Al

Here it is:
Land Grant to William Burnett

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