LAFRANCE Family Tree, Ottawa, Canada area
(Quebec and Ontario)

New February 15, 2011:

Included is a picture of my original family tree as compiled by the Drouin Institute back in the sixties.
Missing are my credentials and those of my deceased son and here they are;
Romeo (Joseph Edward) Lafrance, b. 18/04/1933, PEMBROKE ONTARIO, M.Sept 1, 1958 to Suzanne (Marie Therese) St.Amour 
Graduated medical School 1957, family practice and MOH at Pembroke Ont, 1957-58, Surgical training at McGill 1959-1963, surgeon in 
practice and professor of surgery at U. de Montreal 1964-1998. Retired.
Our Son FRANCOIS (Mathias-Joseph), b. dec 5, 1958, Montreal, deceased april 6, 1999 in Paris France.
I also have a copy of the marriage of Paul Lafrance to Catherine Walsh at Fitzroy harbor in 1852 and 
will send it to you.

This is a transcript from the tombstone of Catherine Walsh and Joseph Lafrance in the Lapasse cemetery 
where they were buried cause there was no church or cemetery in Coulonge.
In loving memory of
Joseph LaFrance
died February 15 1869
aged 52 years
his wife
Catherine Walsh
native of Castlebar county Mayo
died July 26 1925
aged 92 years
Emile I believe is the father of our grandmother Angeline Angele and her brothers and sisters.
I got the photo from Leo's son Pierre.   By the way if you could send it back to me I will put the names down.  
I have them somewhere in my files but cannot find them.

... Romeo Lafrance

Lafrance Family Tree, Ontario and Quebec, Canada
Surnames for search engine: LaFrance, Bissonnette, Walsh, Desjardins, Lefebvre, Guilmette

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