from Ireland to the Richmond Military Settlement

March 5, 2002:
Hi Al
  My ancestor was William LACKEY from the 8th concession of Goulbourn twp
and he had a 100 acre lot on the East side  of no 13 which he got from the
military when they settled the town of Richmond. I have all the info up to
William but I am trying to go further and need some suggestions. He also came
from Ireland, I have his Orange Lodge certificate.
William Lackie

June 17, 2002: Visit the Web Site of Ron Lackie for more information regarding William LACKIE. The surnames mentioned on his site include: Allan Bangay Barrett Beaupre Bennette Brennan Burchill Clarke Cooper Cotterell Cullen Doak Featherston Gilbert Good Graham Graham Green Hawes Healey Hong Jandrew Johnson Keddaway Lachance Lopez-Alerre McGregor McNeely Monin Moore Nichols Nicholson Porteous Porteous Porter Purdy Saunders Scott Smith Snowdon Swenson Taylor Thornhill Vaughan Willoughby Wynne-Jone Wyse

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