Archibald LAMPMAN
Ottawa Poet, 1861-1899
Confederation Poet

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May 29, 2014: Archibald Lampman was born near Chatham in south-west Ontario in 1861. He eventually moved to Ottawa and took a job working as a clerk in the Post Office. He became best friends with Duncan Campbell Scott. Lampman introduced Scott to the writing of poetry and Scott introduced Lampman to the Canadian wilderness on camping trips in the nearby Gatineau Valley. Lampman saw the "City" as a threat to the peace and beauty of nature. His well-known poem, "The City of the End of Things" refers to Ottawa, which still contained elements of the frontier town and also was home to the pollution created by the mills at the Chaudiere Falls. Many of his nature poems were written along the Lièvre River, north of the town of Buckingham and within the boundaries of the Petite Nation Seigneury.
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Descendants of Archibald Lampman
1 Archibald Lampman b: 17 November 1861 d: 10 February 1899 .. + Maud Emma Playter b: 21 January 1871 d: 22 November 1910 m: 3 September 1887 in Ottawa, Ontario ..... 2 Arnold Gesner Lampman b: 10 May 1894 d: 4 August 1894 ..... 2 Archibald Otto Lampman b: 21 June 1898 ..... 2 Natalie Charlotte Lampman b: 11 January 1892 His wife Maud Emma Playter was the daughter of Dr. Edward Playter and Charlotte Arnold. She was the grand-daughter of James Playter and Agnes Widdifield, the great grand-daughter of James Thomas Playter and Hannah Miles and the great great grand-daughter of Captain George Playter and Elizabeth Welding the pioneer settler of York, an U.E.L. Archibald wrote the following poem erected in Beechwood Cemetery when his first male son died aged 2 months 25 days.
Source: Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

Here is a publication you might find useful: The Last Days of Archibald Lampman, Canadian Poet 1861-1899 written by Steven Artelle and published by The Historical Society of Ottawa, Bytown Pamphlet Series # 64 (ISSN 0823-5457 / ISBN 0-920960-77-4) ...Al and another one:

Lyrics of Earth by Archibald Lampman, DoDo Press, USA (no ISBN, no date) but I believe that this book was pulled together by Duncan Campbell Scott to posthumously commemorate his friend.
June 1, 2014: Archibald Lampman was also a good friend of the local painter Edmund Morris.
July 14, 2014: In 1961 David Bairstow produced a beautiful film called "Morning on the Lievre". There is some spectacular photography by Grant Crabtree and Lampman's poem is narrated by George Whalley. The musical accompaniment is by Eldon Rathburn. This film gives a vivid portrayal of the Pre-Cambrian Shield near Ottawa.
New August 25, 2014: One of Archibald Lampman's best known books of poetry is online at a very good web site called "Canadian Poetry". The book is Among the Millet, Ottawa: J. Durie and son, 1888. Read it online.

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